20 Pics Kanye West Really Didn’t Want Kim Kardashian To Post 

It’s really no secret that Kim and Kanye have very different approaches when it comes to using their social media accounts. Kim definitely spends more time taking selfies and posting photos of herself – a whole lot of them! There’s very little about Kim Kardashian’s life that happens behind the scenes and remains there.

Kim's selfies come fast and furious and we’re sure she puts way more on display than Kanye would like. There are times that Kim posts images of herself or of Kanye and we’re guessing that had he been asked for his opinion, he would not have approved. Let’s take a look at 20 Pics Kanye Really Didn’t Want Kim To Post.

20 The Car Selfie

Via TorontoStar

There’s a lot to be said for Kanye West's dissatisfaction with this photo. It looks like he is trying to enjoy a nice car ride with Kim, but she clearly is not living in the moment or sharing any time with him. Kanye probably thinks this senseless selfie can wait.

19 Not-So Dressed Up

Via Cosmopolitan

It appears that Kim is dressed for a night on the town, or is she? She barely looks dressed at all. Kanye has a pretty incredible fashion sense and our guess is that he’d be able to find her a more suitable dinner outfit than the one she reached for.

18 Flaunting

Via CentralTelegraph

Flaunting her wealth is definitely not something that Kanye would want to see Kim doing. Yes, we’re sure she has a closet full of incredible, expensive clothes, but no, we don’t need to see this posted on her social media so often. We really don’t think Kanye would like such a private photo either.

17 Selfie-Staff

Via Cosmopolitan

Yes, you read that right. Kim Kardashian has hired someone to assist her in taking selfies. According to an article published in the Cosmopolitan, a lady named Paxy has been hired to be Kim’s “selfie-assistant." According to the doctor’s orders, Kim’s wrist needed a selfie-break, so this was her solution.

16 Epic Photoshop Fail

Via DailyMail

Here’s some helpful advice for all of you who indulge in some quick photo-shopping to make your photos “perfect” before posting. Please stop. We can all learn a thing or two from Kim’s photo-shop fails, this one being one of the worst offenders. If she must edit her images this much, it would be advised to pay attention to all components of the image.

15 Six-Toes

Via ExpressTribune

Kim's people should have paid a bit more attention when editing this photo. She’s sadly been given 6 toes. So many of her editing errors have made the headlines that we’re starting to wonder if these are really mistakes, or if she’s just doing a great job at drawing more attention to herself.

14 The Armless Wonder

Via Mirror

Kanye must be rolling his eyes at this one. It appears that in an attempt to reconfigure her waistline, Kim has focused so much on that region that she hasn’t realized her arm's been entirely removed arm from the photo. This editing fail doesn’t exactly reflect well on anyone involved.

13 Human Emoji

Via Pinterest

There are apps intended to assist people in creating their own Emoj’s. Sadly, this is not one of them. Kim really just went overboard when editing one of her images and the end result was this. We’re pretty sure that Kanye married a real person, but we are no longer looking at an image of a real person in this photograph.

12 Over-Edited

Via Glamour

When Kim posted this, her detail-oriented husband must have had a panic attack. There are so many tell-tale signs that this is a highly edited and very unrealistic image. Kim and Kourtney look like they have been glued onto the background, and their body proportions are way-off. Nothing about this photo looks real in any way.

11 The Thumb-Finger

Via Pinterest

Most of us have thumbs that are slightly smaller and shorter than the rest of our fingers. Kim does too– we’ve seen her thumbs in plenty of other images. Yet for some reason, this elongated thumb of hers surfaced in this highly-edited photo. Kanye is something of a perfectionist so maybe he should start reviewing her images before she posts them!

10 Big Hoops

Via Newshub

There was a lot of media uproar after Kim posted this photo of North, as many people were disturbed by the oversized hoop earrings that were worn by such a small child. Granted, they do look quite large and heavy. Kim lives in a world that carries enough criticism– she may want to avoid these risky parenting moves altogether.

9 Oopsie…

Via HarpersBazaar

This photo likely doesn’t carry many fond memories for Kanye, and it’s likely that he’d bury it if he could. This was the moment that Kim drank too much and inadvertently revealed the gender of their baby, much to Kanye’s dismay. Oopsie. It may be best not to revisit this one...

8 Sultry Staircase

Via Legit

This sultry photo is one that Kim clearly spent a lot of time getting ready for. It’s a fabulous photo, and she looks great, but we’re guessing most husbands wouldn’t want an image like this one to be blasted all over social media. According to Metro UK, she has over 150 million followers on her Instagram account, and it’s likely that Kanye doesn’t appreciate this image being broadcast to all of them!

7 Annoyed

Via Narcity

Parenting sure has its moments, and having celebrity status doesn’t buffer them out in any way. Kim snapped this photo of North tugging at Kanye’s hat and he couldn’t look more unimpressed. While this may have been a funny family moment for Kim, it’s likely an image she should have kept within the family and not shared online.

6 Awkward!

Via CBSNews

This awkward photo is courtesy of the CBS News, and we’re certain Kanye would never want it posted on any type of media or social media outlet. Clearly taken at an inopportune moment, Kanye looks especially awkward in this photo, and it doesn’t really do justice for either of them. It’s doubtful that Kanye would approve this photo for social media purposes!

5 The Game

Via MTONews

The Game was definitely playing games when he crushed Kim’s ego in some carefully crafted lyrics, then threw Kanye’s name into the mix. It’s no secret that Kim and The Game had an intimate relationship back in the day, and it’s highly unlikely that Kanye would want to even glance at this photo. Kim’s wild party days with Paris and her relationship with her ex would probably not “pass” as acceptable photography these days.

4 Selfish Selfie

Via YouTube

Kanye is known to put his family before everything. He was immensely close to his mother and truly dedicates time and focused energy on the ones he loves. We’re pretty sure this selfie that Kim took while on the way to take Khloe to jail in 2008 would not be met with his approval.

3 Sleepy Selfie

Via People

At one point or another, we’ve all taken a photo of a friend or relative that’s been sleeping and joked about it after the fact. However, putting it on blast on social media seems like a betrayal of trust to a certain degree. It’s hard to imagine Kanye thinking that this photo is half as funny as Kim thought it was. It doesn’t exactly capture his most glamorous moment.

2 That Look….

Via ABCNews

We’re not sure if he’s angry, annoyed, or just captured in an awkward moment, and that’s precisely the issue here. Kanye is a very calculated and crafted person that puts a lot of effort into the finer details of things. This photo would never be one that he would be happy to share with the world, had he been given the opportunity to discard it.

1 The Ring

Via Instagram

We all know about the unfortunate series of events that led to the robbery of Kim K’s ring, and it’s safe to say that Kanye West would not approve of this photo whatsoever. Broadcasting wealth and fortune on social media has not proven to be a safe thing to do, and we’re pretty sure this is the last time she’ll ever post a photo like this one on her social media channels.

Sources: TMZ, Hollywood Reporter, People.CBS News

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