10 Pics Of Ariel Winter When She Was Innocent (And 10 Of Her All Grown Up)

We came to adore the geeky, nerdy, glasses-sporting Ariel Winter the minute that she set foot on the Modern Family set. As the actress behind Alex Dunphy since 2009, it's safe to say that the kid, now 21 years old, has blossomed into a dashing young woman.

While she was never shy - clearly, you can't be when there's a camera in your face 10 hours a day - she wasn't exactly the most flamboyant or eccentric of the cast. Well, not at the outset. As the show progressed and as Ariel began to grow mentally and physically, she came out of her shell.

These days, Ariel has no hesitation rocking skimpy outfits on red carpets and flaunting her goods for the paparazzi. She's embraced who she is, and that's always a wonderful thing to see in show business.

20 Innocent: Back In The Day

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We have to wind the clock all the way back to 2009, when Ariel was a tender 11 years old. That's when she landed her big break on Modern Family, the progressive sitcom that would prove to be the catalyst in a career peppered with fame and fortune. It's hard to believe that the innocent face above is the same Ariel we see today.

19 All Grown Up: Is This Even The Same Girl?

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We had to do a double-take for this one. With a slimmer face and a totally new hairdo, it's almost hard to believe that this is actually the same Ariel Winter that played Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. That being said, most folks would agree that she totally pulls off the vibrant red style.

18 Innocent: The Baby Of The Bunch

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Alongside the likes of Claire Dunphy (played by Julie Bowen), Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (played by Sofia Vergara) and Haley Dunphy (played by Sarah Hyland), Alex, AKA Ariel, looks like she's just climbed out of the womb. With braces on her teeth and before her growth spurt, she's as innocent as ever.

17 All Grown Up: Glam And Sparkles

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As the actor behind one of the most well-known teenagers on TV over the last decade, it's hard for Ariel Winter to rock up at any event, public or private, without being mobbed by the photographers. At the Emmy Awards, it seems like she didn't mind it in the slightest, fully embracing the spotlight.

16 Innocent: The First Duckface

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It was only a matter of time before young Ariel started to adopt the classic teenage mentalities - you know, duck faces, peace and pouts, the 'bedroom eyes', all that jazz. Despite trying to look a little older by pulling these kinds of faces, Ariel still looks like the innocent kid we came to love

15 All Grown Up: Shopping In Chic

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With matching zip-up ankle boots to go with her short black dress, and an overly-expensive Saint Laurent bag to pull it all together, Ariel has nailed the simply chic look. This snap was taken when the actress left the Papyrus shop in Studio City, California, likely doing some gift shopping.

14 Innocent: Fake Tattoos

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Falling in line with the previous point, it seems as though Ariel was ready to grow up - or at least she thought that she was. The starlet began to flaunt her curves and started dressing a little more provocatively, even getting a tattoo just below her neckline. Well, that tattoo is fake, so try as you might, your still a youngling in our eyes, Ariel.

13 All Grown Up: Mix And Match

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It what can only be described as an obscure combination choice, Ariel is rocking knee-high boots, mini jean shorts, belly-showing crop top, and jet-black hair, alongside a fuzzy red handbag accessory. She didn't always dress in such a way though - back before her star shone bright, she was all about the t-shirts and jeans.

12 Innocent: Fangirling Over 50 Cent

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No matter if we're all-star actors or average Joes living in our parents' basement, we all have our heroes and celebrity crushes growing up. For Ariel, one of her celeb obsessions was none other than 50 Cent, who she had the absolute thrill of meeting at the Golden Globes awards ceremony.

11 All Grown Up: Cabo Dancin'

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Okay, now we're back to the bikini-style fashion on the beach that we've come to expect of this Hollywood starlet. This photo was snapped when she was vacationing under the sun over in Cabo, and it's a little tease to the videos that were posted around the same time, featuring all kinds of 'shaky' moves.

10 Innocent: Before Everything Changed

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It's now over a decade since Modern Family first aired on TV sets around the world - that's still somewhat of a shock to hear. Throughout those years, Ariel, as well as the rest of the cast, have allowed us to grow with them. None of the actors has developed quite like young Ariel though, that's for sure.

9 All Grown Up: Who Is This Woman?

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Ariel Winter has been through a few pretty intense appearance changes in the last few years, that we know. With an impressive head of wavy red locks that was done as part of a photoshoot in Ulta Beauty, the on-screen talent looks barely recognisable. Are you a fan of the fresh new 'do?

8 Innocent: Brace Face!

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Nothing quite says 'teenage years' like a face full of metal. Most of us have been there already, and we know how annoying all the nicknames like 'train tracks' and 'brace-face' can be. However, Ariel didn't mind for a second. If anything, the lace blush-pink dress took the focus away from her face anyway.

7 All Grown Up: Summer Strolls

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It's not often that you see Winter walking outside in the powerful heat of the California summer (okay, last wordplay, we promise). Here, the Modern Family star is making the most of the blissful Southern Californian weather, out for a stroll in casual attire and still managing to pull it off.

6 Innocent: A Year Into Fame

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After only about a year in the limelight, Ariel Winter started to realize that she was becoming a pretty big deal in the business. The show's popularity grew and so did Winter's, now attracting more and more attention on red carpets. That said, she's still just a kid with a smatter of lipstick.

5 (Almost) All Grown Up: Still Being Sunsmart

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While our beloved Ariel has been spotted in all kinds of skimpy outfits on the beach over the last couple of years (heck, it doens't even have to be a beach - even Disneyland), at this moment, she's not quite grown out of the rash-vest phase. It's about time we had a sun-smart Hollywood ambassador.

4 Innocent: As Alex Dunphy

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We couldn't get through this list without giving some attention to the short, dorky, and overly self-conscious Alex Dunphy character, now could we? The in-between of the Dunphy family kids often falls victim to being the middle child, left to overexert on homework or study in the true overachiever fashion. That said, we absolutely love her.

3 All Grown Up: Paint Me Like Your...

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Gone are the days where Alex Dunphy nerds out with her thick-framed glasses and shows off her geeky idiosyncracies. Nowadays, for Ariel Winter, it's all about showing off the stunning figure that she's grown into. Here, she's having a rather casual photoshoot - one of the hundreds that she's had lined up in her career.

2 All Grown Up: Winter And Fire

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The backdrop on this red carpet is a spitting image of what we see before us in the form of Ariel Winter: fire. We've witnessed the child actress grow up before our eyes on the big screen and she's truly blossomed into an impressive young woman. As usual, the paparazzi are all over her.

1 Innocent: Kids' Choice Awards

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Despite some family drama going on behind closed doors, Ariel - pictured here as a 14-year-old - managed to maintain a brave face in the middle of the Hollywood spotlight. After the media claimed that some of her previous outfits were 'too mature' for her age, she moved (temporarily) to dresses like this one.

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