19 Pictures Of The Real Housewives They Wish They Could Take Back

The Real Housewives franchise most certainly has its fair share of drama and scandalous behavior, yet most of the time the Housewives don't seem all that ashamed of it. Perhaps they're not wired like us normal people? Or maybe they just don't care? Maybe they are too shallow? Who knows what their reasons might be.

However, there seems to be one thing that's sure to get them embarrassed every time. We've managed to dig up some pics of the housewives when they're not looking their best, and you can bet that they hate having these photos circulating the web. Here are 20 pics of the Real Housewives they wish they could take back.

19 How The Mighty Have Fallen


Luann de Lesseps is the poster child for glamour, grace, and elegance. It was sad to watch her fall from grace publicized by media houses worldwide. We speculate this is one photo the former Countess doesn't care for much, it's cringe worthy and sad. We are glad to see Luann doing better now and reclaiming her social standing.

18 Big Hair, Don't Care

Via Page Six

Teresa Giudice is known for her big hair and over the top fashion sense. This is who she is, it's what sets her apart. She is a gorgeous woman with fire and sass who is extremely expressive with her style. However, we had no idea the hair could get even bigger! We bet Tre isn't proud of this picture.

17 One Too Many

Via Reality Blurb

It looks like our girl Brandi Glanville had one too many on a night out with friends. Here she is pictured stumbling out of a restaurant looking worse for wear. The reality star later expressed how sad and ashamed she was of the incident. We bet it doesn't help to have less than flattering pics of yourself all over the internet.

16 A Red Hot Mess

Via Radar Online

Yikes! So much to unload from this single picture— bright red hair, questionable makeup, and what looks to be a rough face job. Bethenny Frankel's style has improved drastically over the years and that's why this look is so unforgivable. She can do so much better than this, and we bet after looking at this picture she would have to agree with us.

15 Tinsley's Parachute

Via Pinterest

We get it, this parachute looking gown was for the Met Gala... go figure, but it's still horrible. Tinsley has a tiny frame and this gown just swallows her up. She is known for always bringing her fashion A-game on and off-screen. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those instances.

14 A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

Via Akamaine

Lisa Rinna sure loves her leopard prints. We have seen her rock the style on various occasions. Her style is eclectic, whether dressed down or for a red carpet event, she usually gets it right. This leopard print tracksuit, paired with Nike Vapormax runners and a Louis Vuitton purse, is a bit much.

13 The Designer Darling

Via Essence

Marlo Hampton loves designer labels and is oftentimes helping her castmates with their fashion options— sometimes offering them some of her designer pieces. She takes pride in her appearance and rarely steps out looking less than fabulous. This look isn't one of those times, there is too much going on.

12 Jumpsuits And Derbys

Via Bravo TV

The reality star, entrepreneur, and author lives a lavish lifestyle, complete with glamorous getaways and designer clothes. She is fabulous and always dresses the part. Well, most times anyway. Sometimes her style leaves us wondering— what was she thinking? Like we're thinking now, this jumpsuit isn't her best look.

11 Vicki's Taut Face

Via Daily Mail

Vicki's face looks taut and stiff, as if she is protecting herself from a gust of wind. It's not a good picture of the reality star who already has trolls on her case. It's probably a good idea that she was forthright about her surgery because there's no denying it after this pic.

10 Deer In The Headlights

Via She Knows

Vicki Gunvalson has faced bullying over her physical appearance, which is horrible. She got a chin implant when her cast mate's then-boyfriend referred to her as Miss Piggy. No one deserves to go through that, and we felt bad for her. This picture shows a startled looking Vicki.

9 Quit Clowning Around

Via Bravo TV

Too much of something is never good and here DeAndra sums that up perfectly for us. Makeup is great for enhancing facial features— except in this instance. The Real Housewives of Dallas star looks like a clown. This is not a great look unless it was part of a Halloween costume.

8 A Purple Disaster

Via Bravo TV

Kandi Burrus has the voice of an angel and, in our opinion, that alone speaks for itself. She is a Star that needs no introduction, her style is pretty laid back and it's apparent she dresses for comfort— this purple mess nether looks comfortable nor flattering, though. Thank goodness her style has somewhat evolved and hopefully we never have to see this look ever again.

7 Ain't No Holla Back Girl

Via Daily Mail

Carol Radziwill is a fashionista, she is fabulous and keeps up with the latest trends. This look is just sad, though. There is too much going on, it's reminiscent of Gwen Stefani during her "No Doubt" days. We are not feeling this ensemble and neither should have Carol. She has set the bar high and we expect her to deliver.

6 Kenya Goes Au Naturel

Via E Online

Kenya Moore's appearance is extremely important to her and it's no surprise considering she was part of the pageant world for so long. She almost always has a fully made-up face and is always dressed to the nines. She still looks good makeup free— it's just not something we are used to.

5 Little Bo Peep Goes To Hollywood

Via Social Boor

Tinsley is rumored to have been the inspiration behind the Gossip Girl character Serena Van Der Woodsen. So you can imagine how big of a role fashion plays in her life. This picture was taken back in 2014 and her style has obviously evolved… for the better. This is rough, it's hard to believe the fashion icon ever wore this garb.

4 A Makeup-Free Alexis Bellino

Via Starcasm

The reality star is rarely caught on camera without a full face of makeup. Alexis is flawless and always looks perfect— yes, perfect. We bet it took a lot for her to show us this side of her. She kinda looks unrecognizable and we'd probably walk right past her on the street.

3 Tacky Tamra

Via Daily Mail

The reality star's style has come a long way. When we first met Tamra, her clothes were tacky and terrible. She has learned what works for her and we couldn't be happier to witness her transformation. This picture reminds us of her early days. It's not a great look.

2 The Tastiest Peach In Atlanta

Via Page Six

Nene Leakes is probably the Housewife with the most drastic style transformation. When she first burst on the scene, her style was jeans and a basic blouse, but we have watched her remodel herself into one of the most glamorous of the bunch. This is a picture of her way back, before all the glitz.

1 Too Much Leather Is Bad For You

Via Leather Celebrities

We are not exactly sure what's going on here, but Gretchen Rossi looks like a wannabe mafia princess— it's too much leather! Throughout her run on the show, her style was always tacky, but this leather ensemble takes the cake for worst Gretchen look ever. Her style has evolved over the years, thank goodness.

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