Pics That Secretly Outed These 15 Celebs As Being Nightmares On Set

It is no surprise that some—if not most—celebrities seem to have some sense of entitlement in their lives. We don’t know if it is the giant paychecks or the lives they live in the public eye that make them think they are so much better than the average Joe, but it is clear that something flips a switch in their mind to make them think they deserve nothing but the best.

Unfortunately, these types of people can make life very difficult for those around them, in their everyday life, with family and friends–and even in their professional life with their assistants, co-stars and production staff. From outlandish demands of bigger trailers to relax in or specific food or wardrobe for themselves, to slowing the entire production of a movie or television show down by making everyone adhere to their timetable, some celebs need to be taken down a peg. In some situations, actors or actresses have seemed to become “blacklisted” in Hollywood, and have been knocked down to “starring” in low-budget commercials, or even nothing at all.

In those cases, it seems as if karma has finally caught up to them and let them know they cannot keep making the choices they have in their lives. And then there are some other stars–we are sure some in particular immediately come to mind–who seem to instead adhere to the adage, “Once a diva, always a diva.”

15 Lindsay Lohan - Doesn't Get Much Work These Days But When She Does She's A Total Nightmare

During a guest appearance on the hit show Glee back in 2012, rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan was the ultimate diva on set. Lohan played herself as a celebrity judge on the show. She reportedly provided a list of demands prior to showing up to film, which included requesting a large trailer on set for herself.

She reportedly arrived hours late, and when she was finally ready to go in front of the camera, it became clear she did not even bother to memorize her lines. In addition to that, apparently Lohan would just up and disappear during the day, and no one could find her when she was needed. Cast members were becoming fed up with her antics, and one even tweeted out a message complaining of the long day ahead–which was later deleted.

This was not the only time Lohan was accused of such behavior, as she had issues during the filming of Canyons in 2013 as well. While some cast members described her as a delight to work with, others shared the same concerns as the Glee cast.

14 Lea Michele - Throws Fits Like A Child and Locks Herself in Her Trailer

Just like her character on the hit show, Lea Michele sounds like she is a perfectionist in real life as well. Glee co-star Naya Rivera released a memoir—in which she didn’t name any names—but it’s clear her stories were about Michele.

Supposedly, Michele would frequently throw fits and lock herself in her trailer, refusing to come out and film her scenes. There was even an incident in which it seemed that Michele caused Rivera to be fired from her role on the show. Apparently, Rivera was in place on set and ready to go, but Michele was nowhere to be found.

When Rivera complained of this to a producer, he got angry with her and took Michele’s side. However, Rivera ended up back on the show, so getting fired over this tiff may have been nothing more than just a rumor. Either way, it sounds like a nightmare to work with Michele.

13 How Low Can J-Lo Go?

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Hey, we get it. No one wants to think of Jenny from the block as anything but the bootylicious girl next star. The sad truth is, this Latino musical sensation has been a demanding diva since the get-go. Maybe her rise to fame off the heels of starring in the lead role of Selena did a little too much for J-Lo’s ego.

While the movie gave Jenny a start in both acting and a real shot at a musical career, it also cast her in the spotlight for her looks and her attitude. Her portrayal of a sassy but sweet Latin music icon that was taken from us too soon may have made a few too many of us confuse Selena’s personality with what we should expect from Jennifer.

When she travels, J-Lo needs several private rooms to accommodate her stylists. She also makes demands for private planes, multiple dressing rooms for her posse, and of course—plain M&M’s. Hey, a girl’s gotta have her standards, right?

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12 Charlie Sheen - Verbally Abused His Superiors During His Meltdown

It’s no surprise that Charlie Sheen has had problems with substance abuse in the past, and even been in and out of rehab to try to combat these issues. This became a problem when he was cast in the Chuck Lorre show Two and a Half Men.

Sheen’s behavior had become increasingly erratic; he had even stooped so low as to verbally abuse show creator Lorre during his meltdown. Sheen would rarely show up to work, blast his co-stars with judgmental and racist rants, even being arrested multiple times during the show’s run.

In the end, Lorre got the last laugh. He wrote the show’s series finale as an episode almost entirely about Sheen, mocking his behavior and ending with his “death” as a piano crashed down on top of a lookalike Charlie. Just knowing Sheen’s real-life past would make anyone skeptical of how professional he could be on set.

11 Katherine Heigl - Accused Of Being Sexist Towards Women/ Hated By Writers

It appears that Katherine Heigl’s difficult behavior may have cost her the career she worked so hard for. Heigl has been notoriously difficult to work with, during production and even through comments she would provide after. She accused the hit movie Knocked Up as being sexist towards women. She withdrew her name for Emmy consideration for her part on Grey’s Anatomy because she claimed she felt the writing on the show was not worthy of such an award.

On the set, she would be full of ridiculous complaints daily about the wardrobe, the lines she was supposed to recite, even the food offered to the actors. It was quite evident the star had a sense of entitlement she did not deserve. In addition to her behavior, her mother Nancy caused quite the uproar as well, playing the part of stage mom. In the end, we’ve seen Heigl in more cat litter commercials than we have big screen movies lately, so these allegations must have proven true.

10 Bridge Over Troubled Baldwin

The Baldwin brothers–as a whole–are no strangers to controversy, but Alec may be one of the most famous for his outbursts and known difficulty to work with. It was rumored that Baldwin was the reason Shia LeBeouf left the show Orphans on Broadway in 2013, due to not getting along with each other at nearly every rehearsal.

He is also known for being very short=tempered and easy to fly into a rage if things do not goes his way. In addition to being a nightmare on movie sets, it was well known among reporters that Baldwin was one celebrity they did not want to have to interview or photograph. Getting a big head over being a celebrity, or having feelings of animosity toward reporters getting in your face, still does not exempt you from the courteous behavior that is expected from a human being.

9 Mischa Barton—Tread Lightly In Those Tap Shoes, Darling

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It seems like something must happen to teen starlets when they hit the silver screen. Almost overnight, they go from being a child actor from that ‘90s commercial that no one ever saw again, to celebrity status walking the red carpet during awards season. That’s what happened to Mischa Barton.

While she pulled off a few stints in earlier shows and films—like being that puking, dead girl in The Sixth Sense—she wasn’t really stealing the show until The O.C. Of course, that show is long gone now and Mischa is still trying to remain relevant. So, what do stars do when they need to jump back into the spotlight? They do it literally, on Dancing with the Stars.

Unfortunately for Mischa, her time spent on the hit show will go down in history as one of the most difficult for her costars. As it turns out, Mischa is a sore loser. After being given a score of just 18 out of 30, she was voted off the show. While costars said she didn’t seem all that into the show from the beginning, she didn’t hide her disappointment in the end—not even hugging or congratulating anyone before leaving the set for good.

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8 Jennifer Aniston—Not So Friendly

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While on the set of Mother’s Day back in 2015, Jennifer Aniston showed us just how real the thirst can get. The actress made demands for a second vehicle. No big deal, right? Maybe her hubby—Justin Theroux—was going to jump into town for a visit and the two needed separate automobiles to accommodate his trip. Unfortunately for Aniston’s reputation, the second vehicle was to transport a car load of Smart Waters to her hotel, because she refuses to drink anything else.

Alright, she’s a shareholder with Smart Water. We’ll cut her some slack. What we can’t excuse is her behavior toward her costars. While filming Life of Crime in Connecticut, the cast would dish out lunch together in a cafeteria each day—sitting alongside one another. We love the sense of community, but Aniston didn’t seem to appreciate it. She would get her lunch to go every day and take it back to her private trailer—which was conveniently set up much farther from the set than anyone else’s.

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7 Bad Guy Bale

Christian Bale may seem to have a bad reputation on the set of his movies. We’ve all heard about his outbursts directed at co-stars, crew members, even directors. While some co-stars may claim he is a difficult celebrity to work alongside, others claim that it is his dedication to his career and the way he films movies that is what has people and fans confused. He is a method actor and will transform himself into the character he is playing, on and off set.

Bale himself also claims to hate being the center of attention, and that he gets around those feelings by playing the part of a character. However, it has been known that Bale has quite the temper. He was well-known for going off on a production member during the making of Terminator Salvation. What was the poor guy’s offense? He happened to walk into the eye sight of Bale during filming.

6 Soul Crusher

Kevin Smith claims that working with Bruce Willis was completely “soul crushing.” Willis has been known for his difficulties on set and during movie promotions, even doing things like refusing to sit for movie poster photos. Famed director Woody Allen even fired Willis from his movie in 2015. Sources say Willis could not (or did not) memorize his lines, and even cue cards were no help.

It was proof Sylvester Stallone couldn’t stand to work with Willis either when he cut his part of the film The Expendables 3 and replaced him with Harrison Ford. Stallone even tweeted about someone being “greedy and lazy”–he didn’t name any names, but the timing nearly proved he was talking about Willis. Nobody wants to work with someone who is so draining of energy all the time, so it is no wonder Willis may need to do some work to resurrect his career one day soon.

5 Austin Powers–Not So Cool In Real Life

Mike Myers is probably most well-known for his part as Austin Powers. His real-life persona is evidently not along the same lines as that character, however. Myers is described as being incredibly private on set, to the point where it got “weird”–he demanded to be dressed in his own trailer, surrounded by tenting so no one could see him when he was walking around the area.

They would wait forever for him to be ready to film his scenes, and then he would go over those scenes with the director again and again, just to reshoot them. A co-star accused him of being emotionally needy, moody and only getting worse as production went along. These days, it appears Myers works more behind the scenes than he does in front of the camera. So far, there aren’t any reports of him being as difficult as he was back then. It seems he just may like to be in control instead of being told what to do.

4 The Diva Housewife

Back in 2009, it was rumored that while on the set of the television show Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher was the most difficult star to work with. It’s been said that Hatcher was rude and had no manners, that she would just grab things out of production member’s hands and never say please or thank you.

She was very picky about her wardrobe on the show, and would make the members of that crew haul around the clothing for her to pick through, choose what she liked and would tell them to get rid of the rest. She would act very entitled, like she thought she was the queen over everyone else, and would even refuse to dine with the rest of her co-stars.

Teri would even refuse to go to the hair and makeup trailers to get ready before filming her parts, expecting them to carry everything to her trailer and make her up there. Hatcher sounds like a true diva.

3 America’s Top Demanding Diva

Think of the word diva, and one name will pop into most people’s minds–Mariah Carey. It is a well-known fact that this famous singer turned actress seems to think the world of herself, and that she is entitled to any and every thing she wants. In at least one case, it sounds like this behavior ended up costing her a job.

According to actor Will Ferrell, Carey was scheduled to film a cameo in the movie The House. After demanding her trailer on set be filled with stuffed lambs, Carey then decided she did not want to perform the song she had originally agreed to do in the movie, and decided she did not want to do the scenes that were already approved. After showing up four hours late for her one-day shoot, her ridiculous demands and trying to change the script to her liking, the director ended up scrapping her appearance from the movie altogether.

2 Nicki Minaj—Egomaniac

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While filming for the E! special—Nicki Minaj: My Truth—the darker side of Minaj came out in full force. While filming the reality series that aimed to capture the true essence of Nicki Minaj, fans came away a little surprised by just how b*tchy their favorite mouthy rapper could get. While the artist is no stranger to shade and comedic jabs at other stars, she went straight for their throats when she stated she would never be thanked for the doors she opened for others.

Minaj appears to think she’s cream of the crop already, despite the fact that her budding career could be toast tomorrow. Let’s be real. She’s no Michael Jackson. What we can’t wrap out heads around is why she thinks being cruel to people on the set and ridiculing others is going to elevate her. Doesn’t that go against everything she preaches in her songs? At the end of the day, we can give her props for being real in the face of reality TV, but the show did not paint a pretty picture of the bodacious rapping pop star.

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1 The Phone Thrown ’Round the World

Naomi Campbell has a notorious reputation for being difficult to get along with as a model, and even as a boss. She would throw tantrums to get her way, abuse her assistants and refuse to work with other models during photo shoots. She had been accused of punching cameras that were in her face. Campbell even was nearly kicked off a plane for swearing and trying to kick at police officers aboard the flight. She claims her anger issues stem from her past, growing up in a hard life with a young teenage single mom in London.

Back in 1999, Campbell checked in to rehab to try to end her substance addiction. She has been living sober ever since. Nowadays, she had a part on the show Empire. While there have been no stories of any co-star abuse during that time, and Campbell claims she just “stays quiet to watch and learn,” her tumultuous past has proven she could flip the script again at any time.

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