20 Pictures From The No Doubt Days Gwen Stefani Wishes We'd Forget About

The 90s ushered in an entirely new era of music that saw bands from different genres find ways to thrive on the radio and reach a ton of fans on MTV, and the level playing field allowed bands like No Doubt to become household names in no time. Hailing from Southern California and blending styles like punk, funk, rock, and reggae, No Doubt was a band with a ton of talent and an incredible lead singer that could seemingly do it all on stage and in the studio.

Gwen Stefani always had the energy and the aura to be a primary player in the music scene, and her solo run would yield a ton of success down the line. These days, she is as accomplished as they come, and she has etched a place for herself in music history.

Today, we want to take a look at the Gwen Stefani of yesteryear and present 20 photos from her No Doubt days that she wishes were kept secret.

20 Wowing The Crowd

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Before social media was a thing and artists could just be discovered in an instant, bands had to cut their teeth on stage by gigging around and putting on a show for a handful of people. This shot shows Stefani after years of work, wowing a huge crowd after the band broke out.

19 Too Red To Handle

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Once a band makes it big, they are going to deal with droves of fans that want nothing more than a moment or two with them. Stefani was clearly handling things well in this photo, even managing to flash a smile for one fan while giving an autograph to another.

18 No Better Place

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The mid-90s was when No Doubt truly began to come into their own, and while bands with female singers had come along before, they truly took things to another level. Stefani had it all, and her work on stage in front of fans is what kept people coming back for more.

17 Feeling It

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It’s not all glitz and glamour for the biggest rock stars around, and making appearances on shows can get tedious and a bit boring. Fortunately for Gwen Stefani, she is an absolute pro, and always makes sure to look great and put on a show for all of the fans that turn out for the taping.

16 Salute

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Performing on stage is one of the most rewarding experiences for an artist, particularly when the show is going off without a hitch. Stefani is known for her stage presence, and this picture makes it easy to see why. She truly loses herself in the performance, and her fans love every second of it.

15 Rock Steady

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Unlike many bands that fall into a rut and never recover, No Doubt has always been willing to explore different sounds and do new things for their fans. This particular era for the band was one that yielded some solid results, and Stefani made sure to promote the record in a stylish way.

14 With The Band

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Once a band reaches the top, everybody wants a piece, and the band will be asked to do a ton of promotional work. This candid snap of Stefani with her fellow No Doubt members looks like it was taken during a shoot, and she was able to maintain a flawless look.

13 New Girl In Town

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Artistic people tend to find a way to stand out while attending any event, and this picture here is all the proof anyone will need. Stefani could not be any more different from the rest of the crowd in attendance, yet this is precisely why she has been able to become such a huge star.

12 Take A Knee

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While performing on stage, it can be easy to get lost in the moment, and the artist’s ability to do this without falling into a routine is key in them forming a connection with the audience. Stefani is clearly feeling it here, and she is making sure to play to the audience with everything she has.

11 Headliner

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Performing in front of thousands of screaming fans is a dream come true for many people out there, but no band starts off at this level. They are forced to play in front of a group of people in small clubs for years before reaching this point. Clearly, Stefani was happy to make her dream come true.

10 Rock On

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Never one to shy away from a fashionable moment, Stefani was looking extra saucy in this snap. The band had just broken out with a string of hits, and people were finally starting to see what all the fuss was about. Since then, they have only continued to add to their legacy.

9 Wowing The Fans

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Those of us that grew up in the 90s remember when MTV first got their hands on No Doubt's music videos, and many people were quickly swooning for Stefani. Not only was she gorgeous, but she had the talent to back it up. This photo here shows her in the heat of the moment, playing to the audience.

8 A Punky Look

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Over the years, we have seen Gwen Stefani rock a number of different looks, with the pink hair, in particular, being one of her most memorable and instantly recognizable. We had seen artists do stuff like this before, but there was a sincerity that Stefani brought to each look to help make it her own.

7 Glitz And Glamour

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Despite her punk rock roots shining through more often than not in her earlier years, Stefani also knew how to glamour things up and sport an entirely different look while on stage. This look is far more glamorous than some of her other outfits, but she rocks it just as well.

6 Pink Lady

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As opposed to just going with nothing but pink in her hair during this time period, Stefani chose to use throw blonde in there as well. This was a nice contrast for her as the band was heading into a new direction. To no one’s surprise, she looked great and the band continued to thrive.

5 A New Era

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Many of us remember when Stefani decided to leave most of her punk style behind in favor of going with something that was more appropriate for the era– and while there were some that missed the Stefani of old, many people were stoked with the new look that she had.

4 No Doubt About It

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Breaking out at a young age can be difficult for most people, but some are able to take it in stride and make the most of their opportunity. Stefani was able to thrive under the pressure of fame and took things to another level once the band broke out. She seems pleased with their newfound success in this photo.

3 Leading The Charge

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Early on, No Doubt was a band that was keen on breaking down barriers and paving the way for a new generation of kids to make it in the business, and once they broke out, other bands quickly took inspiration. Stefani has used her voice and her stage presence to serve as an inspiration to everyone of the era.

2 High Fashion

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Musicians that break it big are able to feature in magazines around the world, and thanks to being more gorgeous than other any pop singer thriving at the time, magazines could not wait to get a chance to photograph Gwen Stefani once she made it big. This photo here is from an early shoot with Stefani looking phenomenal.

1 The Show Must Go On

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It can be easy to get lost in the moment on stage, but every now and again, it is important to take a look around and really soak things in. Success is never guaranteed, so we should appreciate it when it comes our way. This photo shows Gwen Stefani looking out at the crowd and enjoying the moment.

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