18 Pictures Of Black Widow That Would Make Hulk Smash

The world of superheroes is full of individuals with powers beyond belief, but the majority of these characters seem to also be blessed with super genetics. It's not surprising to see that so many superheroes are easy on the eyes, but unfortunately that can sometimes result in the wrong aspects of a character getting prioritized. Black Widow is a highly skilled assassin and in spite of having no superpowers, she's still one of the most valuable members of the Avengers.

Natasha Romanoff also happens to be very beautiful, which can be an asset in the world of espionage, but it may drive some of her romantic suitors a little crazy. Black Widow is able to foster a relatively healthy relationship with Bruce Banner and his Hulk alter ego, but that doesn't mean that jealousy still doesn't rear its head. Accordingly, Here Are 18 Pictures Of Black Widow That Would Make Hulk Smash.

18 Lift With Your Legs

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There’s a lot of testosterone and aggression in the world of superheroes. Sometimes it’s not enough to just be strong, you must assert your dominance and prove that you’re in control. Things may get a little heated during training sessions, especially when Black Widow is involved. Here Black Widow reminds everyone that Steve Rogers is no big deal and that she never skips out on leg day.

17 Take Your Shot

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Black Widow is the kind of character that can appreciate a good entrance and is more in favor of the silent but deadly approach. Sometimes you don’t even realize that Black Widow has come and worked her magic. That being said, when she’s pushed into a duel, she knows how to handle herself. Even with a loaded weapon pointed at her, Black Widow knows how to stay alive.

16 Black Widow Loves Loki

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There are plenty of viable suitors in the Marvel Universe, but it’s always a little problematic when wires get crossed and heroes fall in love with villains, or vice versa. Due to Loki’s powers of deception and manipulation, it’s fair to say that there’s more than meets the eye going on here in this scenario, but it’s still a situation that would surely turn the Hulk green with envy.

15 All Hail The Queen

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Black Widow isn’t always at the head of the Avengers, but she still plays an important role in the group and she’s finally starting to really get her due. Due to all of the men that Black Widow has been in relationships with, she may not always get to take the position of power. Here, she’s at the top of the world and exudes confidence.

14 Tiny Problems

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Ant-Man’s very specific skillset makes him privy to certain situations that would be impossible for other characters. Black Widow is a smoke-show in her normal state, but when you shrink down and try to get an even closer look, she’s at a whole other level. Most Marvel heroes wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of nuisance and yet here Black Widow finds herself caught up in this situation.

13 Caught In The Crosshairs

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Black Widow is an expert assassin in her own right, but because her skills are so refined, she’s also become a target because of just how powerful she’s become. Black Widow is exceptional when it comes to speed and versatility, but here her sleek figure is caught in the middle of crossfire.

12 High Kick Hijinks

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It’s one thing to be skilled when it comes to weapons and tools, but sometimes all that you have in battle is your own body. Black Widow has become an expert at turning her body into a weapon, in more ways than one. Here, her exceptional form is on display as she shows off her strong leg skills.

11 Deadly Walk

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Much like the arachnid that this hero gets her name from, there are usually a slew of bodies left in Black Widow’s wake. It’s always impressive to watch her demonstrate her talents, but it’s sometimes even more terrifying to just witness the aftermath and imagine what could have happened. Beauty and brutality have never been a more efficient combo.

10 Beach Day

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Black Widow has a lot of her time occupied with top secret spy missions or Avengers-related operations where she’s saving the world from intergalactic threats, but Natasha Romanoff is entitled to a vacation just as much as anyone else— if not more. It’s hard to imagine Black Widow in full-on vacation mode, but one would think she can at least appreciate the relaxing qualities of the beach.

9 Leaping Into Action

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A lot of combat comes down to gaining the advantage on your opponent or not blowing your big opening attack. Stealth is a crucial asset when it comes to espionage and Black Widow’s strength would be pointless if she was too clumsy to evade her opponent. Sometimes an airborne strike is the best option available, and when you have a form-fitting costume, that kind of maneuver is even easier.

8 I’ve Got My Eye On You…

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Black Widow’s costume isn’t much of a disguise when it comes to it. Some superhero costumes don’t leave much to be desired, but Black Widow doesn’t even wear a mask. She’s already a fugitive in some circles, so she might as well just throw on some leather or spandex and get the job done. When she’s out of her suit, it’s comforting to picture a softer side of Natasha, but the Hulk would cringe that she’s gone lovey dovey for someone else here.

7 Tight Fit

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As silly as it is, a good costume really makes a big difference in terms of how seriously a character is taken. There’s a reason that the costumes of superheroes like Aquaman or Hawkeye have gone through radical revisions. People had a hard time attaching to the characters. Black Widow’s attire has marginally changed over the years, but it tends to always be an especially tight outfit that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

6 Night Thoughts

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Plenty of superhero comics, films, and even video games have effectively expressed the idea that it’s not always easy to carry the weight of being a hero. The personal lives of many characters witness sacrifices as a result of their heroics. Even when they don’t express it, these characters likely have a lot on their mind. Such is the case here, where both crime fighting and love appear to leave Black Widow in a contemplative state.

5 Read My Lips….

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Black Widow likes to put up a strong front when it comes to fighting crime and taking down enemies, but she’s still a human being. She gets swept away by emotions and romance just like anyone else. As powerful as this superhero is, she still gives into her heart on some occasions. Here’s an instance where emotions just became too strong for both of these heroes, neither of which are the Hulk.

4 Ready For Action

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Black Widow has learned how to turn her body into the deadliest weapon in her arsenal, but she’s still highly skilled when it comes to firepower. In many ways, she’s almost like a very, very toned down version of the Punisher (they could at least teach a gun class together). All of Black Widow’s strengths are on display here: her beauty, maneuverability, and firepower skills.

3 More Like Red Widow…

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Over decades and decades of stories in Marvel Comics, both heroes and villains have been taken to surprising places, for better and for worse. For instance, a recent turn for Black Widow sees the character become a Communist for all intents and purposes. It turns the character into an even more complicated and deadly beauty.

2 Working Out With Hawkeye

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Black Widow is certainly capable of holding her own in both battle and exercise, but it never hurts to have a helpful partner by your side. This humorous depiction of Black Widow’s workout routine with Hawkeye not only highlights intimate behavior that would make the Hulk fume, but it’s a good example of how Black Widow usually carries the weight and doesn’t get the credit for it.

1 Gym Life

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Some superheroes are blessed with mutations, superpowers, or high-tech suits that help them save the world while basically maintaining a lazy lifestyle if they felt like it. Black Widow isn’t blessed with any advantages and if she wants to stay in shape and maintain her edge, she needs to work at it and hit the gym. Even still, she looks great while she’s doing it.

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