20 Pokemon Cosplay Mashups That Are Super Weird...And Absolutely Brilliant

One cannot throw a stone at a comic book or sci-fi convention without hitting a Pokemon cosplayer. Whether it’s the classic looks of the characters or attempts at “sexy” versions, cosplayers go wild bringing Pokemon to life in unique ways. They run the gamut from making them modern to some sort of warriors and it always looks terrific. But some cosplayers take the extra step by mixing their Pokemon with characters from some other famous property and the results can be amazing.

It can be a Disney character simply dressed like a trainer or a Pokemon. It can flip the other way to make the Pokemon look like some sort of character from another property. Some are famous mashups with Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and more. But the most imaginative are lesser-known properties that still work great in a cosplay mashup. Here are 20 incredible Pokemon cosplay mashups to astound on how inventive people can be.

20 Jedi Sylveon


This Pokemon is best known for her fun charm, lovely pink costume and a soothing aura that puts opponents at ease. This would actually make her totally logical for a Jedi. This cosplayer is brilliant crafting Jedi robes in the pink and white colors as well as boots and gloves straight out of the saga and even the ears look perfect too. To top it all off is the pink-colored lightsaber that caps off a Pokemon who’d fit in well in a galaxy far, far away.

19 Who You Gonna Call?


It’s amazing there hasn’t been a Ghostbusters/Pokemon crossover comic book story. It would make sense, the Busters finding themselves in this world and mistaking the creatures for monsters they have to catch. Somesayimmodest does a fun job showcasing that with a great Busters outfit and the wonderful touch of the “streams” blasting out of his gun to capture such a creature. The Pikachu at his belt and the Ash cap on his head top it off to show the Busters could have been great “catching them all.”

18 Scout’s Honor


Besides Pokemon, one of the most famous anime of the ‘90s was Sailor Moon. It’s loved for the beautiful Sailor Scouts and fans have enjoyed mashing them up with other properties. It thus makes sense to have the Eveee as the Scouts in their various colors and unique ears. The great touches (Umberon with her huge moon staff and the specialized wands) make it stand out even more for a terrific mixing of two beloved anime shows.

17 Fairest Of Them All


A very popular image of fanart showed Disney Princesses reimagined as Pokemon trainers. It’s only natural it included the very first Disney Princess, Snow White. Given her love of nature, she actually fits into the property better than other Disney ladies do. Snow White’s usual lovely dress is made more modern and a cool urban look to make her hunting Pokemon better. The cosplayer also has a fun look on her face. All she needs are seven little Pokemon following her around to make it perfect.

16 Master of Dragons


It’s amazing there aren’t more Pokemon/Game of Thrones cosplay mashups. It just makes some sense with the dragon characters and the fantasy setting so one would think there’d be a lot. Instead, the most notable is this version of Ash by Shaylor Duranleau. It has him as a trainer who specializes in dragons instead of regular Pokemon and a look showing a rough past. The small dragons on his shoulders add to it and while he’s more covered up than most Games characters, it’s a cool merging of fandoms.

15 Rocket Trooper


Team Rocket are pretty much the main bad guys of the Pokemon world with their desire to control Pokemon while Jessie and James just want to show up other trainers. This cosplayer had the idea of a Stormtrooper as a Team Rocket member and it’s a wild look. The helmet is redone to match a Meowth and the “R” logo on the white armor stands out. The guy looks like he’s having a good time with a mashup that shows Team Rocket can use some cannon fodder. Let’s just hope his aim is better than most stormtroopers.

14 This...Is...Sinnoh!


While it was a historical event, the famous last stand of the 300 Spartans is best known by the comic book/movie 300. This pack of cosplayers does a stunning job mixing Pokemon with the armor of the warriors. There are great touches like the shields bearing each Pokemon’s symbol and the variety of spears and other weapons. It takes a lot to look incredibly intimidating in a rainbow of colors and big ears but these guys pull it off.

13 Go Go Pokemon


There are many similarities between Pokemon and Power Rangers. They’re both long-running franchises, both have caused wild chaos at toy stores and both have passionate fan bases. So linking them together makes total sense. This pack of friends agreed by showing up as Mega Garchomp, Mega Scizor, Mega Charizard X, Mega Rayquaza, and Magikarp. Each is a terrific mix of the original Pokemon and Power Ranger armor and the group went all out posing together as a team. Here’s a crossover just waiting to happen.

12 Under the Sea


Cosplay Gale actually apologized online for her attempt to have the beloved heroine of The Little Mermaid as a Pokemon trainer, claiming she had to put it together too fast. However, it’s really a good outfit, capturing Ariel's purple top and aqua shorts as well as that lush red hair. The idea of Flounder as her Pokemon is just genius and her bright smile is infectious. She may not have a tail but this Ariel is ready to swim around to get her Pokemon.

11 Darth Chu


Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, the most feared being in his galaxy, a man whose very name causes Imperial officers to break into cold sweats. In other words, the last guy you’d expect to wear Pikachu colors. Yet Mama Bear actually makes this offbeat idea work with the huge ears and yellow colors attached to Vader’s usual armor. That it still manages to look quite imposing is a testament to the power of the Dark Side.

10 Bring the War


Pikachu is a cute and cuddly character, a guy fans adore for his spirit and quirkiness. He’s not someone you’d expect to see as a monstrous armored figure. Which is why it’s incredible how Sunday Cosplay pulled off this truly epic armor of Pikachu like a character from Warhammer 40K. It was the hit of the 2014 Australian Supanova Pop Culture Expo with fans going wild posing with it. The sheer effort making this work is as impressive as the idea of Pikachu weilding a huge hammer into battle.

9 Mega Blast

Nerd Caliber

It’s always fun to see a cosplay mashup that goes all out on detail. Here’s a great example as this cosplayer put Blastoise together with the beloved video game hero Mega Man. It works thanks to the complex armor and the touches of Blastoise’s gold platings on Mega Man’s blue armor. Dollicious Cosplay (as Spider Gwen) looks impressed herself at this very excellent armored suit ready to bring the fight to any situation.

8 Another Kind of Ash

T Kirk Photography

Usually, it’s the Pokemon themselves who get the fun mashups of fans mixing the creatures with various fandoms. But this cosplayer takes the idea of the most famous trainer mixed with another Ash. Specifically, Bruce Campbell’s chainsaw-handed warrior from the classic Evil Dead series. It actually works out well with the huge chainsaw in one hand, a ball in the other and a tough expression that looks ready to attack. Should an undead uprising happen in the Pokemon world, Ash is ready to live up to his namesake.

7 Yellow Joy


There had actually been a long history of Pokemon fans crossing the beloved Pikachu with Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth. That just increased when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would voice the character in Detective Pikachu. So you have ideas like this with a Deadpool wearing solid yellow with a few additions. The idea Deadpool could just decide to wear this outfit after all for the heck of it increases the fun and why these mashups work so well.

6 Woba Fett


Boba Fett has been a standard for cosplayers since his very first appearance. Fans just can’t get enough of this cool bounty hunter mixed with other fandoms. Here, a fan has the imaginative idea of crossing Fett with Wobbuffett. Sure, turning the goofy character into a tough fighter is offbeat but it works as the armor looks terrific and the color scheme well done. It showcases a fun look at the bounty hunter in any setting.

5 Sailor Trainers


This fun mix of Sailor Moon and Pokemon has the idea of the Sailor Scouts as the trainers. Felicia Dark, AlyKat and Pudding Cosplay worked with others to craft the outfits, showcasing each Scout in her own personality (Jupiter more adventurous while Mars more intense) and Moon herself making sure if all works. The group clearly are having a good time selling the friendship of the Scouts and how that bond could have made them a terrific pack of Trainers.

4 Pika-Pool


Whenever fans do a Deadpool/Pikachu mashup, it usually involves simply having Deadpool’s costume colored a bright yellow. But idieotics goes on step further by perfectly replicating the popular statue of Pikachu in Deadpool’s red and black colors. It nails the entire vibe with the goofy pose, the ears sticking up and the idea that this is a guy not playing with a full deck. It’s a terrific outfit that merges these two Ryan Reynolds characters into one fun package.

3 The Valkyries Ride


Getting together so many famous cosplayers at once is one thing. Having them playing Pokemon as powerful Valkyrie warriors is mind-blowing. In case you’re wondering, Eevee is cosplayed by Becka Noel, Jessica Nigri is Jolteon, Hooked on Phoenix as Umbreon, Leafeon by Lyz Brickley, Andy Rae as Vaproeon, Espeon by Danielle Beaulieu, Flareon by Joanna Mari, Glaceon by Caroline Dawe, and Gladyz Kei is Sylveon. They all combine into a force no one would want to mess with.

2 Fantasy Ahoy


Pokemon has always had a fantasy setting despite some sci-fi edges. So why not go all out by mixing them with characters from the classic Final Fantasy series? This group did, identifying the mashups as “Warrior + Garchomp, Thief + Leafeon, White Mage + Sylveon, Dragoon + Charizard, and Time Mage + Slowking." It’s very good mixing the characters up in inventive ways with the terrific costuming and accessories to make for a true fantasy epic.

1 Fury Pokemon


It may be disturbing but it’s also very impressive how some cosplayers decided to mix together Pokemon characters with those of Mad Max Fury Road. A female Immortan Joe is already a wild sight but one dressed as Ash with a Pikachu wrapped in tough armor is something else. There’s also a Nux bearing a red Pokemon logo on his chest and a “Team Valhalla” sign. It looks crazy but it’s sure a mashup one has to witness.

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