20 Pictures Of Khloe Kardashian That’ll Make Lamar Odom Think Twice About His Decisions

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom shocked fans across the globe when they got married after just 3 short weeks of dating one another. They met at a party in Hollywood and “hit it off” right from the start. Just a few days later, they walked the red carpet together for the premiere of Whiteout. The sudden decision to get married left many of their friends, family, & fans questioning the viability of their upcoming nuptials, but their loved seemed to hold strong.

Khloe and Lamar were intimately connected and seemed incredibly dedicated to one another. After sharing their lives, moving multiple times, and starring in their very own reality show, the two went through a very painful, public divorce. Lamar surely has regrets surrounding the way his marriage ended. Let’s take a look at 20 Pictures Of Khloe Kardashian That’ll Make Lamar Odom Think Twice.

20 Revenge Body

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Nothing heals the pain of a divorce faster than a brand new revenge body! Khloe has undergone an intense transformation and is barely recognizable when compared to images of her even in the relatively recent past. She’s looking fit and fantastic, and Lamar undoubtedly wishes he could get her back.

19 Other Men

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Any ex would think twice after seeing his former lover in the arms of another man. There’s nothing that can ease the pain of that sting, or make that situation less uncomfortable. Khloe found happiness with French Montana and their relationship was a very public one. The two appeared regularly on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

18 Bombshell

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Khloe Kardashian stuns in this form-fitting pink dress. She’s an absolute bombshell and is clearly out for a good time at 1 Oak in Los Angeles. This is a place that she and Lamar attended together many times, so it must be exceptionally difficult to see her looking this incredible and partying without him. This was the night she was out celebrating Scott Disick’s 33rd birthday, in 2016.

17 Racy & Lacey

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This racy lace outfit puts Khloe’s newly-formed figure on full display. She has clearly spent a lot of time at the gym since her failed marriage, and it really shows! She looks ready to take on whatever this night may bring her way, and she’s poised for success. The chokers are a well-executed ‘90s throwback and she pulled off the look perfectly.

16 Appearances

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Making public appearances and looking confident and happy in all of them, it’s clear that Khloe is dedicated to keeping her life on track in spite of the pain of watching her marriage to Lamar Odom break down. The two were inseparable for just over 4 years. Making solo public appearances must have been a big adjustment for Khloe.

15 Glistening

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Most of us just get sweaty and gross when we head to the gym. Apparently, Khloe just glistens and looks as fabulous as ever. Clearly posing for a workout photo with her full-on glam cosmetics perfectly applied, Khloe shows off her perfectly toned body for the cameras. Eat your heart out, Lamar!

14 Working At It

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Khloe has shown a lot of dedication and perseverance in her quest to transform her figure. She is clearly putting a lot of effort into her new look and seems to be dedicated to maintaining it. During her marriage to Lamar, the two were often seen binging on take-out food together, and Khloe seems to have gotten rid of those habits entirely and replaced them with a new one – working out!

13 Urban Chic

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Khloe’s urban chic look is spot-on. Everything from the rocker jacket to the side-swept hair is perfectly aligned. Even the oversized hoop earrings that would typically look awful and outdated on most people seem to suit her perfectly! Khloe surely turned more than a few heads on the day this photo was taken!

12 Perfectly Posed

Via Lifestyle

It’s clear that Khloe is posing in this image and has no plans to actually work out – but we don’t care! The photo is perfectly orchestrated, and Khloe looks very comfortable in her new skin. Her exhaustive workout routine is clearly paying off – it only makes sense to take some pics to document it!

11 Lady In Red


We had to do a double-take to make sure this was really Khloe Kardashian. She looks like she just walked off a runway and into our hearts! She’s rocking a freshly cut and coiffed hair style and it really suits her well. This lady in red is teasing the cameras as she steps out of what appears to be a hotel…

10 Which Kardashian Is It?

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It is really becoming difficult to decipher who’s-who in the Kardashian household. The siblings have recently all adopted a very similar look, and we aren’t sure how to keep track of the photos! At one point, Khloe had physical features that were so clearly defined and different than those of her sisters, but now the new & improved version of Khloe blends in with the rest of the clan.

9 Oh, Hello!

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Sorry Lamar, this is what you can no longer have. This photo is a revenge-smear for anyone that has attempted to capture Khloe’s attention. The hat is a nice touch, and we’re not complaining in the least! Khloe looks happy and relaxed in this photo and seems ready to have a good time.

8 Denim Diva

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This photo of Khloe Kardashian is a unique one that immediately drew us in. It’s not often that we get to see her in denim, and we love it! She looks great with her hair lobbed and, as always, her make-up is on point! Looking relaxed and at ease, Khloe seems unaffected by all the chaos she has lived through over the past few years.

7 The Fame Game

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It seems unfathomable to think that the world would ever stop being intrigued by the Kardashians. They’re always in the spotlight the moment they step out of their homes. They’re often moving away from the flash of the paparazzi only to go towards a photo shoot with a different set of cameras pointed at them.

6 Hollywood

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Khloe defines Hollywood with her platinum blonde hair and skin-tight dress, in a photo where the balcony overlooks the hills. She has been busy reconstructing her life since she split with Lamar and has continued to develop both personally and professionally. Even through heartbreak and struggle, there doesn’t seem to be anything that will keep Khloe out of the game.

5 Nip, Tuck, Repeat

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Having long been the Kardashian that didn’t embrace plastic surgery, it appears that Khloe has changed her views on the cosmetic procedure. We can’t help but notice how she looks significantly different and that all her features seem unnaturally defined. Cheatsheet reported on the controversy over whether or not Khloe has gone under the knife as part of her body transformation.

4 Standing Out

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Khloe is certainly not a wallflower. She won’t let her struggles and hardships bring or weigh her down. Seen in her bright pink outfit and in front of her yellow Jeep, Khloe‘s bold ensemble is sure to get her noticed. She’s looking toned and fit, and isn’t shy about showing her workout-body to the world.

3 Mummy-Time

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We’re sure Lamar is somewhere out there knowing that he could have fathered a child with Khloe, had their marriage remained intact. Keeping Up With The Kardashians often featured Khloe’s desire to have children and her struggles to conceive…. and now he’s not a part of it. Motherhood suits her, and we’re looking forward to watching True grow up… in front of the cameras, no doubt.

2 Party-On

Via Elle

Khloe didn’t exactly stay home and lament the loss of her marriage for very long. After a short period of shock, she seemed to move on with her life and was spotted at numerous night clubs and outings. It doesn’t seem that anything can stop this party-girl from having a great time and living her best life!

1 Buh-Bye!

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Buh-Bye to the past and hello to a new chapter. It’s fair to say that Khloe’s life has seen a complete transformation in the recent past. Her break up with Lamar led to other relationships, a pregnancy, and a break up from the father of her young child. Khloe’s physical transformation is also undeniably significant. We’re not sure what’s in store for her next, but we’re sure to find out if we tune in to the show!

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