20 Pictures Drew Barrymore Probably Wishes We’d Forget

Drew Barrymore is no stranger to the spotlight. Born into the “Barrymore Family Of Actors”, she has a long, deep-rooted family history of fame and life in the public eye. She grew up in front of the cameras, and like any child star, she has become accustomed to having her photo snapped every time she leaves her house to do anything.

Despite knowing what she signed up for, the constant flash of the cameras assures us that some photos are less flattering than the others. Let’s take a look at 20 pictures Drew Barrymore probably wishes we’d all just forget about.

20 Make-Up Fail

Via TheMirror

Every celebrity is sure to have their fair share of make-up fails, and Drew Barrymore is no exception. We’re sure she would pull this image off the internet if she could, as she clearly missed the mark on her make-up application on this day. It probably doesn’t help that there are hundreds of cameras with active flash pointed right at her.

19 Party Animal

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Drew Barrymore’s reputation is that of a party girl. She spent most of her life at nightclubs, parties, and has been known to frequent the after-party scene with her celebrity friends as well. This all started at a very young age. According to TMZ, Drew had a very troubled childhood and an opportunistic mother who lived vicariously through Drew’s acting career. She was always dressing her up and taking her to parties, which seems to be a trend that Drew continued.

18 Party Girls

Via EOnline

If you’re looking for evidence of Drew Barrymore’s party days, or are searching for clarity on just how wild her party lifestyle was, you need not look any further. Courtney Love is known for her off-the-wall party antics and out-of-control behavior, and here she is, snuggled up to Drew at what appears to be a party that they’ve attended together.

17 Fashion Faux-Pas

Via DailyMail

Drew doesn’t really seem to have herself all put together in this photo, but if she was trying to disguise herself while she shopped for essential oils, it didn’t work. She really stands out in this retro ‘90s attire though, so if she was doing some sort of throwback to the fashion of the ‘90s, she absolutely nailed it!

16 Preggers

Via People

It’s unlikely that Drew was heading to any sort of bike-a-thon, as her shirt suggests. It’s more likely that she was pregnant and frustrated, as she seems at odds with something in this photograph. She’s rocking an adorable baby-bump and natural – look in this photo. We’d love to know what it is that has her looking so fed up here…

15 Real Tears

These were real tears as Drew Barrymore took a photo of herself crying and put it on blast on her social media outlets. This was a recent post from 2018 and it was intended to send the message to her fans that nobody was beyond “bad days”, not even her. She drew attention to mental illness and encouraged her followers to seek help when times get tough. This real, raw version of Drew is a very impactful one.

14 Genuine Struggles

Via JustJared

At the time this photo was taken, Drew was struggling to control her issues with addiction and regain control of her life. She was picking up all kinds of hardware at numerous awards ceremonies but seemed troubled in her personal life as both of her worlds collided.

13 Oh No, You Didn’t….

Via LifeAndStyle

Drew may not consider this to be one of her favorite photos! Candids are often the most fun of all photos, but they sure do catch people in honest moments that they were not ready for. Drew looks shocked to be having her photo taken and if we had to guess, we’d predict this wasn’t the red carpet pose she was expecting to strike!

12 The Dreamer

Via People

This gorgeous photo of Drew captures the true essence of fashion in the 90’s. With black nylons on and a lovely polka dot blouse, this photo taken in 1990 really captures the fashion styles at that time. While she may not consider this to be a “cool” photo now, she was definitely admired for her style at the time it was taken, and she was very on-trend.

11 Braces

Via EOnline

Drew is absolutely adorable in this photo. With her wide smile on full display for the cameras, we can see that her teeth are being corrected. She will forever flash a million-dollar-smile after the braces come off. She may not want this photo featured, but it truly captures the genuine essence of her soul.

10 Corduroy Girl

Via EOnline

This photo is a true indicator of the 1990s! Flashing an oversized earth-tone corduroy jacket, Drew looks fresh and natural. She was truly in style at the time this was taken, but we’re quite sure this baggy –styled fashion statement won’t make a re-appearance on the runways anytime soon.

9 Flashing Letterman

Via EWeekly

It was 1995 when the famous flashing incident took place. For those who don’t remember, it was David Letterman’s 48th birthday, and Drew Barrymore jumped on top of his desk and flashed him. This memorable moment is forever imprinted in the memories of all her fans, and this photo ensures they will never forget it. We’re pretty sure she wishes this one didn’t exist.

8 Just A Tad Off-Balance

Via RadarOnLine

This may not be one of her favourite moments to capture and forever freeze in a photo! Drew appears make-up free and just a tad-off balance. She’s likely been out partying and this image tells us everything we need to know about how fun the night was!

7 Adele?

Via JustJared

Is it just us or does Drew Barrymore look a lot like Adele in this photo? The photographer clearly snapped a photo of her a very inopportune moment, but we can’t help but notice her striking resemblance to Adele in this instance. Most celebrities are accustomed to dolling up for the cameras so it’s unlikely that this pic would be the one selected by Drew to be a keeper.

6 Fun Times

Via Pinterest

Drew looks like she’s having the time of her life in this photo. You can see the “real Drew” in this photo as her personality shines through and she seems to be in a fun, silly mood that’s free of inhibitions. This image was taken in 1991, which according to ENews is the time that she was filming Poison Ivy.

5 Best Buds

Via SheKnows

This photo certainly doesn’t seem to depict Drew in her happiest moments, but at the very least, it looks as though Cameron is a true friend that is sticking around to help her out. We doubt this photo will carry with it many great memories aside from Cameron’s loyal friendship, so we’re sure it won’t top the list of Drew’s favs.

4 Cutie-Pie

Via EOnline

We love this photo of Drew, as it shows her pure innocence before she was truly immersed in all-things-Hollywood. This image was captured when she was already a child star, but was otherwise not influenced by her celebrity lifestyle. It was not long after this photo was taken that she ended up becoming a force to be reckoned with on the party scene.

3 Deer In The Headlights

Via USWeekly

This is likely not Drew’s favourite photo, but it’s bound to happen. It seems that she was in some sort of interview when she suddenly dawned the “deer in the headlights” look that is captured in this shot. Or….she may be about to sneeze, we’re really not sure.

2 Childhood

Via EOnline

There is no greater innocence than that of a child. However, by all accounts, it doesn’t appear that Drew had a very normal childhood at all. She was sent for an audition for a dog food commercial at the tender age of 11 months. By the age of five she had already played a small role in a film titled “Altered States”.

1 Young And Innocent

Via People

This photo of young Drew Barrymore is as adorable as it gets. Born into a family of actors, Drew continued to carry the torch when she was cast as a child actress in ET. She was only 7 years old when she starred in this legendary movie, and has since become the recipient of numerous accolades.

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