Places In Vancouver That Reveal Why Everyone Should Travel There (20 Photos)

If you aren't one of the two million people lucky enough to call this coastal city home, you need to see these pictures of Vancouver, located in British Columbia right next to the lush Pacific ocean. With its panoramic views, tepid climate, and rich culture, Vancouver is renowned as both a popular tourist attraction and a breathtaking city to live in. It has hundreds, if not thousands, of photo-worthy places to frequent. Vancouver is proud to be one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse locations in the country, with 52 percent of the total population speaking a first language other than English. Diversity is a part of what makes this city such a fascinating place to visit!

As one of the world's greenest cities, the beauty of Stanley Park, Gastown, and English Bay, are just the icing on the cake as far as Vancouver is considered. If you dig a little deeper, you'll find a floral heaven in Queen Elizabeth Park or you can visit Quarry Rock. From the newest innovations in the world to a 32 million-year-old sea stack, this city is yours to discover, and there is enough beauty to fill your social media feed for a lifetime. Here are 20 picture-worthy places in Vancouver that reveal why everyone should travel to this coastal city.

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20 The Gastown Steam Clock Is Iconic


Gastown is rich with history as it was the first downtown core of Vancouver over one hundred years ago. Built in 1977, the steam clock located here is one of only a few left in the world, which might be why it is such a popular tourist location. If you go to Gastown, you have to steal a snap beside this iconic piece of history. It might be the second steam clock constructed in the entire world. A couple times an hour, you can spot this clock whistling and shooting steam from its five whistles.

19 The Magical Lynn Canyon Park Is The Gem Of North Vancouver


Whether you're looking for a leisurely hike or a quick dip in one of its many swimming holes, the beauty of this park makes it worth the trek. With over 600 acres to explore, including a suspension bridge surrounded by 100-year-old trees, this park will bring you the whole 'Beautiful British Columbia' feel. An ecology center can also offer you some historical information and souvenirs, but let's be honest; one of the most magical parts of this park is the unbelievable Instagram pictures you can take her. Aesthetic, fun, and outdoors? Heck yes.

18 Find The Best View From The Lion's Gate Bridge


That is indeed Stanley Park you can see from the Lion's Gate. This suspension bridge that stretches over the Burrard inlet offers supreme sunset views you won't find anywhere else. Designated a national historic site of Canada, it's beautiful views of hundreds of ships passing through the inlet will help subdue your frustration when you find yourself stuck on the bridge for an hour during rush hour. Hey, at least you get sights like this! Whether you're looking for a romantic moment or photos like this to share on Instagram, the Lion's Gate bridge is a place you must visit.

17 You'll Want To Spend Your Summer At English Bay


Connected to the beautiful Stanley Park Seawall, English Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver as it is nestled right beside the downtown core. From volleyball courts to kayak rentals to a beautiful sandy beach with stunning views, locals and tourists alike flock to this gorgeous location. With restaurants located along the stretch, you can choose between driftwood beach seats or a patio table to enjoy the sunshine. Sure, it might be a little touristy, but if you don't live by an ocean, this is beach will make you want to move out to the coast.

16 ... And You Might Even Want To Stay By English Bay All Year Round


Aerial views are always more beautiful, don't you think? Do you want to know what some of the English Bay visitors have to say?

"Full of happiness. English Bay is one of the most attractive places in Vancouver and it is a well- known beach due to its energetic environment. It is very adorable (especially when it is warm) and you can take a sunbath, play with your friends, read a book, swim in the ocean or do nothing at all." - TripAdvisor review by Amirfarrokhi

A place that looks like this tends to make you feel overwhelmed by happiness... so I must agree!

15 Quarry Rock Showcases The Beauty Of This City & All Of Its Nature


In recent years, this gorgeous "hidden gem" has become a bit of a tourist nightmare, but that doesn't mean you can't skip the tourist crowds and jump right into the role of local expert. Avoiding this park on busy days and during peak season means you'll be offered a lush, easy hike that will immerse you into the world of British Columbia's rainforests. If you want to be a real expert in avoiding the crowds, sneak over to Mt. Seymour Road and use the leisurely, reclusive trails that lead straight to Quarry Rock without any of the crowds.

14 The Capilano Suspension Bridge Is Popular For Obvious Reasons


As one of the leading attractions in the province, it is easy to see why: there is so much to see from this height! At 450 ft (137m) long and 230 ft (70m) high, this wobbly bridge is over 100 years old and offers a bit of a thrill while dousing you in the beauty of Vancouver's scenery. If you've ever wanted to walk through the treetops, now is your chance. Find yourself a guided tour or traipse it on your own; who knows what you'll spy when you're this high in the sky.

13 Obviously, Visiting Stanley Park Is A Must


Stanley Park is world famous, so if you visit Vancouver without spending a day at this famous place, you're missing out. With several landmarks situated around the park, Siwash Rock, pictured above, might be the most intriguing. Siwash Rock is a 32 million-year-old sea stack (rock outcropping) sprouting up from the water just off the seawall. While it might not look like anything special initially, given its eye-popping age, it is a fascinating spectacle to spot on your walk. Stanley Park is larger than Central Park, so there is plenty more to see than this!

12 Downtown Is Always Buzzing With Life


With tons of live entertainment, events, and shows, the downtown core is always buzzing with thousands of people traipsing around the city. There is always plenty to see in Vancouver, which is why so many people are always out and about. A city framed by mountains always has a lingering sense of nature even in the heart of the downtown skyscrapers. Whether you want to dance all night at one of the dozens of award-winning clubs or shop till you drop at the hundreds of intriguing boutiques, downtown has everything you're looking for... and more.

11 Property Is Expensive, But At Least You Can Admire It


While it is next to impossible to find a house in Vancouver (even a run down fixer upper) for less than a million dollars, you don't need a million dollars to visit the city and walk through the stunning neighborhoods. You can make this place your retirement goal, right? You can discover these cute little houses in Kitsilano, also known as the "Kits". Lingering near English Bay, it might be one of the most coveted neighborhoods in the city, and these adorable houses are the perfect example as to why it is so popular.

10 Take A Seabus To Get To The Lonsdale Quay Market


Hop on a seabus in downtown and it will float you to a culinary must-see in Vancouver. Filled with eateries and market shops featuring local, unique, and fresh food, this place has tons of picturesque restaurants to eat at with photo-worthy food. You'll be able to fill up your Instagram feed with food from here without a hitch. Whether you're looking for wines from local vineyards, seafood from right off the docks, or fresh fruit, this is an experience you can only have in Vancouver; where else will you find a beautiful market right on the calm coast water?

9 Swing Over To The Granville Harbour To Observe This Beautiful View


This beautiful sight is the Burrard Street Bridge, and you can spot this stunning evening scene from Granville Island at the Public Market.

"Something special does seem to happen when you take that first step onto Granville Island. Despite being home to 300 businesses, studios and facilities, the destination still retains an old-fashioned, timeless feeling."Tourism Vancouver

Filled with hundreds of shops, delicious food, and distinctive street music, Granville Island is a gem of Vancouver that everyone must visit. The view of the bridge is only the cherry on top of traveling to this picture-worthy destination.

8 The Seawall Is An Example Of Why They Call It Beautiful British Columbia


Walk by the ocean under the cotton candy clouds, and you'll feel like you're in a dream world. It is the world's longest uninterrupted waterfront pathway, and it all began over 100 years ago when construction of the stunning walkway first commenced. Spending sunny days beside the Pacific ocean will offer you a feeling that only the Vancouver locals will understand; the ocean is our home, but it could be yours too. Experience this pleasant walk and the seawall could become your favorite place in all of Vancouver. Bring comfortable walking shoes!

7 Is That You, Science World?


If you spot the Science World building on the horizon, you'll be able to snap photos like this one; obviously, this is social media-worthy, and if you travel to Vancouver, there's no reason you can't grab a shot like this too. If you actually want to go to Science World, however, that is a whole other thrilling experience entirely. Filled with tons of interactive exhibits that linger there all year long (and other more exclusive exhibits you might be lucky enough to catch), Science World will be a day trip you won't regret.

6 There's No Doubt Vancouver Is Beautiful All Year Long


It doesn't matter what time of year you want to visit this coastal city. These bright autumn colors are a sight you'll see everywhere in the city during the fall months; as one of the greenest cities in the world, September turns it into a city of red, orange, and yellow. While it will be cheapest to travel during the winter months, don't fret; sure, Canada is known for its snow, but Vancouver might be hit with snowfall only once during the entire winter... sometimes not at all. Pack your umbrellas, however, because it is always raining!

5 Are You Interested In A Cherry Blossom Festival?


Autumn might be orange, but springtime fills the city with pretty pink blossoms! Vancouver celebrates this sign of springtime by turning it into a romantic festival, as these cherry trees are everywhere in the city. Enjoy a cute picnic in the park surrounded by locals and tourists alike celebrating the blooming season and gorgeous scenery. Even if you don't want to participate in the festivities, simply walking around the city is enough to celebrate this festival - you'll love walking beneath these breathtaking blossoms no matter where you go! It certainly is a time for love.

4 Find Post-Worthy Shots At Queen Elizabeth Park


A popular place for weddings due to the floral backdrop, it is also the perfect place for you to find your new profile picture.

"The 52-hectare park is home to the stunning Bloedel Conservatory. There is also a gorgeously landscaped quarry garden, the arboretum with its collection of exotic and native trees, sculptures including one by internationally renowned artist Henry Moore, and diverse recreational offerings such as tennis, lawn bowling, and pitch & putt. The park is also the perfect setting for fine dining at Seasons in the Park, a picnic or stargazing!" - excerpt from Vancouver.ca

Next stop on your destination list? Heck yes.

3 Canada Place Is Situated Directly On The Water Front


Some of the biggest events in Canada are held here, but it is a waterfront walk that you should definitely see if you visit Vancouver. This harbor national landmark holds the biggest celebration in Canada (besides in Ottawa) for the July 1st Canada Day celebrations every year, so if you want to come for a huge, entertaining event, plan your trip for early July. You can also enjoy the ocean view and watch cruise ships dock at Canada Place, where some of the most exclusive cruise ships in the world stop for a quick visit. Will your cruise take you to Canada Place?

2 At The End Of The Day, Stanley Park Is Still Bound To Be Your Favorite Place When It Offers These Views


Along with sunrise views like this against the cusp of the water, there are several landmarks that make Stanley Park fascinating. While Siwash Rock has already been mentioned, there is also Lost Lagoon, marked by a vibrant fountain where many species of birds find sanctuary.

There is also the world famous Hollow Tree, which is approximately 700 - 800 years old. If you dive into the history of this tree, you'll see people from decades past posing in the tree along with vehicles and even elephants. If you're lucky enough, you can even explore the likes of Prospect Point and The Lighthouse... you can spend all day at this beautiful park.

1 Are You Ready To Book Your Tickets?


Vancouver is full of Indigenous artwork, including these beautiful totem polls that can also be located in Stanley Park. Just how popular are these masterpieces? The nine totem poles at Brockton Point are BC's most visited tourist attraction according to Vancouver.ca - regardless of which stunning aspect of this coastal city appeals to you, however, booking your tickets to Vancouver is a must at least once in your lifetime. If you're lucky enough to call this city home, you know how fortunate you are to live beneath the umbrella of Beautiful British Columbia, but these photo-worthy places are just a few examples of why you should travel here.

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