Pixee Fox: 12 Facts About The Living Doll

Does the name Pixee Fox mean anything to you? Well, how about this – the woman who wants to transform herself into a cartoon? That might ring a bell. This glamour model and body modification artist literally brands herself as The Living Doll – and one look at her body will tell you exactly why she’s given herself that title.

Pixee Fox is a woman who is desperately trying to achieve a type of look only seen in cartoons – an over the top, exaggerated hourglass figure with voluptuous curves, paired with a nearly nonexistent waist, plumped up sex kitten lips, all finished off with some over the top outfit choices and heavy make-up. Many women who opt to go under the knife for various procedures try to keep things secret, not even revealing that they had work done unless necessary. However, that’s definitely not Pixee Fox – she’s not only honest about her procedures, she actually documents them all for her growing audience.

So, who is the woman behind this cartoon obsession? Where is she from? What does she do (besides visit her plastic surgeon)? We’re here to unpack this unusual character for you – here are 12 things you may not know about the woman who wants to become a cartoon.

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12 She’s a former electrician


Nowadays, Fox tries to make her life all about glamour, from her lace-covered corsets to her always perfectly styled hair and perfectly applied make-up. However, once upon a time, she had an occupation that was decidedly less glamorous – an electrician. That’s right – before she began her quest to become a living cartoon character, Fox apparently worked as an electrician. While there are undoubtedly many female electricians in the world, we can’t help but wonder what her clients would think if she ever decided to go back into the trade and showed up with her tools and teeny, tiny waist.

11 She’s spent over $100,000 on surgery

via: corset.dk

Over the years, in her quest to achieve her cartoon look, Pixee Fox has had four rhinoplasty procedures, four breast augmentations, eyelid sculpting, liposuction, labioplasty, lip fillers, a Brazilian butt lift… the list is truly endless. So, how much does all that cost? Well, it’s definitely not pocket change. Overall, Fox has spent about £80,000 on her various cosmetic surgery procedures – that’s over $120,000 USD. To put that into perspective, you could buy a new sports car with that kind of cash, or even three or four regular cars. As far as investments go, it’s not really the best way to blow all your money, but hey – whatever makes you happy.

10 She’s Swedish

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The individuals who catch the public’s attention due to their attempts to look a certain way (such as the guy who had endless plastic surgery in an attempt to resemble the iconic Ken doll) come from all over the world, and Pixee Fox is no exception. The blonde bombshell originally hails from the birth place of countless blonde babes – Sweden. That’s right, the wannabe cartoon woman comes from the nation that founded IKEA. I mean, it can’t be any tougher to assemble an entirely new body through plastic surgeries than it is to assemble a complex piece of Swedish furniture, right?

9 She works out 4-5 hours a day

via: dailymail.co.uk

While liposuction is one of the many procedures she’s undergone in her aesthetic quest, Pixee Fox definitely isn’t scarfing cheeseburgers and watching television all day. While the plastic surgeons help her take her body to extremes, she also makes sure that she’s taking a good care of her physique as her journey continues. How, exactly? Well, allegedly she works out anywhere from four to five hours a day in order to maintain her slim, trim figure. There’s no doubt that she’d need a low body fat percentage to squeeze into her teeny, tiny corsets, but still – that’s quite a bit of time spent sweating it out!

8 She currently lives in South Carolina

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Though born in Sweden, Pixee Fox lives in the USA nowadays. However, it might not be in the state you would think. Many likely assume that an over the top, curvy blonde like Fox would live in California, Florida, or even Las Vegas, Nevada, but Fox actually resides in the relatively low-key, quiet South Carolina. I mean, there’s no doubt that it’s a beautiful state with a lot of attractions, but it’s just not exactly where we imagine Fox would gravitate towards. Somehow, we feel like she’ll eventually make the move to Las Vegas as she continues on her journey – who knows, she could even get her own show on the strip!

7 She has 164k followers on Instagram


If you thought that Pixee Fox would only have a small group of followers with a very specific aesthetic preference, you’d be very wrong. Whether it’s because they love her corset shots, they love her unapologetic and upbeat personality, or they’re just strangely fascinated, Fox has amassed an impressive number of followers – as of December 2015, she has 164,000 followers on Instagram alone, people who are constantly tuning in to see what Fox will post next. Now that’s a dedicated fan base! This media-savvy vixen also documents her transformation process on a blog on her website, operates a Tumblr account, and more.

6 She’s only halfway through her transformation


Looking at Pixee Fox, you might assume that she’s pretty much done her quest to become like a cartoon character. After all, she has those crazy, exaggerated curves that drive many cartoon love interests crazy, and she would definitely be a throwback to Jessica Rabbit if she donned a long red dress with a scandalous slit up one side. However, Fox isn’t done – not even close. Apparently, she’s only about halfway through the transformation that she envisioned, meaning that her look is going to get even more exaggerated and over the top. By the time she’s done, she could easily have spent about half a million dollars trying to beautify herself.

5 She’s been all over the media

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Many individuals who undertake some type of strange, personal quest get coverage in one or two newspapers, in the soft news or offbeat section. However, Fox isn’t really a passing trend – people are constantly giving the blonde media coverage, and it seems the entire world is fascinated by her. According to Fox’s website, she has been featured in over 180 newspapers, websites, and television channels in 42 countries. These include a ton of well known sites and publications, including US Magazine, People Magazine, The Daily Mail, Perez Hilton, The Mirror, The Huffington Post, Complex, Cosmopolitan and more.

4 She has several recommended plastic surgeons

via: telestar.fr

Many stars who have undergone a lot of plastic surgery are incredibly hush-hush about where exactly they’ve gotten their work done. Not Pixee Fox. Fox not only willingly admits where she’s gone under the knife, she gives recommendations in case anyone else is looking for a Pixee Fox approved plastic surgeon. Some of the individuals on her list (available on her personal website) include Dr. Don Revis at South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates, Dr. Jeremy Pyle at Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery, Dr. Barry Eppley at Eppley Plastic surgery and more. Hey, you have to give credit where credit is due, right?

3 She chronicles every surgical step

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Just like many celebrities who refuse to reveal exactly what procedures they’ve had done, many individuals who end up famous because of how they look are hesitant to reveal exactly what has gone into making them look the way they look. Pixee Fox, on the other hand, is refreshingly honest – she chronicles every single step of her journey, from her post-surgery recovery diet to how her various procedures went, what she’s contemplating doing next, what exactly the procedures she’s anticipating entail, and more.

2 She has specific cartoon inspirations

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Pixee Fox isn’t just getting surgery after surgery in an attempt to look over the top – she has a specific sort of vision in mind. Some of her inspirations include Holli Would from Cool World, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? What’s the common theme? Well, glamour, and exaggerated curves. While Princess Aurora is from a different time period, and Jessica Rabbit has that crazy red hair, they all have a certain air of glamour and mystery, and many of her inspirations are simply over the top bombshells.

1 She had 6 ribs removed 


While Pixee’s curves have been enhanced with several breast augmentations and a Brazilian butt lift, one of the most prominent aspects of her body is her teeny, tiny waist. While a corset can definitely shape your curves a bit (hence the waist training craze), there’s no way to get a waist as small as Pixee Fox’s naturally. So, how did she manage to attain that teeny, tiny waist? By convincing a doctor to remove six of her ribs, so that she could cinch in that waist to impossible proportions. That’s right – she had the bottom six ribs removed from her body – and with 24 ribs in the human body, that represents 25%, gone!

Sources: metro.co.uk

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