19 Pictures That Prove Teenagers Have Gone Too Far

As the years pass by, every generation eventually looks at the next and thinks, "Kids these days." But right now, the kids seem to be taking things to a whole new level—all while being able to share all the worst parts of their ridiculous behavior on social media platforms so their friends, and even people they don't know, can keep tabs on what they're up to.

There are legitimate concerns about the effects that constant and continuous exposure to social media can have on developing minds. And from the looks of things, those developing minds are turning into twisted, materialistic, egotistical maniacs—at any even faster pace than the generations that preceded them—who are willing to do just about anything for a like or a follow.

Keep scrolling for 19 pics that prove today's teenagers have gone way too far.

19 Smoking Smarties

via YouTube

It's hard to imagine a more hilariously ironic trend than smoking Smarties. Yes, Smarties candies, the chalky little discs that taste great—teens are "smoking" them. But it's not smoke, it's chalky powder being inhaled into the nose, mouth, and lungs. Does it sound harmless? It's not. Fox News reports that in the worst cases, it can result in "maggots feeding off the sugary dust in your nose."

18 Planking

via Suburban Kamikaze

Some of the ways that teenagers enjoy themselves on social media have become almost like surrealist, Dada-inspired works of performative art. Take the fad known as "planking." It's exactly what it sounds like, but the point is to find the most ridiculous place possible to plank—like in the paper towel aisle of a grocery store, where the grandmas give in to their old-age obsession with getting a great deal on cleaning items.

17 Perching

via YouTube

As if planking wasn't silly enough, the next logical step was the development of a fad called "perching," which is exactly what it sounds like. Some teens would perch in silly places at school, looking uncomfortable, while others take things to extreme lengths, presumably hopped up on Mountain Dew while they risk their lives.

16 Angelina, Is That You?

via YouTube

Unfortunately, teenagers aren't all to blame for their terrible life choices. They do, in fact, follow the overall trends of movie stars, reality stars, musicians, and athletes. Case in point is this freakish face, which was posted online by a teen who hoped to scare people into thinking she'd gotten botch plastic surgery to look like a zombie version of Angelina Jolie.

15 Hey, At Least We're Being Honest

via Business Insider

In response to all the ridiculous faces online that have been heavily altered by plastic surgeons before being caked with an inch-thick layer of makeup, some teens now go online and highlight all the flaws on their faces. At the very least, drawing attention to the ridiculousness of today's culture is good—but is there any doubt these teens would get all that work done if they had the chance?

14 Tide PODS Challenge

via Washington Square News

Every few months, a new challenge pops up online, seemingly just to prove how dumb teenagers can be when they're inspired by their dumb friends. Most recently—presumably inspired by one of the world's foremost experts on idiocy, Rob Gronkowski—teens have begun eating Tide PODS, which is exactly as gross as it sounds.

13 The Cinnamon Challenge

via YouTube

Another challenge that circulated widely on the internet was the "Cinnamon Challenge." Unfortunately, this one was actually dangerous, because ingesting a full spoon of cinnamon can lead to serious lung damage, including pneumonia and even collapsed lungs. On the plus side, though, eating that much cinnamon at once feels like drinking six espressos shots in one go!

12 Drinking Hand Sanitizer

via WEWS

As if drinking vanilla extract for the alcohol content wasn't bad enough, some teens have realized that the hand sanitizer their parents insist they use before sitting down at the dinner table also has a pretty serious alcohol level. But as gross as straight vanilla extract sounds, imagine trying to take a shot of hand sanitizer without puking.

11 So Lavish

via Daily Mail

One of the earlier instances of "Rich Kids" on social media was a guy known (in PG terms) as "Lavish." He was the child of wealthy parents and would pull ridiculous pranks like tying money to a balloon and setting it loose or, as seen above, pouring expensive bottled water down the toilet and flushing it away forever.

10 You Look Greaaat

via Metro

Teens these days have gone beyond the aging conceptions of counterculture and rebellion. They flit between fads so quickly it almost seems like they have no sense of true self-knowledge in their heads (weird, right). While combining disparate cultures is a good thing, does anyone really think a two-tone Skrillex haircut looks good with purple lipstick, a cow nosering, and grandma's lace nightshirt?

9 Just Like Kim And Kylie

via Rare

While teenagers idolize their favorite celebrities, almost all of whom have spent massive amounts of money to transform their faces into real-life plasticity, most can't afford to do so themselves. And so, they come up with ridiculous ways to modify their faces, like the girl above, who famously used glue to get her upper lip to look more like a Kardashian.

8 Your Parents Let You Outside Like That?

via Stylevore

When historians look back on this era, they might define it with some complex sociological term that describes a loss of cultural identity based on indefinable values and loose morals. Or, to be concise, they could just call it the "Age of the Kardashians." But as numb as we've all become to bathroom selfies, it's still shocking to see young teenagers outside dressed up in revealing clothes inspired by the worst people in the world.

7 Vape All Day

via ABC News

For years, tobacco companies have spent their time trying to figure out how to get kids to start using their products at younger and younger ages, in the hopes of creating more sustainable cash cows. The last few years, though, have seen their efforts take a newly creative (read: villainous) form: vaping. But teens seem unable to figure out that fruit-flavored vapes are still terrible for them.

6 Drinking Vanilla Extract

via YouTube

In general, it seems safe to say that most teenagers across the globe spend a serious portion of their waking hours figuring out how to get as wasted as humanly possible. Some have gotten inventive enough to raid their parents' pantries and locate the vanilla extract, which typically has a very high alcohol content. Of course, drinking vanilla extract is rough, but it's not as heavy as daily existential crises, obviously.

5 Selfies Are Forever

via HyperActivz

While the older, supposedly "more mature" generations are becoming addicted to their smartphones and selfies, no one takes more selfies than teenagers. From crossing the street in heavy traffic while focusing on the tiny screen in front of them to taking selfies while actually driving, teens seem intent on ignoring the real world around them—at their peril.

4 "Cash Me Outside" Girl

via Daily Hive

Sometimes, the worst reminder of how boneheaded most teenagers have become is in the form of their idols: other overnight social media sensations who have become famous for their inane behavior. The "Cash Me Outside" girl blew up after her shenanigans on Dr. Phil hit the web, and now she's trying to parlay that terrible behavior into a rap career.

3 Justin Bieber Is Fabulously Rich

via Mirror

If there's ever been a sign that the end is nigh, it might be that Justin Bieber is extremely, ostentatiously, hilariously, offensively wealthy—all because teen girls are unable to realize how disgusting he is and how simplistic his mono-syllabic singing is. Truly, the world may never recover from the last generations of teenagers as they destroy themselves and our planet at an ever-increasing pace.

2 The Rich Kids

via Guest of a Guest

There are many accounts on social media that follow so-called "Rich Kids" as they make the worst decisions possible, all while flaunting their wealth in an obscene manner. This shot, of a teenager falling out of her Pagani supercar, surrounded by a pile of money, and expensive handbag, and high heels just about perfectly sums up the trend. And yet other teenagers eat this stuff up!

1 Just Love Those Kardashians And Jenners

via Vox

The adult world could barely believe it when news broke earlier in 2019 that Kylie Jenner had become the world's youngest self-made millionaire. Now, self-made could be argued here, given the sacrifices her older sister Kim made to earn her fame the hard way, but Kylie turned some reality-show fame into a global cosmetics business that teenagers just ate up while hoping to look like more like her plastic surgery-altered face.

Sources: Fox News, Time, and WebMD.

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