Pics That Caught These 15 Male Celebs With Makeup Fails

First of all, it's not a big deal if a dude wears makeup. There are a lot of people who think that wearing makeup is too feminine for a man but who cares what they think? Makeup can make you look good and feel good so it shouldn't matter what other people think about it. Now more than ever, men are wearing makeup and looking fabulous. However, while there are male celebrities out there who are not shy about their love of makeup, there are some celebrities out there who definitely don't want you to know about their beauty routine. In Hollywood, they call it grooming because it sounds more masculine. It just goes to show you how insecure guys are about their glam squad.

Not every male celebrity is obvious about the fact that they wear makeup like Marilyn Manson, Adam Lambert, or Russell Brand and most like to keep it on the down low. Even though most celebrities, male and female, wear makeup on the red carpet and on TV, the men aren't usually as open about it as the women are. There are some celebrities who even wear makeup on a daily basis but don't seem to want anybody to know about it--even though it's not a big deal if they do.

A lot of men, especially famous men, wear makeup nowadays and we're not going to condemn them for that. Anyone can wear makeup regardless of their gender. These are the famous men who wear makeup that you may not have known about.

15 A Little Too Much Powder

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Zachary Quinto suffered from a major makeup mishap when he showed up the Berlin premiere of Margin Call with a little too much powder on his face. Though he might be used to wearing a lot of makeup for his role as Spock in Star Trek, he definitely wasn't supposed to be wearing that much on the red carpet. This powder was probably light-reflecting HD powder which celebrities wear at events where this is a lot of flash photography such as red carpet events. This is the kind of powder that is hard to notice when you're at home in your bathroom but once the cameras start flashing, it is very noticeable. It's so embarrassing to come home and realize that you haven't blended in your foundation or your eyeliner has smeared but imagine having a makeup malfunction on the red carpet in front of a hundred cameras. Yikes!

14 His Eyes Scream, "Help Me"

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The years after his separation with his wife, Jennifer Garner, were rough for Ben Affleck and he was often caught by the paparazzi chain smoking while looking out hopelessly into the distance. While he was filming The Justice League in London last year, he was caught wearing eyeliner while out with his family. There's nothing wrong with wearing some eyeliner but the problem is that his eyeliner just looks sloppy and it only makes him look more tired. That black eyeliner really matches the emptiness of his eyes though. Was he going for a rock n' roll look or maybe a goth look? If he was going for goth, he's already got the general hopelessness and despair part down. At one point in his career, he may have been on the top of the world but after he was caught cheating on his wife, his first stint at Batman was a failure, and allegations are flying about him being a creep, he's in a bit of a slump.

13 Rule Number One Of Foundation: Go Down To Your Neck

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You missed a spot! Every girl knows what it's like to forget to rub in foundation properly and it ends up looking like, well, this. Bradley Cooper looks best when he has a tan because it brings out the blue in his eyes but not everyone has the time to go to the beach for some sun bathing. The Silver Linings Playbook star tried to get that tanned look for the Valentine's Day movie premiere by putting on some foundation or some fake tanner but it looks like he forgot to rub it in around his facial hair. Cooper smiled for the cameras, blissfully unaware that he had the complexion of a hot cross bun. Even with the bronzer and/or foundation mishap, he's still a total hottie. Most of us can relate to his dilemma and we now know the importance of using foundation that is close to our own skin tone.

12 Don Draper Wears Makeup

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Jon Hamm is famous for portraying Don Draper on Mad Men and for being very handsome but his handsomeness is not completely natural because, you guessed it, he wears makeup too. In an interview with Glamour, Hamm said that he doesn't understand why male celebrities don't talk about wearing makeup because, according to him, "We all are." Hamm said that his groomer generally uses tinted moisturizer, powder, and concealer on him and he definitely wears it well. However, there was a time when he appeared on the red carpet with a little too much powder on the bridge of his nose. While not realizing that you have a clump of powder on your face is embarrassing, wearing makeup in general is not. It's refreshing to know that there are male celebrities out there who are not ashamed that they wear makeup and they are not afraid to talk about it. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

11 Vampire Makeup

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Kellan Lutz has had some trouble in the beauty product department and, over the years, he has graced the red carpet with a few makeup mishaps. In the photo on the right, he seems to be taking his role as Emmett Cullen way too seriously because he went a little overboard with with the pale vampire look by putting on powder before blending in the foundation. However, another theory is that he was wearing hi-def makeup which is perfect for movies because it is not detected by the cameras used for filming but this makeup shouldn't be used off the set because it's very noticeable when photographed. In the photo on the right, it appears that he ditched the powder and really packed on the bronzer which only ended up making him look orange. The Twilight actor is a handsome guy but he needs some help with his beauty routine.

10 Looks Like Someone Made a Hugh Mistake

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Hugh Grant looked pretty embarrassed on the red carpet when he discovered that there was powder on his face and he tried to get it off while the cameras were still on him. He probably thought that, before he headed to the red carpet event for his movie Did You Hear About the Morgans?, he would just get a last minute touch-up with some power and it ended up not working out so great for him. He left some white residue on his face and didn't appear to notice it until someone pointed it out to him. Again, this could have just been a bit of hi-def makeup but it does confirm that Hugh Grant wears makeup which we should have probably just assumed. When you're photographed and filmed as much as celebrities, you definitely need to work out some kind of beauty routine.

9 James Bond Definitely Uses Foundation

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You don't get to be James Bond if you're not attractive and Daniel Craig is no exception. However, the current 007 doesn't owe all of his good looks to genetics and he definitely relies on some makeup to get an even complexion and probably a bit of powder to keep from looking too shiny on the red carpet. It's obvious just by looking at the photos on the left and the right that Craig's natural complexion is very light and it wasn't until he was James Bond that he started appearing darker for the cameras. Though it is very likely that he uses bronzer to get that even complexion, he probably uses foundation as well which we now know is a staple for almost every male celebrity in Hollywood. When it comes to getting a nice, even complexion, sometimes foundation is a better route than bronzer--as long as it's blended in properly!

8 A Serious Glow-Up

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Chris Pratt is famous for his glow-up from the lovable doofus, Andy Dwyer, on Parks and Recreation to a jacked Marvel superhero, Peter Quill, in Guardians of the Galaxy. It's not easy to go from a member of an ensemble cast on a network TV show to the lead of hugely-successful blockbuster movies but Pratt managed to pull it off through some intense workouts, a new haircut, and probably a bit of bronzer. As you can see from the photo on the left, Pratt has a naturally pale complexion that may be fine for Andy but not for a superhero/dinosaur trainer. In the photo on the right, Pratt could have just gotten a killer tan at the beach but his complexion is way too flawless to not be a product of bronzer and maybe some subtle contouring. Either way, he looks great as the goofy dork and the hunky superhero.

7 Hairline Timeline

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John Travolta has had some iconic hairstyles over the years from the time when it was greased back in Grease, the mullet/ponytail in Pulp Fiction, and then the painted-on hairline when his hair started to disappear. It may not be common but there are some celebrities, male and female, who use makeup to fix or hide their hairline instead of getting inconspicuous hair transplants like Matthew McConaughey and Steve Carell. While the Saturday Night Fever star may have gotten hair transplants more recently, he first opted for the painted-on hairline look and it didn't really work for him. Travolta has been known to wear other kinds of makeup for time to time (especially for his role in Hairspray) such as powder, bronzer, and concealer--all of which are totally fine. That hairline paint job isn't a good look though.

6 Leto Rocking The 'Manscara'

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Jared Leto may have worn a lot of makeup for his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad but he also wears a fair amount in real life--though it is much more subtle. While he may have worn eyeliner back in his emo/rocker phase as the lead singer for 30 Seconds to Mars, he has toned it down a bit but you can still tell that he wears a bit of eyeliner on the red carpet from time to time. He is also known for using mascara or "manscara" because apparently "mascara" is too feminine for some people. James Van Der Beek and Robin Thicke are two other celebrities who wear mascara, though you can't even tell unless you look really close. After inexplicably winning an Academy Award for his role as a trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club, he may think that wearing makeup is the key to being noticed by the Academy and, unfortunately for us, it sometimes is.

5 Efron Can't Get Enough Of The Foundation

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Zac Efron may have started out as a teen heartthrob but he's grown up to be a handsome hunk. While he was Disney's go-to pretty boy, he often graced the red carpet with side-swept bangs, a pearly white smile, and a little bit of makeup. In the photo on the right, he is obviously wearing foundation because his complexion is way too even and too shiny--but even with his excessive foundation, he won our hearts anyway. In the photo on the right, his makeup use is a little less obvious and it appears that he has some lip tint and possibly some mascara to make his eyelashes look longer and to bring out the color in his eyes. It seems that the High School Musical star is still wearing makeup even now that he has graduated to more adult movies like Baywatch and Neighbors but he has definitely upgraded his glam squad.

4 Guy-Liner

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It's not just women who have a beauty routine and sometimes it includes some tasteful eyeliner. Pharrell Williams said that he has a beauty routine for his complexion which he learned from none other than Naomi Campbell. His routine includes going to the dermatologist and washing his face every day. He also occasionally likes to wear eyeliner. His outfit in the photos above are flashy, colorful, and flamboyant and the eyeliner just goes with the look--seriously, the fact that he's wearing a bright blue hat and a kimono is much more interesting than his makeup. This outfit is a look and it isn't anything like Ben Affleck's lazy, thrown-together ensemble in Paris. The "Happy" singer knew what would look best with his outfit and he just went for it. How can you not respect someone with such eccentric style?

3 What Do You Mean You Don't Wear Makeup?

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Justin Bieber definitely appeared to wear makeup back in the day when he was still a singer for teeny boppers and now, if he does wear makeup, it has become much more subtle. According to his makeup artist, he wore eyebrow gel, mascara, concealer, and powder to give his face a glow. While the Biebs has changed his appearance, music, and genre in order to gain adult fans, he still rocks the pretty-boy look and he wears it well. You can tell from his mugshot that his skin is definitely not as perfect as it appears on the red carpet or in the magazines. More recently, it appears that he wears foundation and probably some subtle contouring to make his cheekbones look more pronounced. He still manages to have the hearts of adoring fans and also the respect of contemporary R&B fans so he must be doing something right.

2 He Steals His Wife's Makeup

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The entire Beckham family is gorgeous but the patriarch and matriarch of the Beckham clan don't just rely on their natural good looks to stun on the red carpet and in photoshoots. According to Victoria Beckham, her husband, David Beckham, often borrows her beauty products but she doesn't mind it at all, in fact, she loves it! "He looks so beautiful!" she said in an interview. Though we don't know exactly which of her beauty products that he steals from his wife, we know from photos that he uses powder on his face to keep from looking too shiny. It also looks like he borrows his wife's contour kit because his cheekbones look way too perfect to be 100% natural. Either way, David and Victoria Beckham are one of the most stylish and beautiful couples around and they prove that a couple who wears makeup together, stays together.

1 Makeup is a Daly Routine

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Just to be clear, everyone on TV wears makeup while the cameras are rolling. Cameras can be cruel and unforgiving and if you want to appear on TV, you will definitely need a glam squad. That's just a fact of life in Hollywood. In 2014, the TODAY anchors had a No Makeup Monday where they appeared on camera without any makeup at all and also took photos comparing both looks. You would be surprised how different anchors like Matt Lauer and Kathy Lee Gifford look without makeup but Carson Daly was probably the most surprising of them all. We know now that he wears foundation to make his skin look darker though his complexion would look a lot better if it didn't look so orange. Regardless, Daly proved that it isn't just women who wear lots of makeup on camera and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

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