20 Pictures Of Noah Cyrus That Miley Doesn’t Want Us To See

We have a feeling people will be hearing a lot more about Noah Cyrus in the future, because her career is just getting started! First things first; there is no denying that Miley Cyrus has a whole lot of love for Noah, and the feeling is undoubtedly mutual. These two are some of the cutest celebrity siblings, and Miley is likely proud of everything her sister does, but it can be hard watching a little sister grow up, and Noah is definitely doing that! She has given a PDA-filled red carpet debut with her now ex-boyfriend, her social media photos are not all SFW, and she’s not shy about using expletives or proudly displaying her middle finger in photos.

Like Miley, who has shed her sweet Disney image, it seems Noah is also showing the world that she’s all grown up, and she wants to be taken seriously. Below are 20 photos that show she’s definitely not a kid anymore.

20 Noah Cyrus Is Definitely Not Shy About Her Public Displays Of Affection

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Noah Cyrus is definitely not shy, and she proved this when she stepped onto the red carpet at the 2018 MTV VMAs with her then-boyfriend, Lil Xan. According to Daily Mail, this was the couple’s red carpet debut. The pair had released a song together, “Live Or Die” that same week.

19 Actually, Lil Xan Claims Their Relationship Was Organized By Their Label

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Noah Cyrus’ relationship and subsequent breakup from Lil Xan was very public, and he has since claimed that it was organized by their record label. According to Stereogum, Lil Xan took to social media to state that the relationship was “something set up by, uh, Columbia Records…”

18 Face Tattoos Could Be In Her Future (Much To Her Mom’s Disapproval)

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Lil Xan has face tattoos (as do many other musicians) but is Noah Cyrus going to be next? She posted this photo on social media, which appears to show her with fake face tattoos, and she captioned the image with the following message: “I think I want face tattoos now and my moms quaking.”

17 It May Not Be Long Before Noah Gets All The Attention In The Cyrus Family

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Miley Cyrus needs no introduction. She has had an impressive career, and she has a larger than life personality, but her little sister is also making headlines. Noah has a growing following on social media, and released three singles in 2019, Rolling Stone notes, so there may be some competition for her big sis in the future!

16 Seeing Throwback Photos Is Always Cringey (Even If They Were Adorable)

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Miley and her sister Noah Cyrus have a close bond, and it seems that this is something they’ve shared since childhood. Noah posted an adorable throwback of the two of them on social media, in celebration of Miley’s birthday, and she commented on how she loves her “endless amounts.”

15 Well, A Girls’ Got To Eat!

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You have to admire something about the Cyrus girls, and that is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Their expressions don’t seem to be perfectly rehearsed in front of a mirror, instead, they seem natural, and they show what they feel, which is what makes this photo worth seeing!

14 It Looks Like Noah Has A Dangerous Side!

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Noah Cyrus is active on social media, and her fans seem to eat up her photos. The comment section is filled with positive comments, even when she posts things that could potentially spark controversy. Have we learned anything from her social media presence? Why yes, it seems that Noah has a dangerous side!

13 It Seems Both Miley And Noah Are Animal Lovers, But She May Take It Too Far With Her Pet Photos

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The public has been interested in Noah Cyrus for a while now, but she is making it clear she’s not just the sister of someone famous. That said, Noah and Miley do have some common interests, including their shared passion for music, and their obvious love for animals. Noah has also campaigned for Peta, Nicki Swift reports.

12 Miley Isn’t Her Daddy’s Only Little Girl

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Miley Cyrus is arguably the most famous of the Cyrus children, but Billy Ray Cyrus is a papa to six children, three of whom are daughters. Of the girls, Brandi is the oldest, then Miley, and the baby of the family is Noah. And it appears that Noah has a special place in her heart for her dad.

11 Well, This Is One Way To Honor Someone…

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Noah Cyrus does things differently, but she is a thoughtful individual. She wanted to pay tribute to musicians who have passed away, and she decided to do this by writing their names on the wall. What makes her tribute unusual though, is that she did it while wearing a holographic gimp mask.

10 Miley Has So Much Love For Noah, But It May Be Hard To See Just How Grown Up She Is Now

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The world can be an ugly place, and people are so quick to judge, especially those in the public eye. Miley Cyrus appears to be protective of her sister, and it may be hard watching her grow up in the public eye now because this is something that she has experienced herself.

9 Apparently, Miley and Noah, Both Love Posing With Their Tongues Out

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Miley also told iHeartRadio's Label Defiers podcast (via Perez Hilton) that she has some advice for her sister when it comes to her use of social media. “I always tell Noah, keep your comments turned off,” she said. “Never read anything that anyone says about you. Don’t Google yourself.”

8 Goodbye Good Girl Image!

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Noah is not trying to portray a certain image, she’s just being herself. That said, her photos do not lean towards a good girl with a squeaky clean image. Instead, she likes to push boundaries, she likes to pose with unusual outfits and sultry poses, she uses her middle fingers whenever she wants, and apparently if she has to choose between being an angel or a devil, she’s the latter.

7 Times Have Definitely Changed, And Both Cyrus Girls Have Drastically Altered Their Images

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Miley Cyrus grew up in the media thanks to her role in Hannah Montana, and Noah Cyrus did too, by association. People were interested in finding out more about Miley, and that included her family. Both girls have grown into women now, and we don’t need to go into detail about how their images have changed.

6 Lots Of Families Has Silly, Super Cringey Christmas Photos, And They’re No Exception

Via Noah Cyrus Instagram

We love a cringe-worthy family photo! Most families take photos they wish never saw the light of day because they are wearing something questionable or doing a silly pose, and it seems the Cyrus household is no exception. Just look at those wonderful, cringey matching sweaters and dabbing poses!

5 Does Anyone Remember When Noah Got A Diamond Spraypainted On Her Hair?

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Noah Cyrus likes to experiment with her image it seems, because according to Stylish Eve, this is her, with a diamond shaved into her hair, which was then sprayed bright pink! This is definitely a look that would have turned heads, and according to the publication, Noah was just 13 when she decided to do this — it should have already been an indication that she was someone we wanted to watch in the future, right?!

4 No One Wants To See Their Sister Looking Sad

Via Noah Cyrus Instagram

No one wants to see someone they love looking sad, and we can probably all agree that Noah Cyrus looks very unhappy in this pic. She appears to have been crying, and she captioned the photo with the comment “I WILL be happy if its the last thing I do.” Publications have speculated that this was her reaction to Lil Xan’s baby news.

3 Noah’s Clothing Makes An Expletive-Filled Statement (We Had To Crop Her Pants)

Via Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, when Noah Cyrus stepped out in Los Angeles in May, 2019, she made a bold statement with her fashion choice. She clearly had a message (although who it was directed at is unclear). We had to crop this photo of her pants, but you probably get the idea!

2 But Miley’s Got Some Serious Competition In The Style Department Because Noah’s Outfits Are On Point!

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Miley admitted on iHeartRadio‘s Label Defiers podcast (via People) that she is “really proud” of her sister and how she handled her career — she reportedly did it without Miley’s involvement because she wanted to do it on her own. In the future, Miley may have some competition in the music industry, but right now she has it in the style department because Noah has a very unique and bold sense of fashion!

1 When Noah Is Not Greeting The Camera With Her Middle Finger It Comes As A Surprise

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People like Noah Cyrus because she has an attitude, and she doesn’t seem to care what the public thinks of her. Perhaps this is why she often shares photos of herself flipping the bird to the camera. We can’t share those photos, obviously, so here’s a nice rare moment of her caught in public where she appears to be greeting the paparazzi.

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