Prince Harry Will Be Missing Out On This Royal Christmas Tradition Because Of A Request From Meghan Markle

This year Prince Harry will be missing out on one of the big royal Christmas traditions, and it is all because of a request from his wife, Meghan Markle. All families will have their own special Christmas traditions, and of course so is also the case with the royal family. Now, in any relationship, there will have to be a certain amount of compromise, and with this specific Christmas tradition, Meghan has put her foot down, and Prince Harry has decided to let his wife have her way.

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The royal family spends their Christmas at Sandringham Estate One of the main traditions for the royal family over the Christmas holidays is to go pheasant hunting on Boxing Day, but this year Prince Harry will not be taking part in the traditional shoot. As it turns out, Meghan is very much against blood sports and is a big supporter of everything related to animal welfare, so she is naturally not keen on the thought of Prince Harry going pheasant shooting. Harry has always been a lover of hunting and has been taking part in the Boxing Day tradition since he was about twelve years old, but this year he will have to miss it and spend the day with Meghan instead.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Prince Charles and Prince William will be accompanied by the young Prince George instead, who will be taken along for his first Boxing Day shooting. With this year being the first time Meghan spends the 25th on Sandringham with the royal family, and with her being pregnant, Prince Harry was perhaps happy to spend the day with his lovely wife anyway.

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Another tradition the royal family has is to attend a church service at St. Mary Magdalene Sandringham Estate on the 25th, which is followed by lunch and a game of charades. On Christmas Eve Prince Harry and William play a football team with workers from the Sandringham Estate, and the 24th is also the day when the royal family open their gifts, a tradition they have because of their German heritage.

With so many lovely traditions it is safe to assume that Prince Harry will have a great Christmas holiday even without the pheasant shoot, and Meghan must be excited about her first royal Christmas at Sandringham.

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