Prosecco Pong Is The Drinking Game You've Been Waiting For

Prosecco Pong is the drinking game you’ve been waiting for, putting a new twist on a classic game. Gone are the days of beer pong, now it is all about Prosecco Pong.

Talking Tables, a party supply store, has come out with the official new game. It works just like the popular bar game. Participants throw a ball into their opponent’s glasses of prosecco. When the ball lands in the glass, one of the two teammates must chug the entire glass the ball landed in.

This process continues until one team does not have any glasses left on the table. FYI: that team is the losing team, not the winning team. Although the losers will be more buzzed, so perhaps they are actually the winners.

The new game is much classier than the frat party version. The balls are a millennial pink and the wide glasses are to be filled with bubbly. Although the end results of the game is still the same, players getting his or her buzz on while having fun!

Yes, you could easily make your own version of the game with plastic balls, plastic cups, and prosecco, but half the fun of playing Prosecco Pong is having the official version. Those who want to get the game created by Talking Tablets, can do so by visiting their website talkingtables.com. The fabulous little kit will only set you back $25! Not a bad price for some sophisticated fun.

Those who purchase the chic kit will find 12 plastic, wide-rim prosecco glasses, and of course the pink balls mentioned earlier. No, sadly it does not come with a never-ending supply of the bubbly.

The new game is perfect for a ladies' night in, game night, birthday parties, or especially for a bachelorette party. It's not just for the ladies either. It's for everyone! Just because pink balls are involved, does not mean that men can’t take their chances with Prosecco Pong. It might even spice up a date night...

What do you think about the new Prosecco Pong? Will you buy it for your next fun-filled evening? If you have checked it out, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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