Queer Eye: 20 Rules Guests Have To Follow

Queer Eye, a reboot of the 2003 Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is still filming. The makeover reality show, having debuted its fourth season is also hosted by a team of five; Antoni Porowski, a food and wine expert; Tan France, the fashionista; Bobby Berk, an interior designer; Jonathan Van Ness, queen of beauty and skincare, and Karamo Brown, ‘the therapist’.

Together the Fab 5 is set out to positively affect the lives of selected people who they refer to as heroes, by transforming their homes, pantries, wardrobes, and appearance. They also dish out helpful tips and advice to these people in the hope of bringing out both their inner and outer beauty. In order to appear on the show and have access to the Fab 5 as well as benefit from the expert advice, guests are required to follow these rules:

20 Must Go Through A Vetting Process

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The production team can scout the guests who appear on Queer Eye or their friends and family members nominate them. Individuals also have permission to nominate themselves. After the nomination process, the guests normally go through a lengthy selection process before they can get a chance to meet the Fab 5 as revealed by vanityfair.

19 Must Be Nominated Through Email

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According to bustle, any person who wishes to nominate a person to appear on the show and be made better should not look a form to fill, instead, they should submit the exact details of the person to the following email address; qecasting@itv.com, which has also been used for the previous seasons.

18 Must Submit These Four Things

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As stated on oprahmag, the producers request that the nominee’s details including their contact information, photos and a story of the nominee to accompany them along with their names during the casting call. Even when scouting for potential guests among the locals in a community, the team will also need these details.

17 Must Be Over 18

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Queer Eye casts both men and women and sometimes couples. However, any person cast to participate in the show must be 18 years or older. As pointed out by seventeen, the youngest nominee that has been featured on the show was 18 years old called Sean who appeared on season 2, episode 7.

16 Must Be In The City The Show Is Being Filmed

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Initially, the Fab 5 were in Atlanta, Georgia then they moved to Kansas City, Missouri. The producers of the show insist that the guests who will appear on the show should be within the city in which they are filming in or within an hour’s drive, according to cheatsheet.

15 Must Have A Fascinating Backstory

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Seeing that the entertainment industry is flooded with reality shows, the producers are also interested in good ratings. One of the directors of the show told vanityfair that the nominee should have a compelling story to keep viewers glued to their TV screens. Moreover, as previously stated the nominees will go through a vetting process to confirm their stories.

14 Must Give A Tour Of Their House

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The guests who appear on the show must give the cameras full access to their homes at some point to show the Fab 5 what they will possibly be working with. The production team insists on having access to almost every corner of the house including the refrigerator, cabinets, and closets as revealed by distractify.

13 Must Be Amiable To Change

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The heroes who get to be made over in the show must be willing to participate as oprahmag points out and should also be ready to have their lives completely change after the Fab 5 are done with them. Even the producers ask the nominators to make a check on whether the nominees are willing to be involved in the show.

12 Must Learn To Love Themselves

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Queer Eye is jammed with great advice. One of the first things a person must learn to do as he or she embarks on the transformation journey is to love him or herself. Karamo, who is especially good at giving advice as stated by thoughtcatalog, also helps people dive deep into the issues affecting their lives and points out how to handle them.

11 Must Take Three Minutes For Self-Care

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Jonathan Van Ness, one of the Fab 5 and an expert on grooming insists that people and especially guests on the show should at least spend three minutes in a day to take care of themselves. He further explains on womenhealthmagazine that the three minutes are enough for a skin regimen, which not only helps with the outer glow but also with relaxation.

10 Must Make An Effort

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As seen on odysseyonline, Tan France, the queen of fashion advises guests to try to make an effort with matters in their lives pertaining to wardrobe or grooming. He also adds that if one is not willing to do this for him or herself, then he or she should do it for his or her partner because it shows that they care.

9 Must Incorporate The New Beauty Regimens Into Their Routine

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Heroes who get makeovers on the show should request for regimens that fit into their routine. According to vulture, this is the reason Jonathan normally asks all his guests how much time they spend grooming a particular area is so that he can know what beauty tips to give them that can fit into their normal routine.

8 Must Dress To Impress

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Tan on thoughtcatalog advises people to wear more of what fits and flatters their bodies rather than what is fashionable. He adds that although one should feel confident, cool and comfortable in their wardrobe, guests should also make an effort to look good and impressionable. The fashion guru also insists that people should ask sales associates for help to pick the right sizes of clothing.

7 Must Eat Healthy

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Antoni Porowski, the foodie on the show insists on BuzzFeed that people should learn how to make healthy meals for themselves instead of eating out or eating junk food all the time. He suggests that people invest in crock-pots, which can slow cook food during the day and have meals ready by the time a person is living work or school in the evening.

6 Must Make Sure That Their Space Reflects Who They Are

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Bobby Berk who is into interior designing advises people to keep their homes as well as the spaces around them tidy. A person’s environment has a big effect on his or her happiness. How one takes care of their personal space plays a role in making them feel relaxed or overwhelmed. According to thoughtcatalog, a home should also reflect a person’s personality.

5 Must Look Good, Always

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Tan also insists that people should always look impressionable no matter where they are. Even if a person works from home, the fashion expert reminds them on buzzfeed that they should also look good. Tan gives a perfect example of himself and says that he showers and shaves even when he is working from the house.

4 Must Be Vulnerable

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Guests should not be afraid of expressing their feelings. Karamo Brown, an expert on culture reminds people on bustle that, “Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. It shows that you are in tune with yourself, which is the sexiest thing to men or women."

3 Must Listen To And Follow The Advice

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Even BuzzFeed admits that Queer Eye is not an ordinary conventional makeover show. The Fab 5 has a lot of good advice for all the guests they meet on the show. Their wise words surpass each of their areas of expertise and help the people transform their lives and become better versions of themselves.

2 Must Teach The Fab 5 A Thing Or Two

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The heroes who appear on Queer Eye are not the only ones who get schooled on things life, the five hosts also learn a lot from interacting with the people they have been set out to help. As bustle puts it, they are just as receptive to change as the guests are and have been greatly impacted by the people they have met.

1 Must Keep In Touch

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This is not really a requirement but the Fab 5 like it when the people they have encountered keep in touch. Some do it because they still need the quintet to continue sorting out their chaotic lives as explained by screenrant while others do it to maintain the friendship. Whichever the case, the fab 5 are only too happy to make additional friends.

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