20 Photos That Prove Eliza Dushku Needs A Comeback

Eliza Dushku is best known for playing Faith on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, another Slayer who kicks just as much butt as the iconic character played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the years since, she played a reluctant cheerleader in Bring It On, and has most recently played J.P. Nunnelly on Bull.

Eliza has a lot going on in her personal life: she married Peter Palandjian in 2018 and the couple welcomed their first baby this year. While the actress has a ton of roles under her belt, she hasn't acted as much in recent years. And we definitely think that needs to change because she's talented and always brings a special something to the TV shows and films that she is in. Here's hoping that she signs on to some more projects soon because we would love to watch them all.

Here are 20 photos that prove that Eliza Dushku needs a comeback.

20 Her Hair Is Perfection Here

via Allure.com

Some people are just given super shiny hair that looks amazing all the time. The rest of us are pretty envious when we see photos of a celebrity, like this one of Eliza Dushku.

Thanks to perfect highlights in her hair and a gorgeous background, this is one of the best photos ever taken of the actress.

19 She's A Babe In A Blue Tank Top

via Flickr

These days, tank tops seem like they're relegated to the athleisure world as many of us wear them when heading to a barre or yoga class.

But in this great picture of Eliza Dushku, she proves that tank tops should totally make a fashion comeback. And Eliza needs to as well.

18 She's Got That Girl Next Door Look

via Hollywood.com

It's tough to go wrong with a jean jacket... well, unless it's freezing cold out and you really do need to transition to your winter coat.

This is another picture of Eliza that proves she needs a comeback. We love her long hair, fresh makeup, sweet smile, and cute Catcher In The Rye t-shirt.

17 We Love Her Bold Red Lipstick And Lacy Dress

via Popsugar.com

Sometimes celebs look super over the top when they're going to a red carpet event, and we get it. It can be fun to dress up. Eliza is cool, though, because her looks are never too much.

This red lipstick and lacy dress duo prove that 2019 is going to her year.

16 She's A Dream In Her Wedding Gown

via W Magazine

Everyone wants their wedding day to be a dream. It definitely seems that Eliza Dushku had a magical time when she tied the knot in 2018.

She chose a classic, sleeveless wedding dress that has a bit of a train, and she couldn't possibly look more gorgeous. She also looks really happy, which is always fashionable.

15 Eliza's Sleek, Sophisticated Hair Is #Goals

via Us Weekly

In another picture that proves that she needs a comeback (and soon), Eliza's got straight, sleek hair that is so shiny, we can't even.

Combined with her patterned dress and delicate makeup, we're going to say that we really need to see her in some movie or TV roles this year.

14 Eliza's Got That New Mom Glow

via IG

We're always eager to see photos of a favorite star and their new baby. Eliza posted this pic to her social media and she looks as beautiful as ever. Her cheeks are glowing and she looks at peace.

She named her baby boy Philip, which is a strong, classic name that we really like.

13 A Leather Jacket Is Always In Style

via Wikipedia

There are certain pieces of clothing that will always look awesome and go with absolutely anything in your closet. For many of us, it's a denim jacket, pair of black leggings, or a peacoat if we have a preppy sense of style.

This pic of Eliza Dushku has reminded us that we all need a classic leather jacket in our closets. So chic.

12 She Looks Amazing In This Pretty Dress

via Boston Herald

If we didn't see this picture, it would be pretty easy to think that blue and gold wouldn't look that great together, especially when used in a dress. Then we saw this pic... and we're in love. This is the prettiest item of clothing ever, and Eliza is rocking it.

11 And Here She's Elegant Eliza In A Cool Dress

via Imgur

Maxi-dresses can be pretty hit or miss, but that's definitely not the case with this gorgeous long dress that Eliza's wearing here. It couldn't be more lovely or delicate, and we couldn't be more invested in her 2019 comeback. We really think that she needs to be talked about a lot more.

10 She Looks Fierce And Fashionable

via Time.com

This photo totally reminds us of Eliza's Buffy character, Faith, as she looks ready to kick butt and take names and save the town of Sunnydale.

She looks strong and beautiful and, as always, her hair is so perfectly wavy that we're trying really hard not to be envious. The key word is trying...

9 She Glowed As A Mama-To-Be

via IG

It's so cool to see that while Eliza can absolutely dress up for a red carpet occasion, she can also hang out in casual clothes. She looks just as amazing in sweatpants, a white t-shirt and a grey cardigan sweater as in a much fancier outfit. The fact that she posted this pic to her social media makes her so relatable.

8 We're Totally Stealing This Look For A Holiday Party

via Pinterest

Holiday parties are some of the most fun occasions to dress for. While it might be a little intense to wear red or green velvet the rest of the year, Christmas is a perfectly acceptable time to do that.

We love this dress that Eliza is wearing here so much, it's giving us some major inspiration for our 2019 holiday bashes.

7 Here The Actress Is Looking Great While Running Errands

via Pinterest

Do we look this good while we're running errands in our neighborhood? Let's just say that sweatpants or leggings seem to happen a whole lot...

In yet another beautiful pic that proves she needs a huge comeback, Eliza's got a cute shirt and blazer combo going on. We love her heels, too.

6 She's A Dream In This Casual Look

via People.com

It's hard to make a pair of jeans and a turtleneck look super fashionable since they're fairly plain clothing items. But Eliza does this in spades with her look here.

From the pink scarf to the piles of bracelets on her wrists, along with her cool necklace, she has really styled her outfit perfectly.

5 Eliza Rocked This Red Carpet

via Popsugar

Whether she's walking around in casual clothing or on the red carpet, we can totally count on Eliza looking cool. This red carpet look fits into that category.

The gold and brown tones are really beautiful, and the belt that she added is the perfect accessory. Her makeup is great here, too.

4 She Proves Black Is Always The Best Fashion Statement

via Boston Magazine

No matter how amazing the color blocking trend is, or how fun it can be to step outside of your comfort zone, we have to admit that an all-black outfit can be so cool.

And in black leather pants and a gorgeous black blouse, Eliza Dushku proves that she needs a comeback for sure.

3 We Really Love This Pink Sweater

via Pinterest

We not only adore this pink sweater, but we have to give Eliza major props for pairing it with a long black skirt and colorful shoes. Sure, this sweater would look good with a simple pair of pants or jeans, but it can be nice to switch things up. The sunglasses are a nice touch, too.

2 The Actress Definitely Knows How To Travel

via Media Bistro

Eliza's got her travel style on fleek: cute sneakers, comfy leggings, a soft sweatshirt, sunglasses, headphones, and a chic fedora.

Let's remember this the next time we're traveling. We really shouldn't go anywhere without copying this exact look. It's going to make a plane, train, or bus trip so much better.

1 And Even While Shopping, She's Super Chic

via Zimbio

In the final pic that proves that Eliza Dushku needs a comeback, she's paired cropped leggings with sneakers and a jean jacket, and she is totally winning the fashion game here.

Even in a simple outfit, she brings seriously cool vibes, and we love her so much. Fingers crossed that we see more of the actress this year.

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