20 Popular Selfie Poses That Need To Stop Being A Thing

There was once a time that taking a photo of yourself would feel awkward and embarrassing. Yeah, that was definitely a long time ago! The selfie generation has taken the world by storm and there doesn’t seem to be any chance of the selfie craze going away any time soon. It is now common place to see people of all ages taking photos of themselves in every possible situation.

Like everything that becomes popular, the selfie craze has morphed and continued to develop. It now involves a series of recognized poses that everyone seems to embrace, and it’s starting to get just… a… tad… bit… annoying! Let’s take a look at 20 popular selfie poses that need to stop being a thing.

20 DuckFace

Via Business Insider

We can’t think of a single person that has not posed this way, and we’re getting just a tad bit sick of this expression. The Duckface is an exaggerated lip pout that resembles the beak of a duck since the pout is so enlarged and overdone. We’re not sure how or why it became popular in the first place.

19 SnapChat Filter

Via Pinterest

This was definitely fun at first, but the SnapChat filter obsession can stop anytime now! There’s no rhyme or reason behind it, and it was only cool at the onset because it was unique at the time. There have been so many bunny ears and weird noses on people’s photos these days that none of it is impressive anymore.

18 Alone In Bed

Via Pinterest

At some point it became a fad to document that people are alone in bed. The alone in bed selfie is intended to be enticing, but it really only presents the fact that someone is… well… alone in bed! We’re not sure what the point of this photo actually is, but we do know that we can easily go without seeing another one of them again.

17 The Claw

Via Cosmopolitan

Putting your hands and nails on full display is the main idea behind this selfie pose. We do understand the hard work and money that goes into making sure your nails are on point, but it looks a bit ridiculous to see someone’s hands all over their faces in a photo. Let’s face it folks, this is just plain weird.

16 Sparrow Face

Via Preview

Really? How can it possibly be cool to imitate a bird? The sparrow face selfie is based on an eyes-wide, lips perked position. It’s completely unnatural, and sort of creepy, when you think about it. This seriously needs to stop being a “thing.” It is far too weird to continue to be popular.

15 Exaggerated Emotion

Via Pinterest

Taylor Swift could very well be the catalyst behind this selfie pose. Nobody can possibly be this excited. It doesn’t make any sense to be overly dramatic in a photo to this degree and we’re frankly not sure how anyone is buying it. The over-exaggerated expressions in these selfies are really annoying and so clearly not an honest depiction of the situation being captured in any given photo.

14 Fake Pout

Via Pinterest

Ah yes, the fake pout of a woman is something that no man wants to get involved with and no other woman cares to see. The question remains – why do girls do this? The fake pout is a bit too prominently featured and it annoys every onlooker. Nobody is fooled here – we all know your lips don’t usually look like that. Please stop the weirdness!

13 Bored Selfie

Via Pikdo

If you’re bored to this degree, please don’t take a photo to capture the moment. The world does not need to see your moments of boredom, folks. If that moment is boring for you, trust us when we say it is far more boring for us when we have to view it. There’s no real purpose for this photo – it’s better left untaken.

12 Bedfie

Via Instasaver

This just isn’t a flattering angle for most people. Yes, we know you’re lying in bed, and we’re sure it would be nice to cuddle with you. We just don’t need to see what it would look like to lay down with you, because we don’t plan on doing it. It’s such a strange and personal pose and we see no relevance in sharing it with anyone.

11 Phone In Photo

Via Newszii

Ok, we give it to JLo, she looks good in this photo. However, the Phone-In-Photo selfie can stop anytime now. Yes, it takes a little bit of talent to snap the perfect photo while keeping your phone in the frame, but we’re not sure why this is a desirable pose. It would be a bit more impressive without the phone in the frame, to be honest.

10 Fish Gape

Via Elle

Intended to be sultry, with the lips parted and the slightest hint of teeth showing, we think it just looks weird and unnatural. There’s nothing impressive about this, and it is so clearly posed and strategic that it looks incredibly over-done. Celebrities need to stop modeling like this so we can make it stop!

9 Hair Curtain

Via IZoom

Getting all snug with a friend is fun. However, intentionally smushing your faces together to ensure your hair is touching, and trying to form a “hair curtain” is a bit much. It would be far more attractive and interesting if the selfie showed raw emotion and captured a good time. This seems too posed.

8 Kiss Face

Via EnzaEssentials

Ah, the Kiss Face. This likely began way before the selfie craze did. Kissing the camera is not a new phenomenon, but the sheer frequency of Kissey-face-selfies is a bit annoying. It’s just a thought, but maybe it would be a good idea to save the kisses for someone you want to share them with in real life.

7 Strong Brow

Via Pinterest

This is a confusing trend. Clearly the brows in the photos are overdone and unnatural. It seems weird to want to flaunt something so obviously fake, but apparently this is a popular pose. Every celebrity seems to have a strong brow selfie as part of their collection, and this is how the trend begins…

6 Smize

Via Pinterest

Talk about a strategic pose! The Smize gained popularity after it was exploited by Trya Banks on America’s Next Top Model. It blends a closed-mouth half-smile with very sharp, poised eyes. The eye action is everything, and they are intended to really speak through the image. This would be far more impressive in person.

5 The Lean Down

Via Instyle

Call us crazy, but we don’t think we need to see a photo of what you look like when you’re leaning down onto a camera. This suggestive pose is designed for obvious reasons, but it’s so over-played that it no longer has any value. It would be much more effective if it wasn’t so over-used and, honestly, it doesn’t really capture everyone’s best angle anyway!

4 Squinching

Via TimesOfIndia

This goes against any advice that a professional photographer would ever give you. Squinting is not the greatest feature in a photo, but “squinching,” the new-age version of it, is apparently very “hot.” Intended to be a sultry squint, the idea is to pretend the sun is in your face, adjust your eyes accordingly, and snap a good pic. It seems to only work for professional models though.

3 Two-Handed

Via BusinessInsider

It doesn’t require two hands to take a selfie! This is a very strategic pose that is taking way more effort to achieve than it should. We’re not sure why someone’s two arms need to be on display from the elbow up in a photograph. The two-handed selfie can be trashed anytime, and we don’t think anyone will miss it.

2 Tongue Out

Via Reddit

The classic tongue-out selfie is sure to stick around for a while, as much as we wish it wouldn’t. It seems to be the most popular pose for anyone and everyone that is uncomfortable in a photo. When someone doesn’t know what to do, they tend to stick their tongues out as a weird compromise. When someone is taking a selfie, it’s not as though they are being forced into it so it shouldn’t be uncomfortable or awkward. The tongue can probably stay in your mouth.

1 Found My Light

Via The Sun

Yeah, lighting is everything in a photo. We all know that. We also know that if you spend an hour “finding your light” for the perfect selfie, that it will be obvious among the other million selfies you have that fully reveal all your blemishes and less desirable angles. Nobody is fooled by the perfectly lit selfie!

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