20 Pokemon Who Will Never Show Up In Another Pokemon Game

The Pokémon has grown to become one of the biggest franchises in the world. Since its introduction in the 90s, it has become a phenomenon. There are now dozens of games along with successful television shows, movies, comics, and other merchandise available for plans. The stars of this series are undoubtedly the Pokémon themselves.

So far, a total of 807 of these creatures have been introduced. With each new title that comes out, a new collection of Pokémon are released to the world. While there are many fan favorites that players want to see in every game, that isn’t always the case. In fact, there are a few that fans hate and will most likely not show up again in the future.

20 Alola Exeggutor

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Pokémon Sun & Moon also introduced an Alola variant of Exeggutor. The only difference is that with this version of the species, the Exeggutor has an outlandishly long neck. Its comical and looks completely nonsensical as if it had been done by mistake. This Pokémon is almost certain to be forgotten to the depths of time and stay forgotten.

19 Krabby

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Krabby is one of the original 151 Pokémon that showed up in Pokémon Red & Blue. With a goofy appearance and rather weak base stats, it is one of the most hated creatures from the first generation of games. So much so that it can rarely be found in the wild in subsequent sequels and would be a candidate to not show up in any future games.

18 Kricketot

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Kricketot is a bug type Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation IV in the games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It has an entirely unremarkable appearance and has not featured in a major role in any media since. There are so many interesting bug Pokémon to choose from, that picking Kricketot simply makes no sense, and it is unlikely to appear in future games.

17 Voltorb

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No one would want a Pokémon that simply looks like a Pokéball. Yet, Voltorb is exactly that. Not only does it have a very lazy design but it is also prone to blowing up randomly and damaging everything around it. The Pokémon even evolves into a worse looking creature in the form of Electrode.

16 Alola Sandslash

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Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced regional variants for the first time. These are essentially slightly altered versions of previously released Pokémon. One that is unlikely to show up again is Sandslash. While this creature looks pretty cool it really doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from the original form as the other Alola variants do.

15 Stunky

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As you might have guessed, Stunky is a Pokémon that is based on a real-life skunk. Its name is a combination of that genuine animal and the word stinky, giving an indication of what it is known to do out in the wild. Since its introduction in Pokémon Diamond, it has not shown up much and can usually only be traded into games rather than caught. This suggests it is likely to go missing in action at some point.

14 Exeggcute

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Imagine if the only Pokémon you owned was exeggcute. You’d almost certainly be incredibly frustrated and disappointed in the idea of being a Pokémon trainer. After all, exeggcute is just a collection of cracked eggs with eyes and mouths. There is nothing special about it and it should be dropped from the series entirely.

13 Unown

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Unown, which was introduced in Generation II, is a stupid looking Pokémon that resembles runes or letters. It has something special about it as it can come in 28 different variants, each appearing as a different shape. That means that to fully complete your Pokémon collection you would need all 28 of these pointless creatures.

12 Bidoof

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Normal type Pokémon found in the early parts of Pokémon games are often some of the most hated in the series. Bidoof is perhaps the prime example of this. It has no remarkable features and is just a plain, boring creature. Generation IV has plenty of Pokémon that fans don’t want to see again but this example is very high on that list.

11 Alola Raticate

Alola Raticate
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Although this Alola form of Raticate has access to some great moves, it has a truly awful design. Unlike the normal version of Raticate that looks fierce and powerful, this variant just looks stupid. It now has a gray color and cheeks that look like it has stuffed a large collection of food in its mouth for later.

10 Cascoon

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Much like earlier bug Pokémon like Metapod and Kakuna, Cascoon is an in-between creature. While the earlier versions were interesting Pokémon that would lead to powerful new creatures when they eventually evolve. That makes Casoon not only a very boring design but also lazy when you consider very similar Pokémon already exist.

9 Tauros

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There is nothing particularly special about Tauros. Not only is it completely unremarkable as far as Pokémon go as it also looks very much like a real-life bull. The only difference is that it has three tails. That isn’t enough of a change in terms of design to make Tauros an appealing Pokémon that should continue to feature in future titles.

8 Stunfisk

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Stunfisk was an attempt by the developers to create the thinnest ever Pokémon. Despite the fact that it is clearly a fish, it is actually ground and electric type Pokémon. First introduced in Generation V, most fans dislike it because of its bad design and the fact it looks so useless.

7 Smoochum

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It is little wonder that Smoochum was not exactly well-received by fans. The Pokémon is a pre-evolved form on Jynx, a Pokémon that caused a huge amount of controversy after its introduction in the first generation of games. This one might not be as offensive but is still creepy. After all, it is a human looking child creature that wants to kiss you.

6 Foongus

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First introduced in Generation V, Foongus is a grass and poison type Pokémon. This creature might have been a good indication that the developers were running out of ideas. It is simply a mushroom with a head that looks like a Pokéball. That design is so bland that Foongus does not deserve to appear in any other video games.

5 Burmy

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Burmy is unique among other Pokémon as it has three different forms that it can take. These depend on where the creature last battled, as it tries to cloak into the environment. The only problem is that all three of these variants are bland and uninspired. Fans hate it and it is unlikely to play a big role in any future games.

4 Gothita

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Pokémon that somewhat resemble human form always look a little bit creepy. This is even truer when the Pokémon appear to be childlike or babies in their appearance. Gothita is what might happen if a goth had a child and forced it to dress up like her all of the time. No wonder so many people hate it.

3 Alola Dugtrio

Alola Dugtrio
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The Alola form of Dugtrio is basically just what you would expect from the Pokémon if it had chosen to become a surfer dude. That’s appropriate considering Alola is based on Hawaii. Yet, no one really wants a Dugtrio with long blond flowing hair, meaning that this particular Pokémon is unlikely to show up again in any future games.

2 Trubbish

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Trubbish is a Pokémon whose name is highly appropriate. Not only is it made of rubbish but it also looks like trash as well. This is an unfortunate creature that doesn’t look cool or intimidating. Why anyone would choose to use this as a Pokémon they want to train up is baffling, as it should simply be left alone.

1 Luvdisc

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Luvdisc is potentially one of the most hated Pokémon in existence. Understanding why fans dislike it so much is not exactly difficult either. The water type Pokémon is basically what its name implies, a disc in the shape of a heart. Not only that but it is also incredibly weak and not a great choice for any trainer.

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