Plastic Or Not: 15 Famous Faces That Are Unsolved Mysteries

It’s 2018, do you know if your favorite celebrity’s face is a 100% real? Funny puns aside, it’s like the more time passes, the more advanced selfies get, and the more we all need to blur and hide. Thankfully there are countless apps these days that let us edit our images—unfortunately some of us go too far beyond recognition. The same can be argued for celebs. But instead of filters and beautifying apps they are taking a more permanent, or at least semi-permanent, approach.

Injections and surgery are very common in Hollywood. Can you blame these starlets? Celebs have long blamed the press and public for putting unbelievable pressures on them, and they kind of have the right. We’re mad when they get something done to their face to ‘perfect’ it, and we’re mad when they don’t get something fixed. It’s a vicious cycle.

Really, who cares what people do to their faces and bodies so long as they’re happy with their choices, right? The more disturbing part of all of this is not the ever changing faces of some of our favorite celebrities, but the fact that they lie about the work that they’ve had done. There’s only so much change that can happen through the power of makeup. And denying it sets a horrible example for those going through similar struggles with accepting their natural looks. Here are some faces that we just can’t seem to decide on whether they are real or fake.

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15 Kylie Jenner Went From Plane Jane To Full Lipped Beauty

Daily Express

Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing face has been a topic of speculation since she transformed into a social media queen years ago. We barely recognized her as the awkward teen that occasionally appeared on the family show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Today, she’s back in hiding again, but only because she’s hiding a not so secret pregnancy for some reason, or so everyone says.

After about a year of lying that she was over lining her shockingly full lips, Kylie finally admitted to getting lip fillers. But that’s as far as her admission went. Despite the fact that everything from her jawline to her nose seems to have changed over the years, Kylie hasn’t copped to any other surgical enhancements. The youngest Jenner has gone through a lot of changes that goes far past puberty and growing pains, but isn’t admitting to going under the knife for any of it.

14 Khloe Kardashian: The New 'Hottest' Kardashian Sister


Are any of the Kardashian’s faces real? This list is full of them because all of the ladies seem to thank the use of great makeup techniques for their incredibly different faces over the years. Khloe has said over and over that her body and face have changed so much thanks to her latest love of fitness. Losing weight can really change your face, but so much so that you look totally renewed and different?

Definitely not! Khloe admitted on a talk show a couple of years ago that she had hidden the fact from everyone that she had face fillers. The fillers affected her badly, causing her smile to look really weird, which made her realize it was a big mistake. She claimed that she had the filler dissolved and never got them again, but hasn’t admitted to any other work.

13 Kim Zolciak Biermann Is A Firm Denier Who's Definitely Changed

Radar Online

Liar, liar pants on fire much? Kim Zolciak rose to fame on the Real Housewives of Atlanta where she was constantly judged for wearing a terrible wig for absolutely no reason other than she actually thought that it looked good. So much about Kim’s face and body has changed that, let’s face it, could only be a product of a fantastic plastic surgeon. However, Kim claims everything is still real…with the exception of her lip fillers which she finally admitted to after years of speculation.

Kim, we get it. You wanted to look good, and so do the rest of us. But why lie when the evidence is right in front of our eyes? It just seems gross and untrustworthy to lie to your fans about changes you’ve elected to go through.

12 Britney Spears: Age Or Just Good Doctors?


Britney has admitted to getting her chest enhanced, but what else could possibly be different? Many have said that she may have gotten a nose job. Her nose now looks much slimmer than it did years ago. However, she claims that it is just a good contour. This could actually be true, but still, the change is pretty significant.

Some professional surgeons have commented that her nose could have changed through a liquid nose job, which is very easy to accomplish and provides a very delicate change. However, Britney still seems to look quite youthful! The ‘before’ image was taken a little over a decade ago, and she’s barely changed. This leads me to believe that she may have had her fair share of Botox.

11 Mariah Carey Refuses To Acknowledge The Subtle Changes

Plastic Surgery Gossip

Our favorite diva, Mariah Carey has gotten much older since debuting in the spotlight, and yet, she’s managed to remain looking quite youthful. Could the secret to Mimi’s youthful looks just be a very trustworthy doctor? The answer is probably yes. Mariah’s nose seems to be slimmer than ever, and it seems as though she may have had lip injections on her top lip to even them out.

Botox can also be a major possibility considering that not a single wrinkle is visible. OR maybe it was good genes, but the former seems to be more common in the land of Hollywood. Mariah alleges her constant weight fluctuation is to blame for her changing appearance, but it looks like it could be more than that.

10 Kim Kardashian Blames It On The Contour Trend

OK! Magazine

Will the real Kim Kardashian please stand up? Kim has blamed bad skin and horrible tans on her previous appearance. Over the years the changes to Kim’s face have been astounding, but she claims that she’s never gone under the knife. Should we believe her? I certainly don’t, does anyone else?

Kim has taken to social media countless times to show us her incredible, and sometimes complicated, makeup routine that results in her sculpted face. However, it still leaves us reeling: so much is still different about Kim with or without makeup. She doesn’t even look like the same person. Many speculate that she had her nose shortened, which actually makes sense. A nose tweak can really make someone look totally different. There are also rumors that Km had her jaw shaved considering it’s much tinier than it used to be.

9 Bella Hadid Looks Like a Completely Different Person Since The Start Of Her Modeling Career


There is no denying that Bella Hadid’s appearance has totally been transformed. Was some doppelganger with slightly different features sent to secretly replace her? It’s either that or Bella totally had surgery to change up her look to fit her supermodel lifestyle. You have to be blind, or in complete denial, to say that she hasn’t changed.

Clearly, she now looks like she has a top lip, so lip injections seem to have been used to even her mouth out. It also looks like the tip of her nose is now turned up rather than dangling down. There is also something off about her smile. It’s like she can’t quite turn her lips at the corner all of the way. That is a common side effect of Botox, Hollywood’s favorite.

8 Jessia Alba May Have Been Blessed With Good Genes and Rhinoplasty

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gossip

It seems that rhinoplasty is the way to go in Hollywood. If something changes on someone’s face, often times it’s their nose. But it’s probably because a new nose can really shift the heck out of a face! After all, it’s at the center of everything, so of course, a nose job is a quick way to change up everything else. Let’s stop right here and say that, yes, Jessica Alba looks incredible!

Has she really even changed over the years? Not very much. People have often speculated that Jessica’s face has changed a lot, but only in a very subtle way and it’s probably do to a very small nose job. Her nose seems much slimmer, and a bit more defined. This could also be due to some contour, but it looks very different from years ago.

7 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Entirely Changed Her Appearance Over The Years


I can’t even bring myself to call this woman Snooki because they just look like completely different people. Since her debut on Jersey Shore, Nicole has completely changed. Of course, she’s made many changed in her life. Over the years she’s lost a lot of weight thanks to intense workouts, and thankfully has stopped over tanning.

Because of the extreme changes, Nicole has been called out for possibly getting a bunch of plastic surgery done and not copping to it. However, she’s denied them all, insisting that her incredible change of lifestyle has led her body and face to change a lot. I’ve got to say, she could totally be telling the truth. It does seem like her sudden slim down has caused her face to change in all of the right ways.

6 Iggy Azalea Constantly Denies A Rumored Nose Job

Beauty Editor

Iggy has been involved in a lot of controversies, but one that is constantly coming up is the rapper’s face. She’s admitted to getting implants, and loving them. However, Iggy claims that the rest of her body is all real, including her famously large rear end. The vote is still out on that, but one thing that has left the rest of us wondering if her nose.

Iggy clearly has a slight, natural bump on her nose in the original image taken just a couple of years ago. However, today her nose looks like she had the bump shaved off. Like many other celebs, Iggy alleges her makeup artist does a mean contour to straighten out her nose. However, it’s pretty clear that bumps don’t just totally disappear under any kind of makeup.

5 Jessica Simpson Blames Her Changing Face On Weight Fluctuation


Like Jessica, who else suffers from constant weight fluctuation? If you do, then you know how carrying some weight in your face can tend to change up how you look. Over time, Jessica’s face has changed here and there, but she hasn’t admitted to getting any actual surgery done. Her unsteady weight is the reason you may think that her face is changing up every now and then.

Previously, Jessica clearly had lip injections that she repeatedly denied. However, they seem to have dissolved now, for the better. It may just be that poor Jessica is like the rest of us—experiencing varied weight changes that tend to mess with her face. Everything else seems to look the same whether or not she’s gained or lost weight.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow Admits To Getting Botox, But What Else Is She Hiding?


Once upon a time, Gwyneth Paltrow confessed to getting Botox injections. However, she claimed that she hated the effect that they had on her face. Yes, her face was much smoother. However, it kept her from moving a lot of her face the way she felt that she needed to in order to react to scenes as an actress. I’m sure many other actors and actresses can relate.

What else could Gwyn have gotten done to her face? These days her smile isn’t quite complete. Maybe Botox remained in her beauty regimen, but only in certain places like around her smile line. There has also been hearsay claiming that Gyn had rhinoplasty. The difference isn’t very obvious in these images, but she previously had a tiny bump on the bridge of her nose that has now vanished.

3 Victoria Beckham Seems A Little Too Ageless


How many celebrities actually have good genes? It seems more evident now than ever that people are going under the knife to make adjustments here and there to remain youthful. Is Victoria Beckham actually one of the few people in this world blessed with great genes? Maybe. Did her mother age this great as well?

Her left eye seems a bit higher than her right, which is often an effect of too much Botox in a bad area. That explains her even and smooth complexion. I wouldn’t jump the gun on her having a nose job either. It seems a tiny bit thinner at the bridge. That could also be just a makeup effect. See, that is the kind of subtle change that makeup can have, not major rhinoplasty-like effects.

2 Halle Berry Still Looks As Good As She Did 30 Years Ago


Another celebrity that most likely had a nose job, and yet never commented on it, could be Halle Berry. Again, let’s take a moment to recognize just how beautiful and incredible that woman looks. She hasn’t changed very much at all over the years. The only thing that seems to have changed is her hair…and her nose.

Halle looks flawless, but as you can see in the image her nose has become just the slightest bit thinner at the bridge. This could be due to some rhinoplasty, or just a very good contour and nice lighting. Her eyes do seem to be higher under her brows as well. Professionals have suggested that it could just be a result of years of Botox. But everything else seems to check out.

1 Cher: The Timeless Beauty Cops To Surgery But We're Not Sure What's Still Real


We look to Cher for all things hilariously democrat, as well as looking unbelievable at the age of 71. At least Cher has admitted that she’s gone under the knife here and there to keep up with Hollywood’s ever-growing list of beauty demands. Thanks for keeping it real Cher!

Er, well, what exactly is real on Cher? We can’t seem to figure out all of the surgery and minor injections that she’s had over the years. I don’t think Cher even knows exactly what’s she had done or how many ties herself. Let’s just say that it has been a lot. Botox is, of course, necessary to keep her face smooth, but a nose job could have also happened at one point. Her nose is much slimmer now.

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