Pixelated Hair Is An Innovative And Stunning Way To Express Yourself Through Your 'Do

If you happen to be bored with your plain image-free hair, you just may want to jump on the trend of pixelated hair that is currently sweeping social media.

This might go without saying but experimenting with pixelated hair is something that is best left to brave souls. That being said, it may take a while to track down a stylist who is equally as brave and willing to take a walk on the wild side as well as artistic enough to attempt to pixelate your tresses.

According to craft blog, Tinhtamvn.net, hairstylist and color specialist Cristina Vinga InWonderland, who describes herself as a color lover and pixel addicted, has created a way to transform her client's hair into actual works of art. Pixelated pink flamingos with orange to yellow gradient beaks? Done! Green and yellow geometric triangles? Piece of cake!


Via tinhtamvn.net

Then again, achieving these high-stake hair results might not be that easy for hairstylist Vinga considering that the mere sight of these pixelated works of art make this writer's brain hurt just thinking about the steps that go into it. But Vinga seems up for a challenge and we're certain that there are plenty of Instagram celebs who would happily stand in line for a chance to sit in Vinga's chair and have their hair transformed.

If this new trend has your name pixelated all over it, it's important to note that before you go falling in love with a certain image such as the flamingo, it largely depends on your natural or current hair color. If you have red hair, for example, the pink flamingo will hardly stand out if at all. Not to worry because you still have plenty of options even if Vinga or hairstylists with her ability can only pull off a certain amount of images. If you're stuck with a certain idea in mind, like the flamingo, changing the color to say, royal blue or dark purple, will not only ensure that the pixelated picture stands out but it will also make your creation custom and completely original which could earn you extra Instagram points, if you're into that kind of thing. #branding



Obviously, light colors will show up much better on dark-colored hair and vice versa for dark colors and light-colored hair so go ahead and be as creative as you dare! Maybe you'd just like to have the hint of an image visible if people look really closely or maybe you want the people in the very back of the line to be able to make out your pixelated hair art while you're at the front of the line putting in your coffee order.

That's the beauty of art! You can get as expressive as you'd like. Now we'd like to know what you think about this new trend. Would you ever get your hair pixelated? Do you think this trend will last? Let us know in the comments!

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