20 PS4 Features That Are Already Obsolete

It's no secret that this generation of console gaming is quickly coming to an end. With about eighteen months remaining before the launch of Sony's next console, community attention and focus slowly begin to shift toward what's coming next, and the PS4 will feel increasingly obsolete as new details about the PS5 are revealed.

That said, in some ways, the PS4 is already obsolete. Ideals and features that once seemed innovative back in 2013 have either been forgotten or are otherwise underused by gamers and developers alike. As Sony's fourth console fades from the limelight, let's take a look at some of the features which faded from relevancy over the past few years.

20 Type With Motion Controls

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Thought it may help gamers with certain disabilities, for most players, typing with motion controls enabled is just annoying. Pressing R3 while the keyboard is up will enable this feature, and, though we've been looking for ways to better the clunky virtual keyboard interface for a while, this doesn't compare to a regular ol' keyboard.

19 PS4 Remote Play

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We have to admit that, in certain situations, streaming gameplay from a PS4 to a PC or Mac can be useful. However, most of the time, its a waste of bandwidth. In many circumstances, a gamer's PS4 and computer are either a few rooms away, if not in the very same room, which makes remote play a little redundant.

18 DualShock 4 Battery Life

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There's no denying that one of the major faults of the PS4 is the controller's lackluster battery life. As previously referenced, the thing is packed with so many unnecessary features that the battery is depleted after a few hours of play. Seriously, the old PlayStation Move controllers feel like they last longer than the PS4 controller.

17 PS Vita Remote Play

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While the concept of remote play between the PS4 and Sony's handheld PS Vita may have been novel when it was first introduced, the system is now as obsolete as the Vita itself. Sony's successor to the PSP failed to take off in North American, and, as a result, so did the PS4's remote play feature.

16 Share Button

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Let's be honest; nobody ever uses the share button. What was originally touted as a revolution for the PlayStation brand has more or less become that button you accidentally press when you're trying to bring up an in-game menu. Our PS4s are full of accidental screenshots, and, while the feature can sometimes come in handy, it really doesn't need to have a dedicated button on the controller.

15 Touch Interface

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For what exactly is the touchpad on the PS4 controller supposed to be used? The console has been out for just about six years at this point, and games which make use of the thing are few and far between. We understand that it was initially invented to make flicking through menus and interfaces a bit more intuitive, but very rarely is it of any sort of use at all.

14 Controller Light Bar

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Yes, the first time the light on the rear of the PS4 controller blinked red and blue as the cops chased us down in GTA V was pretty neat, but, at this point, it's basically an obsolete feature. Now, it's not obsolete in the sense that it's been replaced, but rather obsolete in the sense that it never had much of a purpose other than to indicate when the controller was fully charged.

13 Internal Storage Space

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We know what you're thinking; how could internal storage possibly be obsolete? Well, though game streaming may make physical memory obsolete in the near future, our qualm is with the obsolete nature of 250gb and 500gb HDDs. With games requiring upward of 100gb in free space these days, purchasing a system with less than at least a terabyte in internal memory seems a bit ridiculous.

12 Controller Headphone Jack

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When it was first introduced, the addition of a 3.5mm jack seemed like an awesome advent for Sony's DualShock line of controllers. Yet, while it had its uses, Bluetooth and wireless headphones have become far more common in recent years. While there are certainly going to be those who still get use out of this feature, for a majority of gamers, this feature is obsolete.

11 Crossplay (Or Lack Thereof)

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The concept of crossplay is the opposite of obsolete. However, what is obsolete is Sony's archaic stance on the feature. Though they've thawed slightly in recent months, Sony has staunchly prohibited PS4 players from interacting with their Xbox One and PC counterparts. Uniting gaming communities via crossplay would be a wonderful thing, but old man Sony simply refuses to modernize.

10 In-Game Chat

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Nintendo's wildly outdated ideas concerning in-game chat often catch a lot of flack, but Sony is also deserving of some ire. While the PS4's party chat system is a step up from the in-game-only system of their previous console, it's still a little behind the curve. Today, a majority of gamers use programs like Discord or Teamspeak to communicate, and, since Discord struck a deal with Microsoft, the PS4 has been left in the dust.

9 Changing PSN ID

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To be fair, both the PS4 and Xbox One are wildly behind the times on this one. If you're unhappy with the PSN ID you've chosen, you can change it for free... once. After that, you'll have to pay either five or ten bucks to alter it, depending on if you're a PS Plus subscriber or not. Compared to Steam, this is outrageously backward.

8 HDMI Device Link

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Though it seems like a pretty cool feature on paper, the PS4's HDMI Device Link option is primarily used to allow the console to be turned on and off with a remote. That would be nice enough if the PS4 controller couldn't do the same exact thing, and setting that whole system up required a bit more finagling than most were willing to put up with.

7 Voice Commands

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A fad if ever there was one, voice commands became popular during the height of the Kinect's popularity and was treated as a selling point for the up-and-coming eighth-gen consoles back in 2013. They quickly fell by the wayside, however, after gamers realized how gimmicky they were. Sure, performing certain functions using your voice sounds cool, but, in reality, it's just not all that useful.

6 PlayStation App

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The PlayStation App has been around for quite a while, and it's grown to be quite obsolete over the years. Available for both iOS and Android, it allows users to manage their friends lists and see who's on at the moment. It's a totally unnecessary application, and it's totally outclassed by apps like Discord.

5 Download Times

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While this does vary somewhat from person to person, the fact remains that the PlayStation 4 wasn't prepared to handle the massive download sizes which have become common over the past generation. Though firmware updates have remedied this somewhat, large downloads can take exorbitant amounts of time on the PS4. This is doubly damaging as the rise of non-physical media has made the system seem even more obsolete.

4 PlayStation Now

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The spiritual successor to the long-defunct OnLive cloud gaming service, PS Now never caught on in a meaningful way. Something of a predecessor to Google Stadia, Now is outclassed by other, more popular services. Though the Xbox Game Pass doesn't currently support game streaming, that feature is set to debut in October on consoles, and it's an all-around much better deal for consumers.

3 The Original PlayStation 4 Model

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This may be obvious, but, compared to the PS4 Pro, which released a mere three years after the first edition of the console, the PS4 is just hilariously outdated. While it's serviceable enough, there's no denying that the 4K Ultrawide support and enhanced graphical fidelity made possible by the PS4 pro make the original system obsolete at best and totally irrelevant at worst.

2 Cloud Saving

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Cloud saving is— or at least should be— standard for every system. Unfortunately, while the feature is available on the PS4, it's gated behind a PlayStation Plus subscription. While it's not necessarily an outdated feature, it's certainly an outdated way of thinking, as other systems and services have allowed for automatic cloud saving for quite a while at this point.


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Though PSVR is an excellent entry-level piece of equipment, it's recently been outdated by technological innovations. Wires and sensors have always been an issue when it comes to VR gaming, and, now that the new wave of VR headsets have ditched them, it makes the current model fo PSVR feel somewhat obsolete.

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