20 Photos That Prove These Teen Mom Stars Have Truly Grown Up

Over the last ten years, MTV has introduced us to a slew of teenage girls and their nervous partners are on the brink of parenthood. The boundary-pushing network first came up with 16 and Pregnant and then rolled that series into Teen Mom. We have watched these kids give birth, go through serious relationship struggles, raise their kids, and eventually grow up and become productive adults.

Not all of the teen mommies turned out to be success stories. A couple of the cast members sadly never got it together, but many of their cast-mates did, and now they are doing a serious amount of adulting.

Check out these twenty teen moms doing their thing and proving to the world that they are all grown up.

20 Starting New Families

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Corey and Cheyenne are no longer an on and off thing, as Corey seems to be in a pretty stable relationship with another one of his former costars, Taylor Selfridge. The two are about to give little Ryder a sibling, as they are now starting their own little family. We can't wait to meet the newest member of the Teen Mom family.

19 Kailyn Snagged Her Degree

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This mom of three managed to snag herself a college degree. You go, girl. Kailyn is a lot of things, but a quitter is not one of them. When she sets her mind on something, she sees it through and makes sure it gets accomplished. In 2o17, this headstrong mama earned her college degree in mass communications from Delaware State University.

18 Brianna DeJesus Is Moving On Up

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Mom of two, Brianna DeJesus, is moving on up, quite literally. Since we have met Bri, she and her two daughters have been living in a cramped apartment along with her mother, her sister, and occasionally her eldest daughter's father. Not anymore! The now single mama recently paid for her new pad in full, per intouchweekly.com. Cheers girl!

17 Leah And Her Exes On Good Terms

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There is no greater sign of some adulting going on than solid co-parenting, and Leah Messer seems to be doing exactly that with both of her baby daddies. Leah and Corey Simms are on solid ground, parenting their twins together, and she and Jeremy Calvert, her second ex-husband, might even be sharing a bit more than parenting duties, per thehollywoodgossip.com

16 Bristol Lends Her Ex A Helping Hand

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Bristol Palin was on Teen Mom for just one season, but she does not lack in the business department. She is currently raising three kiddos and working in real estate. She even helped her once-estranged ex-husband, Dakota Meyers, sell his property. In a showing of total maturity, they even posed for a picture, proving that they are both super grown-up.

15 Janelle FINALLY Chose Her Wellbeing Over A Man

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Per people.com, Janelle Evans FINALLY filed for divorce from her husband, David Eason. Family, friends, and fans of Janelle's have been begging her to take her kids and run for the hills for years now, but it took a while for Janelle to get the message. The couple has been separated for less than a month, but progress is progress people.

14 New Beginnings For Chelsea And Company

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Lots of new beginnings have been happening for Teen Mom darling, Chelsea Houska, and her family. She finally seems to be dealing with her anxiety in a way that works for her, she and Cole welcomed another baby into the family, they started a diaper bag line, and are even planning on making another move!

13 Cate And Tyler Are Far From The Trailer Park

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Both Cate and Tyler Baltierra have upgraded from their meager beginnings in a Michigan trailer park. They bought and renovated an 1800s hexagon house big enough to hold their growing family and animals. The pair recently spoke about possibly adding one more kid to the mix in the years to come!

12 Kayla Has A New Man And A New Daughter

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Our girl Kayla finally seems to have left the dream of making things work with her son's father behind. She locked down a man who is in college, has ambition, and loves her and her son– she even has a new daughter with him. We hope these two manage to make things work better than Kayla and her first boyfriend did.

11 Mackenzie McKee Made Fitness Work For Her

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McKee took her hobby of working out and made it work for her. She now has her fitness business to thank for feeding her three kids and paying her family's bills. With things up and down with the father of her three children, at least Mackenzie knows that even without him, she will be able to take care of her children.

10 Macy And Mackenzie Unite

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Here Macy is with her three children and her ex-fiance's new wife and kids, all looking happy and cozy. For as much drama as Macy and her ex, Ryan Edwards, have gone through, this picture is about the closest thing to a miracle as we are ever going to get. There is some serious maturation happening here.

9 Amber Portwood Is Taking Responsibility For Her Actions

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So, Amber...what can we say here. We wish that we could say her recent life path has been lined with roses and sunshine, but she has hit some speed-bumps along the way. On a positive note, Amber continues to take her mental health care seriously, visiting her doctors when need be, and seems to take responsibility for her wrongdoings.

8 Ashley Salazar Continues To Make Mature Decisions

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We met this teen mom back when she was getting ready to have her daughter and give her up for adoption. Ashley's aunt and uncle took her daughter, and she still sees the little girl, remaining a part of her life. She now has another child and is a proud college graduate, proving that being a teen mom doesn't have to mean the end of one's dreams or goals.

7 Christina Head Is A Total Boy Mom

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Christina Head, now Robinson, is a total boy mom. She and her hubby T.J. have two sons together, as well as Christina's son from her teen relationship and T.J.'s son from his previous relationship. That makes four busy boys all living under their roof. That has to be one loud and fun home.

6 Markai Has Learned To Live With Life


Markai and her former boyfriend James welcomed a daughter together, but their relationship was beyond flawed and immature. They found out they were pregnant again, but decided not to keep that pregnancy. Things between the two went south real fast. Markai has grown up and learned to live with the choices that she made. She now works as a dental assistant to support both of her children. That's the grown-up world for you.

5 Farrah Abraham Is Hustling And Living In A Very Adult World

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We don't always agree with some of the choices that Farrah makes for herself or her child, but we will give the lady this much: she hustles. Farrah has dabbled in various entertainment industries and tried her hand at several business ventures. She is one of the only teen mothers to not yet add any more kids to her brood.

4 Traveling The World

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The teen moms are traveling the world with their kids in tow. No longer do they need a chaperone or parental permission to go anywhere. These are grown women, doing grown-up things for themselves and their kids! Kailyn and Leah took their six kiddos to warm and sunny Hawaii, while Farrah whisked Sophia away to Italy for a getaway.

3 Alex Sekella Is Living Away From The Limelight


Alex Sekella's teenage years were packed full of drama. She and her daughter's father battled all sorts of demons in hopes of staying together and making things work. Long story short: they didn't, and Alex moved on to greener pastures. She has a stable man and a stable life. Good for her!

2 Maddy Godsey Is Taking Care Of Business

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Miss Maddy is certainly taking care of business these days. She never did have a whole lot of support parenting her child, as her baby was conceived via a one night stand, but that didn't get Maddy down. She now holds a full-time job down and has moved out of her dad's home and into a place of her own.

1 Lindsay Harrison Is A Busy Woman

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This former teen mama is no longer cage fighting, but Lindsay Harrison is still a busy woman. In the last couple of years, she has added twins to her growing family and works in real estate now. You know, with a full-time job and three kids in tow, Lindsay probably doesn't sit down a whole lot.

Sources: people.com, thehollywoodgossip.com, insider.com

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