QUAY Is In: And 20 Other Stylish Sunglass Brands From 2018

You'd be hard pressed to find a better summer accessory than a good pair of sunglasses. The right shades can compliment an outfit perfectly, putting that finishing touch on your perfectly planned beach attire this year in 2018. They even have the power to make an average set of clothes seem chic and stylish. Because of this, it's of the utmost importance that we take extra care in selecting our eyewear. Let's not just pick out a pair of sunglasses we see at a gas station. Let's take a little bit more time, and think about the top brands of 2018, and what they have to offer us this season.

Because buying sunglasses is more than just a luxury - it's an investment. Spend a little bit more on a good pair that you'll treat well, and they might just last you the rest of your life. Sometimes you don't even need to spend that much to find great shades, either. There are plenty of brands in this article that are extremely reasonably priced, and yet retain the style and the designer-esque flair we're all looking for. Of course, there are also brands which are priced quite highly, and depending on your priorities, you might just decide to splurge this summer. Considering the beautiful sunglasses the top designers are coming out with in 2018, it's hard not to give in to our fashionista impulses...

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20 QUAY Is So In Right Now

Like the title says, QUAY is in. This brand been around for over 14 years, but in 2018 these stylish shades are reaching new heights. QUAY is a favorite for all types of women, but it's apparently inspired by the music festival scene. Further proof of this brand's popularity comes with the fact that countless celebrities wear these shades. And the best news is that these shades are actually pretty reasonably priced, with an average pair costing around $70, or less if you get them on sale.

19 Le Specs Is The Choice Of Celebrities


Le Specs is another brand that has been around for quite some time, and these shades are notoriously popular with celebrities. There's a pretty good chance that when you see a paparazzi photo of a celeb wearing shades, they're going to be Le Specs. The brand, like QUAY, was also started in Australia, and it was re-launched successfully in 2006. They have a massive range of styles, both conservative and wild, and this brand isn't afraid to take risks with their shade designs.

18 Kendall + Kylie Is A Brand That's Really Taking Off

It doesn't take a genius to figure out which two celebrities are behind these stunning shades, and the famous sisters are actually turning some heads with their latest sunglasses collection. Kendall+Kylie is, of course, the creation of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, two individuals who are extremely involved in the world of fashion today. Kylie is famous for her entrepreneurial spirit, and she might have hit the goldmine with these unique, alluring shades. They're a little bit more on the expensive side.

17 Christopher Kane Is Bringing Us Amazing Retro Looks

If you want a pair of shades that are on another level in terms of fashion, Christopher Kane is a very good option. This famous designer is relatively new to the eyewear game, releasing his first collection just two years ago in 2016. But since then, the brand has received praise for their sunglasses, which match their outerwear collections in terms of style of flair. There are some amazing pop influences here, as well as primitivism and other design styles. The shades are designer, so expect to pay a decent amount.

16 Sunday Somewhere Has Some Seriously Chic Styles In 2018

Sunday Somewhere is another famous sunglasses brand that is often seen on some of our favorite celebs. These shades are actually handmade, and as such the price reflects their careful construction. They offer a wide range of styles, from conservative to wild and "out there," but every single one will have that feel of quality craftmanship, and thoughtful design. In 2018, this brand has come out with some simply stunning shades that we would love to try on if given the chance.

15 Westward Leaning Has Interesting Design Aesthetics

Westward Leaning is a brand which is very much on the rise in 2018. It's new, it's popular, and the brand is constantly trying new things and venturing into new territory. In 2018, Westward Leaning plans to open its first retail stores and expand into the sport eyewear business. These frames are also handcrafted, which pushes up the price quite a bit. But fans of this brand will insist that they're worth every penny, and you can't deny that there's something fresh and unique about Westward Leaning.

14 Izipizi Is Great For Those Who Love To Customize

Izipizi is another extremely unique brand for sunglasses, and this French company has been gaining more and more customers and fans ever since its inception in 2010. The brand's standout quality is the fact that customers are able to create pretty much their ideal pair of sunglasses, with almost endless customization options. Different colors, frame shapes, and lenses are all at your fingertips when you order online, and it's proven to be a very popular and successful business model in 2018.

13 Krewe Makes Some Extremely Luxurious Shades

Krewe brands itself as an independent eyewear company that caters to those who really want to wear something spectacular in the summer months. These shades are not cheap, and they are pretty exclusive. The frames often features details such as gold and other beautiful touches. Krewe claims that it was inspired by the beauty of New Orleans, a place which they say embraces individuality. If you want to be unique and go your own route, definitely check out this eyewear company in 2018.

12 Oliver Peoples Is All About Subtle, Refined Shades

Oliver Peoples is a brand which asserts itself as one of the leaders in the entire industry. They're really big on craftmanship and quality materials, and they create and design all of their shades in a West Hollywood Studio. These sunglasses are famous for their high quality lenses, which feature polarization with infused rare earth metals. Custom metal finishes are also a focus for this company, as well as custom acetate and a very close eye for detail. You really can't go wrong with a pair of these in 2018.

11 Wild Soul Is A Great Choice In 2018

There are so many reasons to buy a pair of Wild Souls in 2018. First of all, their shades are definitely some of the most stylish out there, and each one is inspired by a wild animal, such as a rhino, owl, and so on. They're almost guaranteed to have a pair that speaks to you, no matter your sense of style. But beyond that, there's something else that makes this company very special, and that's the fact that with each purchase, the company donates a portion of the money to a charity of your choosing.

10 Fendi Shades For Those Who Want To Go All Out

Fendi is definitely one of those designers which is consistently ahead of the curve, or at the very least keeping up with the rest of the fashion world. If you want a pair of sunglasses guaranteed to be "in" at any given time, these are the pair to buy. However, as one of the most exclusive brands in the world right now, they won't come cheap. You can be fairly confident that this respected brand brings with it real quality, and you're always certain to make a massive statement wearing these.

9 Make A Bold Statement With Rag & Bone In 2018

Rag & Bone is another fashion label known for making both outerwear and accessories, but it's their eyewear collection in 2018 that's really grabbed our attention. They tend to stay on the conservative side when it comes to their sunglasses, but this year there have been a few really innovative and adventurous frames which have really put them on the map. You can always be confident that these frames will deliver good quality, and their style is very much en vogue.

8 Free People Make Some Seriously Chic Sunglasses

So far we've focused on some rather expensive eyewear brands and designers, but you don't have to spend a fortune to have good sunglasses in 2018. Free People is one example of a brand which delivers quality and style, all at the price of around $30 or $40 dollars. Their website has dozens and dozens of quality frames to choose from, and this fun brand is definitely getting a lot of attention in 2018. If you're looking for a simple yet chic brand to pick up this year, definitely check these guys out.

7 Dior Is Definitely A Great Brand In 2018

Aviator sunglasses have been in style for decades now, but rarely does a designer try to do something different with this tried and true design. But Dior has come out with a fresh and unique take on classic aviator shades, with the DiorClub3. These shades were inspired by real experimental works of art, and you can tell that a lot of heart and soul went into creating these. Of course, the entire collection from Dior in 2018 is incredible, but these shades in particular have really got us talking.

6 Poppy Lissiman Is Another Totally Chic Sunglass Brand

Poppy Lissiman is yet another Australian fashion designer that is taking the world by storm these days, and she's famous for making quirky yet stylish sunglasses. Although she focuses on many types of accessories, her sunglasses are proving to be her most popular offering in 2018. By far her most trendy shades this year are a pair called "Le Skinny," which have a tiny cateye shape favored by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and many others. Poppy Lissiman has really struck gold with these sunglasses.

5 Ray-Ban Is Always A Classic Choice

Ray-Ban is a brand that hardly requires an introduction in this day and age, and this brand has stood the test of time. Still popular in 2018, this is a great option for those who want classy, understated eyewear style this year. The sunglasses are a little on the conservative side, and you won't really find any crazy frames or designs in their collection. But for those who just want some good sunglasses, plain and simple, this is definitely a great brand to take a closer look at.

4 Marc Jacobs Is A Very Stylish Option For Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs is another incredibly well-known fashion designer that has always been stylish, whether we're talking about their outerwear or their accessory line. These shades will cost a little more than your average pair, although some of their cheapest frames are actually pretty reasonable. They offer a wide range of style, ranging from conservative to chic and everything in between. We're a huge fan of this black and white marble frame with some clever detailing. It's definitely a brand to consider when you go sunglasses shopping.

3 Privé Revaux Makes Some Amazing Sunglasses In 2018

What's the difference between big name designers and regular sunglasses? In many cases, the "regular" sunglasses and the luxury brands are actually made in the same factories, with the same basic materials. So why pay extra? Of course, you're getting some imaginative styles and little details by paying for the big names, but what if you could get that designer style without the huge price tag? That's where Privé Revaux comes in. These are incredible sunglasses with designer quality, and a very affordable price.

2 Miu Miu Is One Brand Definitely Worth Checking Out

While some of the brands we've mentioned so far have been pretty bold or edgy, few eyewear designers have the courage to truly embrace the feminine side of women's sunglasses. Miu Miu does not suffer from these problems, and one look at some of their frames will make it clear that this designer is unapologetically girly. Miu Miu is an Italian high fashion brand, and it's actually a subsidiary of Prada. The name of the brand actually comes from the nickname of the youngest granddaughter of the legendary Mario Prada.

1 Cast Makes Some Amazing Sunglasses That No One Else Has

While we've mentioned some pretty massive brands so far, the best sunglasses are sometimes made by companies that are very much undergound. These sunglasses, which are often known only to the "In" crowd, are often more enjoyable to wear than the mainstream brands, because you feel like you've stumbled onto a beautiful little secret. Cast Eyewear is a clear example of this, quietly creating some incredible shades that are featured in magazines and worn by our favorite celebrities. The shades pictures are called "You and I are in love," and they are handmade from acetate. Part of their sales go to the charity of your choice.

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