Pokemon: 20 Adult Jokes We Can’t Believe Made It Into The Show

Pokemon has become one of the most significant cultural phenomena over the last twenty years. Some people started playing the original games for the Game Boy and watched the TV cartoon series in the late 1990s, while others may have only recently discovered these cuddly critters existed as a result of the popular app Pokemon GO or the Ryan Reynolds movie Detective Pikachu.

Fans of the original cartoon, an anime series that was first broadcast in Japan in 1997 before soon spreading around the world, may remember it as an innocent show about a young Pokemon trainer, his Pikachu buddy and the human friends he makes on his way to becoming a Pokemon master.

However, there were more than a few risqué jokes hidden away in some of the gags in the Pokemon TV series and movies, as the list below illustrates!

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20 Strange Replies To James' Personal Ad

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We have already seen how James of Team Rocket is very happily in touch with his feminine side, but it seems there is more to his personal life than meets the eye. Upon seeing a large swirling group of Unown Pokemon, James’ response was to say that he hadn’t seen that many strange letters “since the last time I placed a personal ad”.

19 Team Rocket's Questionable Itching

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Team Rocket are the bad guys in the Pokemon anime, usually consisting of Jessie, James, and their Pokemon, Meowth. In season four, the human duo in Team Rocket urgently burst into a doctor’s office asking for something to stop their itching – although it is never clarified what part of their body is itching or why…

18 James' Fruity Moment

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While Team Rocket may be the villains of the piece, it does seem to be poor James who is on the receiving end of some of the most insulting lines. There are some questions about his sexuality, for a start, with Meowth sighing in the opening episode of season seven; “Guess we’re stuck with the fruit we already got.”

17 French Maids' Outfits In The Café

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If Ash and Brock come under fire for always drooling over the girls they meet, you could be forgiven for cutting them a little slack in the episode where they have to go undercover at a café – where the waitresses all happen to be wearing rather inappropriate French maids’ costumes. In fact, poor Ash ends up dressed in one himself as part of the team’s plan.

16 Smitten With Pokemon Trainer Giselle

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Casey is far from the only girl who attracts the attention of Ash and Brock. Beautiful Pokemon trainer Giselle also gets the boys hot under the collar, with Brock clearly day-dreaming about playing teacher when he says to himself "She can violate my rights if…” before being mercifully interrupted by Misty.

15 Boys Will Be Boys - Ash And Brock Alone

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Most of the time when Ash is on his quest to become a Pokemon trainer, he is usually accompanied by at least one female friend. But when he and Brock run into each other an episode of the Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl series, they find themselves all alone, and things soon take an odd turn when Brock proclaims that the guys are going to do what they gotta do with or without a girl.

14 Your First Pokemon Is Always Special

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The opening episode of the Pokemon series saw Ash given a Pikachu to train – and he always had a soft spot for the little creature. In fact, it seems that every trainer thinks back fondly to their first Pokemon. Although in one conversation on the subject, it could easily have seemed as though the characters were discussing a different kind of first time.

13 James Enters A Beauty Contest

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It seems that cross-dressing is a regular theme in the Pokemon series. Not only did Ash dress up as a French maid but James, the male half of Team Rocket, was also seen in a rather revealing bikini when he and Jessie entered a beauty contest, complete with an inflatable chest – which made poor Misty green with envy.

12 Bikini-Clad Misty "Fun In Five Years"

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Misty also entered the beauty contest in episode Beauty and the Breeder and though she may not have been able to compete with James’ pneumatic bosom, she did manage to attract the attention of a rather creepy old guy on the beach. Which is even creepier when you remember that Misty is just a teenager.

11 Bad Case Of The Crabbies

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One gag from the Pokemon 2000 movie which would have gone over the heads of most of its younger viewers took place in a restaurant, where Ash, Brock, and Misty were dining – only for one of the other patrons to say quite loudly “No, but I have the crabbies”. It might sound like they were referring to the Krabby Pokemon, but moms and dads would have known better.

10 Nurse Joy In Brock's Dreams

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The various Nurse Joys are truly the pin-ups of the Pokemon world – so it is hardly surprising that lady’s man Brock has a bit of a crush on the character. In fact, at one point he is sound asleep and obviously enjoying a very vivid dream about one of them, as he is seen to snuggling into his pillow telling Nurse Joy just how much he loves her.

9 James Comes Out Of The Closet

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It’s a good job that young Pokemon fans don’t understand some of the slang terms that are bandied around when the other characters are talking about James of Team Rocket. In one scene, James makes a grand entrance in a colorful costume that Meowth rather cattily suggests must have come “right out of his closet”.

8 In His Very Own "Flaming" Costume

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Not only did James’ outlandish threads come out of his very own closet but the colorful costume – designed to represent a Moltres Pokemon – was even described a “flaming” in the episode in question. A word that has two very different meanings, depending on how sophisticated your sense of humor is.

7 Ash’s Dodgy Cynthia Fantasy

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Ash has a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to the ladies of the Pokemon world, and it seems that every week he has found a new girl to fall head over heels in love with. In one episode, Brock and Ash met Cynthia, a blonde bombshell with a love of ice cream – and Ash was fantasizing about what it would be like if he was to replace the cone she was licking….

6 Ampharos Getting Friendly With The Mareep

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While most of the adult jokes on this list were clearly aimed at parents watching the show with their kids, or perhaps to stop the writers from going insane, the shot of an Ampharos apparently getting a little up close and personal with a Mareep was more likely to be an innocent mistake that no-one spotted until it was too late.

5 Time To Go Straight, James?

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As if it wasn’t enough that James has been described as fruity and flaming, as well as coming out of his closet, the Pokemon creators even managed to have him crack a joke at his own expense in an episode in the first season called The Water Flowers of Cerulean City, when he suggested that he might want to give up a life of crime and “go straight”.

4 James And The Carnivine

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Even when James had an unfortunate encounter with a Carnivine – a Pokemon which looks like a Venus Fly Trap – he ends up protesting too much. When his Carnivine clamps down on his head, James scolds the errant Pokemon that he is “not a piece of fruit”, recalling Meowth’s bar from earlier in the same episode.

3 Poor Brock's Professor Ivy Shame

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It’s a toss-up as to whether Brock or Ash is the biggest ladykiller in the Pokemon universe – but if Brock’s experience with professor Ivy is anything to go by, it may be that he has lost the title to his younger pal! Any time her name is mentioned, poor Brock just dissolves into a ball of shame, almost as if to suggest that he has something to be embarrassed about?

2 Always Pays To Have Protection

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Children’s TV programs are the perfect place to stick a couple of double entendres. After all, most of the audience is going to be too young to realize anyone has even made a joke, let alone that it might be a bit on the adult side. The moment in the Pokemon episode when Team Rocket wins a rare victory, crying out in delight that “it pays to have protection” is just one such gag!

1 Even Brock Knows When Girls Are Too Young

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The two main male characters in the show are Ash and Brock, and it’s fair to say that both have an eye for the ladies. When the duo meets young girl Casey, a fellow trainer, Brock is heard to observe “That Casey is going to be a very interesting young lady.” At least he realizes when girls are too young for him!

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