19 Photos Of The Duggar Daughters Their Father Wants Kept Hidden

The Duggar family had so many children that the name of their reality TV show had to keep changing to keep up with their ever-changing status. The reality show was originally titled “17 Kids And Counting”, and boy did they ever keep counting! Eventually ending up being titled “19 Kids and Counting” when the show ended in 2015, the program followed the Duggar family through their journey as a devout Baptist family.

The incredibly strict and restrictive upbringing imposed by parents Jim Bob and Michelle was embraced by some of the children, while others tried to break free, opting for a more modern lifestyle. While these images may seem tame to you, they’re incredibly brazen in the eyes of the Duggar family. Let’s take a look at 20 photos of the Duggar daughters their father wants kept hidden.

19 We Think We See A Knee...

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Growing up in a strict Baptist household meant there were rules surrounding what could be worn, which body parts could be shown, and what sort of photos could be taken. This photo would certainly not be acceptable to the patriarch of the family, Jim Bob. Jana can be seen here with her knees fully exposed, which was a huge no-no.

18 The Front-Hug

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Jana is seen in this image breaking the rules yet again with a front-hug, and a hand-holding embrace that is simply way too affectionate to be acceptable. It’s a seemingly innocent photo to most onlookers, but this would surely make Jim Bob upset and disappointed at his daughter’s choices.

17 Pants...Tight Pants!

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Women are not permitted to wear pants. No, really- this is an actual rule that all the Duggar women had to abide by. Jinger is wearing pants here, and this would be absolutely unacceptable. Not only is she sinning by wearing these pants, but they also appear to be very tight, which of course, is another no-no.

16 Intimate Moments


Jill and Jessica would both find themselves in trouble with this photograph. Showing too much in the way of raw emotion and letting their personal moments be captured in this way, would not be acceptable. It also appears that one of these lovely ladies is wearing pants again. Oh, this photo is sure to cause lots of trouble…

15 Are Those Pants On Jana?

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Without a doubt, Jana received a lot of backlash from her family for this seemingly-innocent photo. She’s wearing pants, and her t-shirt is way too tight. This is literally all it takes for the family to be up in arms about this being an inappropriate image. Imagine living a life as restricting as this!

14 Blasphemous!

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Hold the press! This photo is among the worst that the family has ever seen. Sure to generate a lot of anger and punishment, this image of Ana shows way too much skin, and she’s seen in a very suggestive position that would certainly not be acceptable. We’re not sure how this was leaked in the first place!

13 Cover Those Shoulders!

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Jill’s wedding dress is showing her shoulders and her arms, and we’re sure her parents did not get a glimpse of this dress in advance of her big day. Had they seen this, they surely would have demanded that she replace it with something more modest and one that shows far less skin.

12 Blondes Have Too Much Fun

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According to their strict Baptist upbringing, the Duggar girls were not supposed to do anything to their personal image to make themselves appear more feminine or more desirable to men in any way. Given this fact, it’s likely that a whole lot of trouble came her way when Jinger decided to dye her hair blonde! This surely wasn’t permitted.

11 Way Too Provocative

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Jessa looks amazing in this photo. She looks gorgeous, feminine, and looks great in her silky tank top. Sadly, all of these things are strictly prohibited. Simply put, she’s not supposed to look this attractive or feminine, according to her parents Jim Bob and Michelle. Oh, in case you missed it – she’s not supposed to show her entire bare arm, either.

10 Jinger's Jeans

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To most of us, this would be a gorgeous image that we’d expect to see on any lifestyle magazine cover. Most of us would look at this photo and see a loving husband and wife, poised happily within the door frame of a building, looking happy, and sophisticated. The Duggar family would fixate on the fact that Jinger is wearing Levi Jeans. How dare she wear pants! The horror!

9 Where's Your Skirt, Jill?

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Once again, a seemingly innocent photograph is anything but, in the eyes of the Duggar parents. This photo landed Jill in a lot of trouble ….for wearing pants. Michelle told Romper that her family’s “interpretation of religious scripture” is what led them to create the “no pants” rule. Clearly Jill is not interested following along with her secular upbringing.

8 Pull It Together, Jill!

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Jill just can’t seem to get on board with the strict fashion rules that are imposed by her family. She’s not only seen in pants here, but she’s also seated in a very unladylike position. None of this would be ok with her family, and we’re sure she got an earful for this one, even though she’s clearly a grown adult.

7 Too Much Skin

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This is a fabulous photo of Amy. She looks adorable and happy in a cute crushed velvet dress with Peekaboo shoulders. Most wouldn’t see this photo as being a problem whatsoever. In fact, she’s very modest-looking, however the level of skin being shown is simply sinful to the Duggar family, and goes against the grain of everything they believe in.

6 Whoa! Just...Whoa!

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Shoulders revealed and cleavage showing, Amy looks carefree and as happy as a bride should look on her wedding day. We’d love to see the images of the Duggar family’s dismay though…what happened to those photos? We’re sure they were not impressed, as this dress shows way too much skin and was obviously not approved by them!

5 Seriously, A Bikini?!

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Amy does it again! Granted, she’s the cousin of the Duggar daughters, but this is still the same Baptist family with the same bloodline and belief system. She really drags their name through some modern dust by refusing to conform to their strict fashion rules. The Duggars don’t like it when knees are revealed, so imagine their dismay at the sight of her entire pregnant body on display!

4 White...Pants..

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Jinger keeps pushing the envelope! This image is the first time she ever appeared on a red carpet and to the horror of her family, she appeared in pants. Not just any pants, but form-fitting white pants. She looked amazing, and it’s really hard to grasp that this modest look is perceived as being very risqué, to her strict family.

3 Oh My Gosh, A Swimsuit!

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Jill keeps her rebel side very, very real. She seems happy and completely at ease in her swimsuit, and to most of us, this just looks like a very normal family photo. Her parents would not approve though, as this basically breaks every single fashion rule they have put in place, and she is totally disregarding their religious upbringing.

2 Too Short!

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This dress itself is a very modest one. Most wouldn’t see this as being revealing in anyway, but Jim Bob and Michelle sure would. Their religion and belief system has strict guidelines on covering the female knees at all times, so this photo is representative of complete disrespect in their eyes.

1 Way Too Adult

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Amy appears to be taking a stand and dressing against the fashion-grain that is imposed by her family. She looks fabulous in her animal print dress, which we’re sure the Duggars would say is far too short. Her neck is also exposed, which also breaks the rules. She doesn’t seem to care though. This is just one of many images of Amy dancing to the beat of her own drum.

Sources: Romper, TMZ, ENews

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