Qbrexza Cloths Approved To Help Those With Excessive Sweating

Those who suffer from excessive sweating, especially at this time of year, may be about to have their prayers answered thanks to Qbrexza.

A heatwave has been sweeping across many areas worldwide, some of which really aren't used to it, and as nice as it is, it can be quite uncomfortable. That's because, for most of us, heat like this goes hand-in-hand with a fair bit of sweating.

Unfortunately, for quite a few people excessive sweating is an occurrence all-year round and not just when the sun is out all day, every day. The condition is known as "hyperhidrosis" and as you can imagine, it can make for quite an awkward life. You can get away with sweating a lot right now but imagine feeling this way in the middle of winter. For sufferers of hyperhidrosis that is a reality.

No sweat! Gorgeous photo repost from @condenastarchive in honor of a newly FDA-approved treatment for excess perspiration (a common condition called hyperhidrosis). . Can you imagine needing to change your shirt 3 to 5 times daily, wearing multiple dark layers in July to hide sweat marks, or having difficulty holding a pen or a knife due to near-constant dripping? Not fun. . But new, once-daily, sweat-inhibiting skin wipes called Qbrexza (a name that contains more consonants than I can handle, but whatever) were just FDA approved for use in people aged 9 and older. They work by inhibiting the activation of acetylcholine sweat gland receptors in the skin and should become available this fall.... just in time for apple picking. 🍎 . A dermatologist can guide your through other prescription options, including topical aluminum chloride, glycopyrrolate pills, iontophoresis, Miradry, and Botox injections. (Patients tell me that botulinum toxin injections are particularly life-changing. This brief, mildly-uncomfortable procedure has a higher satisfaction rate than any other other treatment I perform as a dermatologist.) . Stay cool, my friends! 😎 . . . . #sweathelp #hyperhidrosis #excesssweating #qbrexza @dermira_inc #botox #botoxforsweating #botoxforhair #sweatypalms #sweaty #sweatyfeet #sweatypits #miradry @miradry #iontophoresis #aluminumchloride #drysol #glycopyrrolate #robinul #deodorant #antiperspirant #bestantiperspirant #keepcool #beattheheat #longhotsummer #skinproblems #healthyskin #skincare #dermatology #skindoctor @aadmember

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There are a number of ways to tackle the condition, but some can be very uncomfortable and others just don't work for some. Those methods include the likes of medical strength antiperspirants, as well as other more intense treatments that can end up being pretty expensive. Thankfully, a new product may be about to change all of that. They're known as Qbrexza cloths and they have just been approved by the FDA.

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner recently explained to Allure exactly how the cloths work. The cloth basically blocks neurotransmitters, "blocking the signal from binding to the sweat glands". It is also really easy to use and apply, as explained by Zeichner, "It is applied topically every day by the patient in the form of a towelette. It has the convenience of being applied at home and there is no discomfort associated with needle sticks."

For those of you who do suffer from hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating, this all sounds pretty promising. There is a little bit of bad news though. If you're reading this and can't wait to get out and there and get your hands on a pack of Qbrexza cloths, unfortunately, you're going to have to wait a little bit and try to survive this heatwave with other methods of sweat control. Although it has been approved by the FDA, the product is not expected to be readily available until around October of this year.


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