10 Pictures Of Ariana Grande’s Style Evolution From Victorious To Now

Since she first found fame playing the lovably naive Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's Victorious, Ariana Grande has been known for her style choices. From the days of her bright red hair while she was still on Nickelodeon through the days of her long ponytails and circle skirts and beyond, Ariana has never been shy about making a statement with her style.

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Ariana definitely seems to have her personal style locked down these days but she hasn't always dressed the way she does now. When she first stepped into the spotlight, Ariana's style was almost unrecognizable when compared to the Ari we know and love today. To see 10 pictures of her fashion evolution, keep reading!

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10 2010: The Red Hair Days Begin

When Ariana first became famous, she was known for her vibrant red hair. Although many stars don wigs for their hair changes, Ariana took to social media to explain that she actually bleached and dyed her hair on a weekly basis in order to keep her hair looking that way. Yikes! Since it did so much damage to her tresses, Ariana revealed that she swapped to a wig during Sam & Cat.

Real hair or a wig, the red hair days were truly iconic for Ari. But for the sake of her hair, we're glad they're over.

9 2011: So Casual

These days, Ariana seems to dress up no matter where she's going. That's why this shot of her at a SiriusXM event back in 2011 wearing jeans and a tank top is so surprising. Even though Ariana definitely dresses casual today, even her casual outfits are head-to-toe designer and make so much more of a statement than this toned down look did.

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These were the days when Victorious was still on the air, so Ariana's hair is still bright red here but it's in a ponytail to hide the damage the dye jobs left behind.

8 2012: So Many Circle Skirts

Ariana's style for the first few years of her career could definitely be summed up with one word: cute. Ariana often stepped out to events wearing a crop top and matching circle skirt that would flow out when she walked or had a ton of layers underneath to keep it padded and sticking out.

Although Ari's clothes are a little more sleek these days and definitely a far cry from the days of her skirt and sneaker combos, 2012 Ariana had some major style too.

7 2013: Goodbye, Red Hair!

Late in 2012, Ariana's hair took on a new hue and she permanently ditched the red in favor of her natural brown hair. By 2013, many fans had totally forgotten about Ariana's days with vibrant hair but the ponytail she wore was still going strong.

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At the 2013 101.3 KDWB Jingle Ball, Ariana's typical crop top and flowy skirt took on a super festive motif with the mistletoe all over the skirt. Plus, she started wearing cat ear headbands just about everywhere.

6 2014: A New Look

In 2014, Ariana's look took a whole new turn with the release of her album My Everything. Although fans had already said "goodbye" to her red hair and "hello" to the cat ear headbands, it was also time to say "hello" to a whole new Ari.

Her music took on a slightly new sound with songs like Problem, Love Me Harder, and Bang Bang and her style grew with her. She started wearing darker clothes and outfits like this one with leather and sheer cutouts became Ari's new staples.

5 2015: More Grown Up Looks

By 2015, Ariana's style had definitely evolved to one of a more grown-up pop star which is so fitting for Ariana. At the Grammy Awards, she showed off her newly matured style with this super sleek and unique gown from Versace.

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Because it just wouldn't be like Ariana to wear a regular gown though, she picked one with some really unique and attention-grabbing details in the form of the single shoulder and the shiny silver panel that was draped over the cutout at the front of her dress.

4 2016: Dangerous Woman

In 2016, Ariana's third album, Dangerous Woman, came out. With a new album, Ariana also showed off a whole new look. Although her iconic ponytail definitely hadn't gone anywhere, she sometimes paired it with bangs like this shot of her at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Along with bangs and a crimped ponytail, the Side to Side singer kept up the winged eyeliner and darker clothes, like this lace tube top that showed off some major shoulder. She also wore black pants to match - a far cry from the days of Ari's neverending collection of circle skirts.

3 2017: The Trendiest Hair Accessories

In 2017, Ariana started wearing some outfits that were just a little more casual. Of course, in true Ari fashion, these outfits still made major statements, like this oversized sweater she wore over a pair of jeans to the One Love Manchester benefit concert in June.

Along with the cozy sweater with the name of the event written on the front, Ariana also spiced up her signature ponytail with some super trendy hair jewelry in the braids on the top and sides of her slicked back locks.

2 2018: A New Accessory

In 2018, Ariana Grande started dating Pete Davidson and announced their engagement during the summer of that year before it was ultimately called off only a few months later. Throughout much of 2018, it was nearly impossible to see Ariana out without Pete at her side.

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Pete holding Ari's hand became a new staple in most of her relationships which carried on the same semi-casual vibe that she had started showing off in 2017. Looks like this one, featuring an oversized hoodie, designer bag, and thigh high boots were popular for Ariana.

1 2019: Ari Shows Off

In 2019, Ariana dropped the song 7 Rings off her latest album, Thank U, Next. The whole song is about Ariana really showing off how great her life is.

Her outfits in the video are so over-the-top in the most fabulous way with her several foot-long ponytail, her big fuzzy jacket, and he head-to-toe bling in this outfit featuring a bodysuit covered in gems that matched the necklace and earrings, as well as the gems she wore in her long, pink hair for the video.

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