Saying 'No' Can Be Beneficial For One's Mental Health


Those two little letters get a bit of a bad rep, don’t they? We are almost scared to use them out of fear that they will halt our progress in life.

We are programmed to say yes to everything these days, dinner parties we secretly dread, work commitments to help us get ahead, events in which we have no interest, etc.

Why do we do it to ourselves? Think of all the goals we could accomplish with the time we spend on the things we could easily avoid with the use of one simple syllable "no". There are many benefits that justify its use, so listen up!

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It actually makes us more productive.

By turning down the things we don’t want to do, we are far more likely to invest that time in doing things that will benefit us. We just have to trust ourselves. Rushing around from one thing to the next with our bodies and minds wanting to be somewhere else is not as productive as we (or others) convince ourselves it is. It is far better to do one thing with love and presence. If this means dishing out a few no’s, then get serving. Trust us, this is what's best for you.

It makes you stronger.

Despite yes being associated with everything from risk-takers to go-getters, the secret is that "no" can make you stronger. It establishes a barrier for the self and protects us from letting in the wrong vibes and energy. It is willpower at its finest. It is not giving in to the FOMO culture that has become so prominent in the millennial generation due to social media. Who cares if you do not feature in the pictures that follow that night out you turned down to do something that truly nourishes you?

It teaches you to handle the reactions of others.

Get ready for a few people to pipe up at your new and improved friendly relationship with "no". Some won't like it. Some will call you a bore, a letdown, get angry, get judgmental. Look at all of this as a learning curve. When we start being true to ourselves and what serves us, not everyone is going to like it. However, this is a good filter to assess who are the people in your life that accept, support and celebrate you for who you want to be. They are the people who will stand by you no matter how many "nos" you deliver in the name of self-care.


Remember that you are important and have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. However many times you say yes or no this week, try and make sure they all come from the heart. As for those who don’t like it, maybe they are not your cheerleaders in life. It is always better to go where we are celebrated not tolerated.

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