16 Pictures Of Celebrity Feet The Internet Is Obsessed With

Celebrities are associated with the finest things in life. They have access to anything their hearts desire and are known to be pampered and primped at every opportunity. They definitely know the world is watching their every move and that cameras are on them every time they step out of their homes. They tend to have their hair and make-up on point all the time, and ensuring their nails are done just adds to the focus these ladies will get on their massive diamond rings.

Sadly, after all the fuss in these areas, some ladies forget about one very important thing…their feet! Sometimes their feet take a beating in those fancy shoes, and other times, well, it's just hard to keep up! Let’s take a look at 20 pictures of celebrity feet the internet is obsessed with.

16 Jennifer Aniston

Via Your Next Show

While we think that the toe-ring is a super cute touch, it looks as though Jennifer Aniston has made the wrong shoe choice.  There's so much pressure on celebrities to wear the shoes that designers suggest to them, but in this case, closed-toed shoes may have been a better choice.

15 Britney Spears

Via CallaShoes

It appears that Britney really did put some effort into her look for this elegant affair. Unfortunately she didn’t sustain her focus all the way down to her toes.  Her shoes are gorgeous and are a perfect match for her outfit, but they just don't look like they are practical or comfortable to wear.

14 Kate Beckinsale

Via Pinterest

Kate Beckinsale’s name is synonymous with beauty.  Her outfit is stunning but she doesn't look like she's very comfortable in it.  This seems to be a rough day for her wardrobe altogether, as the shoes really didn't look like they are well suited for her feet.  Perhaps some in-soles would have helped, if wearing these particular shoes was mandatory.

13 Paris Hilton

Via Pinterest

Paris Hilton is in some serious trouble if she moves her right foot a fraction of a centimetre forward.  Those heels look like they will wedge into the cracks of the wood and cause her to fall.  Her shoes also don't seem to have been selected well, as they're not designed in a flattering way for her feet.

12 Christina Hendrick

via pinterest

This looks like a very painful experience for Christina.  She shouldn’t even be standing in these shoes, let alone walking in them.  It looks like these shoes will cause very sore bunions, and clearly she can barely walk in them. Admittedly, the rhinestones are gorgeous, but the front of the shoe should have been re-inforced for practicality.

11 Jessica Simpson

Via National Enquirer

This is not one of Jessica Simpson's most glamorous moments.  It looks like her shoes are too big, with excessive space available in the back, and this forces her toes forward with each step she takes.  It's a good thing they feature an ankle-strap, as without it the shoes may have fallen off altogether.

10 Halle Berry

Via National Enquirer

Halle Berry’s feet look athletic, and strong.  She deserves to be wearing better shoes, as in these ones, her toes are hanging off the edge and are pushing over the shoe-line. It looks like a hot day, and we all know that flip-flops are generally bad for our feet.  These look like they provide very little foot support.

9 Brie Larson

via celebrity feet pics

Brie's toes do not look happy in these shoes.  Most women are guilty of wearing too much toe polish sometimes, which leads to discoloration of the nail as well as nail issues. It's so hard to go a day without toe polish on, but sometimes it's the best thing for our health.  Bare toes that are healing can always be put into gorgeous closed-toe shoes!

8 Tyra Banks

Via BeautyCapsule

Tyra is a natural-born beauty. She is certainly no stranger to having to walk in incredibly uncomfortable shoes.  We don't know how she manages to do it so often on the runway, but we wish she could flip the script on that for her red-carpet look.  Her feet don't look happy in these shoes at all.

7 Katie Holmes

Via Ok!Magazine

Katie's shoes d not look like they were made to be worn on the red carpet.  Some of these shoes we're seeing on celebrity feet must have been really enticing on a shelf, but our guess is that they are just not comfortable to walk in.  There's a high price to pay for beauty in Hollywood!

6 Cameron Diaz

Via Ok!Magazine

Cameron Diaz looks like a natural on the red carpet in that stunning white jumpsuit. Oozing fun, class, and chic sophistication.  Her pants are way too long for her though, and this outfit would have worked better with closed-toes shoes and higher heels.  Either the heels had to be higher or the pants had to be hemmed!

5 Madonna

Via LifeAndStyle

Madonna is no stranger to the red carpet. She knows by now that the fancy, rhinestone shoes are uncomfortable to walk in.  She's not interested in taking risks that can lead to a fall, so she's opted for some very modest shoes on this day.  She's been known to wear much higher heels in the past - other girls can learn from this red carpet veteran!

4 Julianne Moore

Via DailyMail

Red carpets are a breeding ground for wardrobe malfunctions, and footwear is not spared from these little misadventures. Julianne Moore was shocked to see these images and claims she did not feel this or know it was happening.  The little toe-slip made more headlines than her outfit did- we're just glad she didn't get hurt!

3 Cardi B

Via DailyMail

This photo required a double-take. We thought this photo was fake or altered until we looked closely and realized her feet are actually just really, really sore looking! Clearly wearing the wrong shoes will be detrimental to any of us, but these feet have reached the next level of swelling.

2 Penelope Cruz

Via LifeAndStyle

Penelope Cruz is a stunner and she has legs for days! Perhaps this was the wrong shoe choice though, as it seems these shoes are too large for her feet and her toes keep slipping out. Sometimes a pair of shoes looks like a great match to the outfit, but it just doesn't provide enough foot support.

1 Kim Kardashian

Via National Enquirer

Kim Kardashian is always making headlines for one thing or another. This just happens to be the wrong “thing” to be known for. Especially considering that she is very pregnant in this photo, we think she she should have opted for more practical footwear. These shoes are cutting off her circulation, and that can't be good for her in any way.

Source: DailyMail, Life And Style, OK! Magazine

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