19 Popular Social Media Trends That Need To Never Be A Thing Again

Isn't technology just such a wonderful thing? It's brought us the power to create bionic limbs for amputees, allowed researchers to manufacture sustainable products that save the environment rather than destroy it, and has given us common family folk the opportunity to see grandma's face on our iPads whenever our hearts desire.

That's the unicorns-and-rainbows side of the modern era. Just over the hill, the grass isn't any greener - in fact, it's a rotting mess of selfie-sticks, awkward hashtags, confusing emojis and Millenials snapping photos of their colorful lattes until they get cold.

As much as technology and social media have changed our lives for the better, it's also ruined us. Thankfully, some trends come and go in an instant, but sadly, many tend to hang around far too long.

19 Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

via Reddit

Nothing quite says 'overdone' as the seemingly innocent yet overtly self-absorbed image caption of 'Felt cute, might delete later'. If you're feeling cute, well that's great. Yipee-yay to you - here's a cake. If you might delete it later, go ahead, we don't care. And we've said the same thing to the other six people who captioned their Sunday morning selfie the same way.

18 Hot Water Challenge

via Metro

Earlier this year, the genius social media population created yet another idiotic challenge to scald our outer layers - The Hot Water Challenge. Any guesses what happens with this one? Yep, pouring boiling water on yourself, or someone else, or trying to drink it, if that tickles your fancy.

17 I Woke Up Like This

via Us Weekly

Um, no you freakin' didn't, Sally. You've been up for 2 hours, went for a run, showered, bought a $9 acai and kale smoothie and then slapped on an aggressive faceful of clumpy foundation before you so-called 'woke up lyk dis'. We're not oblivious - morning faces are ugly, and if there's no eye gloop floating around, then we don't believe you.

16 Snapchat. Like, All Of It.

via buzz.ie

Is Snapchat still a thing? The unfortunate answer is yes. But that doesn't mean you have to remain as one of the minorities who still use the useless social media app (if you could even call it that - IG and FB would be offended to be in the same league, honestly). Snapchat, thanks for coming, but you've had your run.

15 Mannequin Challenge

via youtube

As one of the most quickly come-and-gone fads of the last couple of years, please give a warm welcome to the Mannequin Challenge. If you've been living under a rock, it's basically when a group of people get together and suddenly stop what they're, frozen in place like statues - or, more fittingly, mannequins.

14 The Kylie Lip Challenge

via Vanity Fair

Move over, Angelina Jolie - there's a new lip-queen in town and her name is young self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner. Take one look at her lips and you'll see what we're talking about. Here's the thing though, folks - please, leave the pouty faces to those who are paid for it. If you haven't got it, don't flaunt it.

13 The Hot-Pepper Challenge

via youtube

Now, here's a challenge that we're sure a few people could get behind! It might burn the inside of our cheeks a little but at least nothing is getting dumped on our heads this time. Nevertheless, whether it's a habanero or a ghost pepper, spiciness isn't to be messed with. We're just not brave enough.

12 The Cinnamon Challenge

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Every man and his dog gave the cinnamon challenge ago when it went viral a few years back, and for whatever reason, a select handful of likely under-educated folk are of the impression that it's still slightly relevant. Well, we're here to tell you that it's not, and it never should have been in the first place.

11 Any Photo Taken With An iPad

via iPad is not a Camera

This isn't so much a social media trend as it is a general technological farce. However, it's so incredibly upsetting for anyone who has to witness it in public that there was no way it wasn't taking up a spot on this list. If you have ever taken a selfie with an iPad on vacation and uploaded it to your socials, it's time to repent.

10 The Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

via youtube

There have been more than enough 'challenges' to have swept across social media over the years but perhaps none is more visually upsetting than the 'Eat It or Wear It Challenge'. Very little is left to the imagination with this one - a player chooses a numbered bag and must either eat its contents or dump it on their head. Kids these days...

9 Liking Your Own Photos

via Imgflip

As much as we hate to admit it, social media has become more or less a popularity contest. We're constantly checking our latest posts to see if they've cracked double digits in likes, and if they make it into the hundreds, then heck, it's time to throw a party! But if you're after that 100th like, never, ever, ever like your own photo.

8 The Tide Pod Challenge

via Washington Square News

It might be hard to believe that this was actually a real thing, but alas it sadly was. In reality, it was an incredibly dangerous YouTube challenge that featured people eating the rainbow-coloured detergent pods so that they could spew up bright puddles of chemicals all over the floor. Not the internet's proudest moment, that's for sure.

7 Fire Challenge

via GoodFon

On our next episode of aptly-named challenges conjured up by social media that prove that humanity is going backwards, welcome the Fire Challenge! As you can imagine, this challenge involves fire - specifically, covering yourself in flammable liquid and setting yourself on fire in front of a video camera. Enough said.

6 Reliance On Emojis

via hollywood reporter

We'll preface this by saying that this is no farce, all truth. In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries announces that its “Word” of the Year was - ready for this? - an emoji, the one commonly known as 'Face with Tears of Joy'. From there, it was all downhill, and these days the reliance on 2D faces to represent real words doesn't make us mad, just :(.

5 Planking

via Inverse

Thankfully the days of planking are far behind us, however, that doesn't mean that we're any less scarred by the fact that this social media fad swept across the world. Aside from being uncomfortably ridiculous to look at in public places, it was dangerous as well - unfortunately, people ended up hurting themselves on numerous occasions.

4 Posting Photos Of Breakfast

via About Time Magazine

Just because our parents say that breakfast is the so-called 'most important meal of the day', it doesn't mean that it deserves to be out there on our IG stories and FB feeds for the world to see. Unless you're auditioning for the next series of Masterchef, which, let's face it, you're not, keep you burnt toast selfies to yourself.

3 Texting On The Toilet

via Praiseworld Radio

While this one might be a little different from the others we've touched on thus far, it needs to come to an end just as quick, if not sooner. We're grateful to have never received selfies from the can - but that's not what this is about - this is about the hygiene, or lack thereof. Did you even wash your hands??

2 #Hashtag

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Hashtags are an excellent way to relate whatever Parisian croissant selfies or abstract news-related thoughts to a number of interwoven or completely-separate fields concurrently. That is, of course, if they're used correctly. If you ever have hashtagged the word 'hashtag', we'll happily show you the door.

1 #Anything When Your Account Is Private

via Medium

While we're on the topic of the dos and don'ts of hashtags, allow us to slide over to the point regarding private and public IG accounts. If you're trying to become Insta-famous and the next big-shot make-up queen, please, hashtag till you drop - but if your account is on private not only are you wasting your own time but you're embarrassing yourself as well.

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