Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Engaged: 15 Facts That Prove She's Unfit To Be In Buckingham Palace

On Monday, November 27th, 2017, the pair went public about their engagement

Well, it's official. Prince Harry's American girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has become Prince Harry's American fiancée. On Monday, November 27th, 2017, the pair went public about their engagement, which transpired earlier this month at their home in London. The pair have been dating for just shy of 18 months, and little is known about their romance. They have managed to stay out of the public eye for much of their courtship, leaving people curious for details about their love.

Meghan is definitely used to life in the public eye; she has spent close to a decade working as an actress, most notoriously, on the USA Network hit show, Suits. Her role of Rachel Zane, a main character, has been a major part of the development of the series, and has spanned 7 seasons. Despite her successes on the big screen, Meghan has stated that she will be retiring from acting once she and Harry are married. She is going to focus her time and efforts on full time humanitarian work, something she was already very involved in during her pre-Harry days.

Despite being an independent, worldly and intelligent woman, Meghan has been the center of much criticism and scorn. Traditional Brits don't think she fits the criteria for British royalty, and many have made their harsh judgements known. Even though we love her, we can't help but feel a little skepticism, as well. Let's review the reasons why she won't be the next Kate! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Engaged: 15 Facts That Prove She's Unfit To Be In Buckingham Palace.

15 She's Not A Pure British Woman 

The number one concern for most people regarding Meghan and Harry's relationship? Well, she's American. Plain and simple. Traditional English folk take their cultural heritage very seriously, especially where the Royal family and lineage is concerned. The idea of bringing a non-British citizen into the Royal family is not readily accepted, especially for the older generations (ahem Brexiters) who are so dead set in their traditions. In many ways, this progressive move should be embraced, as it gives the Royal family a bit of a modern edge. Let's face it, the Queen and co. don't have that much political power anymore, so the majority of Royal affairs are entertainment for the masses. Brits love their traditions, and this is something that they will have a hard time processing.

14 She's Already Been Married, And It Failed

Another thing that Meghan has going against her? Harry will not be her first husband. She had a long relationship with her first husband, Trevor Engelson, an actor and producer whom she married in 2011. Although the pair were together since 2004, they split shortly after tying the knot, and divorced in August 2013. Although the split was amicable and non-dramatic, the "D" word just doesn't sit well with certain Royal members, particularly, the Queen. In Royal terms, being divorced might as well be the same as being defective. Even if the Queen is super happy for her grandson, and even If she likes Meghan, British aristocracy has a way of being unforgiving with certain things, and this is one of them. The truth is, no matter how happy her and Harry are together, she won't ever be able to escape her past.

13 She's Very Independent, Like Another Princess We Know

The Royal family are all about women who "know their place". Ladies are meant to be respectful, polite, quiet and pleasant. In this very patriarchal setting, women are very much still second-class citizens, very sadly. So where does Meghan, a super independent woman, fit into all of this? For all of her life, to date, she has been a self-made woman. She worked her way up in the acting sphere, and landed herself a major role that allowed her to rake in quite a nice sum of money. Her net worth is estimated at anywhere between $5-$7 million dollars, so she's not a little poor lady looking for a Royal handout. Despite being independent and bold naturally, Meghan is going to have to learn that as Harry's wife, she will have to take a bit of a step-down. Is independence too big of a price to pay for true love? Time will tell!

12 She's Not A Conventional Windsor Princess Because Of Her Ethnicity 


One horribly tragic reason that Meghan won't automatically be accepted? Her ethnicity. Meghan has a white father and an African American mother, and this mixed heritage is not readily accepted in the Royal world. In fact, all members of the Royal family have been white, historically. The only exception dates back to 1761, when Princess Sophie Charlotte married King George III. She was rumoured to have had some African roots, although this was never confirmed. As it goes, the Royal family tried their best to keep that information secret, as they didn't want to risk their squeaky clean reputation. Meghan might have a harder time with this. Even though Prince Harry totally supports her, and will defend and protect her, she won't be able to avoid the scrutiny and criticism that will sweep the nation when they marry.

11 They Haven't Dated For Long, Could Be Seen As Suspicious 


Another big factor in the potential struggles that Meghan will face in the near future? She and Harry didn't date for very long before getting engaged. They met in the summer of 2016, and the Royal Family officially confirmed the relationship in November, 2016, by releasing a statement. Less than a year after that statement was made, the pair were engaged. Many skeptics think that the duo didn't give their relationship enough time to blossom, and that Meghan might not be able to handle the media scrutiny that lies ahead. The pair will need to be ironclad and unshakeable to be able to survive the press and the fact that their lives will not be as private as they once were. Kate and William were involved for eight years before finally tying the knot, and they even took a break during that time.

10 She Was Photographed Skinny Dipping in 2012


Back in 2012, when Meghan was still with her ex-husband, the pair went skinny dipping while vacationing in New Zealand. Unfortunately, some passersby took their clothes, and they had to do a mad dash back to their the nude. Photos were acquired and leaked to the press. Of course, back then, it wasn't a huge story, because Meghan wasn't a very well-known actress. Fast forward five years, and these photos are definitely going to make a comeback. We all remember how leaked topless photos of Kate Middleton nearly broke the internet back in 2012. It took the world a long time to get over their shock (and curiosity) surrounding the photos. In Royal terms, it was seen as a huge embarrassment, and Kate couldn't wait for the scandal to pass over.

9 She's Going To Have A Hard Time Adjusting To The Proper Princess Lifestyle

Meghan is a totally American girl, having grown up in Los Angeles, California. She spent the majority of her youth in LA, and attended Northwestern University, close to Chicago. When she landed her role in Suits, she relocated to Toronto, Canada, where the show was filmed. Toronto quickly became her home, but she did enjoy travelling back to LA periodically. Although travelling has always been a big part of her life, a permanent relocation to England might make her quite homesick. Although London is a really fun and hip city, she will not have the freedoms to just walk down the street alone and go shopping like she could in LA or Toronto. Her new-found life is going to include nonstop surveillance, paparazzi harassment and the need for private security.

8 Her Family Isn't Proper In They Eyes Of Buckingham Palace


When news broke that Harry had a new girlfriend in late 2016, the press couldn't wait to expose any bit of drama surrounding her. Tabloids focused on one specific topic that hit close to home for Meghan: her family. See, they discovered that Meghan had an "estranged" half-sister, Samantha. Different versions of a strange family dynamic emerged, but most of them focused on the fact that Samantha and Meghan didn't have a good relationship, and that Samantha painted Meghan out to be a horrible person. Fast-forward about a year, and Samantha has given interviews stating that this was all fabricated by the press. She insists that she never spoke badly about her sister, and that they have not had a falling out. Whatever the truth is, this sisterhood seems to need some sorting!

7 She's Already Changing And Trying To Forget Her Fame And Fans

Meghan ran her own blog/website called The Tig for three years. In April, 2017, the website was shut down and she posted a personal letter thanking her supporters for their interest in her site. The Tig focused on travel, cooking and fashion, and was a project that Meghan was really passionate about. Fast forward to her Harry union, and the website had to come down. This is just one example of how she is slowly but surely going to need to give up her personal projects. Acting, writing, any form of creative expression. What is the next thing they will take away from her? How far is she willing to go to keep in the good graces of the Royal family? Right now, she might still be caught up in the fairy tale romance, but soon enough, she might miss her freedoms.

6 She Has To Get Used To Talking Less


It's already been made clear, in post-engagement interviews, that Meghan is showing extreme caution and control when she speaks to the press. When asked a question, she often pauses and looks at Harry for support. It seems as if she still hasn't gotten the whole Royal interview thing down, but she certainly has been briefed that she cannot just answer questions spontaneously. This new system might come as a big shock for someone who never had to censor herself in interviews. Now, everything that she says can be misconstrued or misinterpreted, so she must exercise extreme caution. At least Harry is used to dealings with the press; in no time, he should be able to get his bride-to-be trained in proper press etiquette.

5 She Lived In Her Car Before Landing Her First Acting Gig


Before Meghan was discovered in Hollywood, she was somewhat of a struggling artist. She would go to audition after audition, hoping to land roles in small commercials and work her way up. For a time, she was going to auditions regularly, and not working. The amount of money she was spending on gas and food was actually causing her a deficit. Over time, she could no longer pay rent, and ended up living out of her car. Just when she was about to give up on her acting dreams, she landed a modelling contract job, which would lead her to be cast as a suitcase girl on Deal or No Deal in 2002. After this, a small role in the TV show Fringe got her introduced to some industry people that would lead her to being cast as a main character in Suits. 

4 Her Family Is Something To Be Embarrassed About


One thing is for sure, Meghan didn't have the same type of upbringing as Harry. Her father, Thomas W. Markle, was a reputed lighting director who spent many years working on the set of famed soap opera ...Married With Children. Her mother is a psychotherapist and part-time yoga instructor. Although her parents are still together, her only siblings, Thomas and Samantha, are half siblings that stem from her father's previous relationship. The blended family has some strange dynamics, with her siblings at certain times going to the press to take advantage of their sisters' newfound fame. It has been speculated that her parents have filed for bankruptcy, and are not doing very well financially. None of these rumours have been proven true, but they are definitely not Royally rich!

3 She Might Want To Return To Acting

After all of the hard work and effort that Meghan put into establishing herself as a reputable actress, is she really going to be OK with retiring at just 36 years old? Maybe right now it seems like the most practical idea, but the time will come when she will miss her first passion. Yes, a life of humanitarian work sounds great and very fulfilling, but at what expense? If you have to give up the thing that you enjoy doing the most for the sake of your relationship, is it really worth it? Many people think that Meghan is just selling out by marrying the Prince and leaving behind her personal projects and roles. Maintaining an acting career while married to a Prince would not be very practical, mind you, but it's really unfortunate that she has to pick between the two. This might not end so well.

2 Kids Might Complicate Matters


Although Harry and Meghan make a really cute couple, and would probably have adorable kids, they might be born into a complicated world. We can argue that any child born into a famous or reputable family might have specific struggles and challenges to overcome, but their children might have additional hardships. Knowing that the traditional British (the majority) do not support Meghan means that their children will not be accepted with open arms, either. This will likely not stop them from starting a family, but it's definitely something to consider when planning for their futures. William and Kate had their first son in 2013, 2 years after getting married. Their daughter, Charlotte, was born in 2015. They are expecting their third child in April, 2018.

1 The Queen Will Never Fully Accept Her


Meghan might have Harry's love and adoration, but the stubborn Queen will never fully support her marrying into the Royal family. Just like Princess Diana before her, Meghan might have some struggles within the Buckingham Palace. Diana's memoirs talked about how the atmosphere during dinners was often cold and non-inclusive; she was completely aware that the Queen didn't approve of her, and it was never sugar-coated. Meghan, sadly, might have a similar experience. Although the Queen has apparently said that she supports the union of her youngest grandchild and his fiancée, most Brits would find this hard to believe. Well, the Queen won't life forever, so a new generation might bring about a more modern and progressive twist! Crossing fingers that the awkwardness isn't long-lasting.


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