Priyanka & Nick Have Us Swooning: 20 Photos That Prove They're Perfect

“People will need vacations after this wedding.” We didn't even attend Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' 2018 wedding, but we're still getting over the pics.

While Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin ducked in and out of courthouses for their wedding, Priyanka and Nick did the opposite. The most lavish, Bollywood-style bash came with the biggest #Class ever, and this girl is now official #BridalGoals.

When a Jonas brother dates someone, it's a big deal. When he dates an older girl, it's an even bigger deal. At the age of 36, Priyanka is 10 years older than her husband. There's a lot of love filling that age gap though, and it seems to have started the day they met.

May 2018 is when Nick got down on one knee– the day he met Chopra. This whirlwind romance didn't take long to throw us selfies, double dates with Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, plus the ultimate reward there is. It's called a fairytale wedding.

The way these two gush about each other is almost too much. Then again, it comes with something more solid than the slightly tiring "hubby" references from Kylie Jenner. Seriously, is she going to marry Travis Scott or what?

We're still getting updates. These two are just that perfect. Here are 20 pics of Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and her new husband that will forever have us swooning.

20 "Where Have You Been All My Life?" (The Day He Met Her)

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Being the most talked-about couple will get you noticed. When Elle interviewed Nick Jonas on how it all started, we learned that the gestures were big, as Elite Daily reports. He DM'd Priyanka on Twitter, writing: "I’m hearing from a few mutual friends that we should meet."

"I put my drink down...and I say, ‘You’re real. Where have you been all my life?’ Like, loud.”

Wow. For all the coy approaches we've seen, this wasn't one where the guy pulled out some cheesy line. What Nick felt was 100% real. They met at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, so don't think this was some tucked-away bar where no-one would see them.

19 He Shut Down Tiffany Just To Find The Right Ring

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Tiffany is where Ariana Grande got those "7 Rings." It's also a brand that's been flying the flag for romance and diamonds since, like, forever. Those little blue bags. Those insane gems. As Harper's Bazaar reports:

Nick "shut down" Tiffany in London, just to find the perfect engagement ring for Priyanka. "Priyanka's ring is a high-quality cushion cut weighing around 4 carats,"

Unlike Ariana Grande (whose $93,000 engagement ring from Pete Davidson didn't last), the one Nick picked cost $200,000. Looks like it was all worth it. Priyanka is now Priyanka Chopra-Jonas.

18 Makes Sense When You Get Down On One Knee The Minute You Meet Her

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Okay, so we didn't quite tell you the full story earlier. When Nick met Priyanka at the Vanity Fair Oscar's party, he did more than glance at Priyanka and ask where she'd been his entire life. He got down on one knee.

As This Is Insider reports, Nick "immediately" got down on one knee. "Get on one knee — this is in front of a bunch of people," Nick told Vogue, as Huffington Post reports, before adding what he said. "And I say, 'You're real. Where have you been all my life?'

This is the kind of stuff we're used to seeing in the movies. Major film stars they might be, but this was real life. Nick 100% got down on one knee the day he met Priyanka.

17 That Wedding Pic

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When the official date is November 30th - December 2nd, you know it's a big deal. A three-day extravaganza is what these two chose for their wedding, Hello reports. Respecting Priyanka's roots, the location was Jodhpur, India.

“I wanted the longest veil in the world and I got that,"

Priyanka said after the wedding, as DNA reports. Her Ralph Lauren dress came hand-beaded with a 75-foot long veil. This pic went viral the minute it was posted, and we'll assume that every bridal company on earth had to adjust to the same request: "Yeah. That's what I want." Well, can you blame them?

16 She's Said Kids "Need To Happen"

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The minute these two tied the knot, everyone was talking babies. It's kind of like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The best lookers in Hollywood are officially hitched. We're just waiting for the world's most beautiful babies. Bustle reports recent words from Priyanka:

"We both know that that’s something that needs to happen." Priyanka also added, "I’m sure it will happen in an organic way.”

What we were a little less keen on was: "it’s not something I think about very much." Meanwhile, the media outlet quotes Nick's words from the past: "I definitely want to be a father someday," he said, calling it "a real dream."

15 They Got Engaged On Priyanka's Birthday

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It was probably the best birthday to date for Priyanka. Having the love of your life propose on your birthday might be every girl's dream, but it was a total reality for Priyanka. As Vogue reports:

Nick "waited until after midnight, so that future engagement anniversaries would not coincide with her birthday celebrations."

Okay, that's just irritating. You know, when the guy tries so hard to get it right (but misses out on the small details)? Nick thought the whole thing through, right down to the timing. Priyanka said yes in Crete in July 2018. The rest is history.

14 "Future Mrs. Jonas. My Heart. My Love." #TrueLoveExists

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August 2018 threw us a major update from Priyanka and Nick. The romance had officially gone from "dating" to "engaged." Updating their IG accounts to announce the news, each posted a separate message.

"Taken...With all my heart and soul," Priyanka wrote. Nick's message was just as powerful (if slightly more go-getting):

"Future Mrs.Jonas. My heart. My love."

It doesn't get more official than that. When you call your bride-to-be "future Mrs. Jonas," there's almost no going back. The announcement was followed by a string of pics showing Nick meeting Priyanka's family in India.

13 She "Kind Of Knocked Him Off His Feet"

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Hey, he knocked us off our feet! Apparently, not quite how it works. Priyanka Chopra is one of the most beautiful, most-talented actresses in Hollywood. A million miles from being a Kardashian, there's a natural beauty to Priyanka that's nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

It was actually Nick's brother, Joe, who told Vogue that Priyanka "kind of knocked him off his feet." Something about this girl was just irresistible, and not in the shallow, lusty way that says "red flag."

Joe then called his brother a "smitten kid." He admitted that both he and Sophie Turner laughed at Nick, but we knew this stuff was for real.

12 "I'm A Triple Threat": Don't Think She Doesn't Have A Personality

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Breaking down barriers to carve herself the A-List career she now has, Priyanka Chopra doesn't come without a personality. A hard work ethic is at the root of this girl's success, although she admitted to The Guardian that she has a competitive streak.

"I am a little – I won’t say arrogant – self-assured. I’m a triple threat," she said about being able to act, sing and dance.

Well, the dancing comes in useful. When your Indian wedding bash spans three days and everyone (and their grandma) will be on the dance floor, you better dance. Priyanka is headstrong, but she's got a heart of gold.

11 He'd Never Dated Anyone Serious, So It Was A "Huge Deal"

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Some guys come with a big portfolio of long-term girlfriends. Leonardo DiCaprio was pretty #Steady with Gisele Bündchen before Nina Agdal and his current lady, Camila Morrone. Other guys are all over the place (as are some girls).

Nick's decision to move this fast with Priyanka was brave on a whole new level for him. "He’s dated a lot over the last couple years, but it’s never been anything serious, so this is a big step," a source reported to People, as Elle reports.

Bear in mind that the challenge also came with getting super-serious with a girl who is 10 years older than him. Here they are during a ski vacation. Also, we want that Fendi sweater.

10 "Burgers And Chanel, My Favorite Combo With My Favorite Girls"

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It's all about the IG captions these days. Kylie Jenner recently threw us a "baby #2" caption (and she pretty much broke the internet). Nick wasn't in this pic or the original caption from Priyanka here, but he did reply.

"Burgers and Chanel...my favorite combo with my fav girls. @anjula_acharia @mubinarattonsey @chanelofficial" It was Nick's reply, though: "That smile." #Swoon

Priyanka had stopped by In-N-Out burgers (good choice) for some fast food and high fashion. Yeah, she's a classy girl. Spilling out of dresses like Kim K isn't Priyanka's style, although taking to social media definitely is.

9 "We Felt So Connected"

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Sometimes, there's just that spark. You can't put your finger on it, but it feels so deep, you just know it's for real. "It's funny that we had this beautiful ceremony — we felt so connected," Bustle quotes Priyanka saying.

Nick then told Jimmy Fallon about taking that connection and making it a family one. "After we got engaged, we then went to India, to her home country, and to Mumbai, and my parents came along and we did this beautiful Roka ceremony."

The connection only seems to have gotten stronger since the wedding. Priyanka and Nick's IG is basically the new #CouplesGoals, and we should probably listen to whatever they have to say.

8 "Our Families All Met. It Was Spiritual."

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Meeting the family is enough to give some guys cold feet. There will be that screening process– it's called the mother, sister, aunt and grandmother teaming up to evaluate whether this guy is remotely good enough. As Bustle reports, Nick said:

"Our families all met. It was spiritual and then we put it on IG — oh my [gosh], it's official!"

Bustle also quotes Nick adding that it was a "confirmation from both sides of the family that they approve of the engagement." Plunging into the #FamApproval, this guy was totally in for the real deal. He described leaving the ceremony with "joy."

7 He Knew He Wanted To Marry Her After The Third Date

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We've seen it before (and it hasn't worked out). Ariana Grande? "100% marrying him," she told her tour manager the day she clapped eyes on Pete, Us magazine reports. Nick might have gotten down on one knee the day he met Priyanka, but it lasted.

"She walks into the Chateau [Marmont], and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and understanding about this next chapter of my life,"

Nick told Vogue about being in Priyanka's presence back in the day. As The Metro reports, Nick knew he wanted to marry Priyanka after just three dates. What did he do? He called his mom to say he'd found the girl he was going to marry.

6 "The Prayers Are In Sanskrit. Even I Can't Say Them. But He Did It"

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Giant gestures are something we see all the time. If it isn't Kim Kardashian buying Kanye West a Lamborghini, it's Travis Scott filling Kylie Jenner's home with roses. For Nick, the gestures were more profound. They were about accommodating himself to Priyanka's culture. As Glamour reports, Priyanka said,

“Nick did the Hindu prayers. The prayers are in Sanskrit. Even I can’t say them. But he did it in Sanskrit. The Indians were so impressed with their National Jiju."

Bear in mind that Nick Jonas didn't exactly grow up with a Sanskrit prayer book. Even Priyanka struggles to say the words, so that was one giant effort he made.

5 "People Will Need Vacations After This Wedding"

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Thanks for the heads-up, Priyanka. “People will need vacations after this wedding," Vanity Fair quotes her saying. That was before the wedding even happened.

The deets? The location was the Umaid Bhawan Palace. As Glamour reports, it has a full-service hotel with 347 rooms and an actual museum on site. And, 225 guests attended.

Whack on the two receptions, landscaped gardens, abundant food and drink and more dancing than you can image...Yeah, this was no ordinary wedding. Of course, there was that "vacation" Priyanka referred to. It's called a honeymoon. As Time reports, the couple chose the Caribbean for that.

4 Raising The Bar For Couples Dates

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A double date might be funny on The Big Bang Theory, but when the celebs do it IRL, it's beyond awesome. This one saw Priyanka and Nick join Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, and fans went nuts.

That was in December 2018. As The Daily Mail reports, one of the double dates even saw Priyanka bring her mom, Madhu, to the U.S. Open match. In January 2019, Just Jared reported another double date.

Speaking of "match." Definitely an interesting choice, considering these two are such a perfect match. The IG pics might be super-cozy, but these two are up for being social. Pity we're not invited.

3 "I Am Fully Insta-Stalking You, You Are So Beautiful"

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We all do it. Stalking celebrities on social media. If you're a guy who happens to be reading this, $50 says you haven't at some point Insta-stalked Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Kate Upton or Gigi Hadid. If you're a girl, you might be Insta-crushing on Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens.

"I am fully insta stalking you…. you are so beautiful," Nick commented on a pic of Priyanka. Yeah, him and 30+ million other people.

Nick commented on a fan account that happened to have posted a picture of the beautiful Priyanka. We don't blame him.

2 "And Forever Starts Now"

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When you tie the knot, there's no going back. Marriage is the final hurdle in a relationship, but it's also the biggest symbol of love that there is. Priyanka and Nick have been newlyweds for just a few months, but their "forever" has already started.

"And forever starts now,” Priyanka captioned her wedding Insta-update. Nick wrote: “Happiest day of my life.”

Well, we just don't know what to make of that. It's straight-up goals. Of course, when you call your wedding day the "happiest" day of your life, you're going to have to come up with a better caption for when the baby arrives (we're hoping).

1 "Thank U, Next," This Is Not

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"Break up with your boyfriend, 'cause I'm bored." Pretty much the track that every girl has on repeat right now. Thank U, Next might be the symbol of getting through a breakup like a boss, but Priyanka and Nick are no Pete and Ari.

"I think you find romance wherever you find romance. It's actually the feeling that makes that place like, super special," India Today quotes Priyanka saying about Greece (where Nick proposed).

Okay, now we need to go to Greece. No, wait. We need to take Nick Jonas, clone him and then go to Greece.

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