20 Photos Of The CW Ladies Without Makeup

The CW is well known for its amazing bevy of youth-oriented TV shows, and has been home to many leading ladies who aren’t just hot, but also well written characters– ranging from super-heroes to tough fighters in order stand out from the pack.

Many CW actresses are very popular on social media, sharing posts of themselves to promote their shows and appearing in numerous magazines. Most of them stick to wearing makeup, but a few have joined a popular trend of makeup-free selfies that other starlets are doing. It’s telling how many of them look different without makeup. That so many look just as gorgeous says a lot about them and helps them stand out even more. Here are 20 CW ladies sans makeup to prove how hot they can be off-camera as well.

20 Willa Holland


At first, Thea Queen was an annoying spoiled brat on Arrow, but Willa Holland won over fans with her performance as Thea soon rose up and became a heroine in her own right. Holland could handle the stunts and the action well, while pulling off great outfits. Holland recently returned to the series after an absence while this pic shows the laid-back goofball she is in real life. Thea may be a rough character, but Holland looks terrific out of costume.

19 Elizabeth Gillies


Dynasty is a revival of the classic ‘80s soap opera with Elizabeth Gillies standing out as the often selfish Fallon. On the show, Fallon would rather be caught dead than be seen in public without makeup and Gillies shows off herself on social media a lot. This pic proves that even without all the lavish trappings of wealth, Gillies is a terrific knockout and doesn’t need Fallon’s money to stand out from the pack.

18 Jessica Green


The Outpost has been a surprise summer hit for the CW. This fantasy series won over viewers and will return for a third season next year. Australian actress Jessica Green plays Talon, a mysterious warrior woman and looks amazing with flawless beauty. Green has shown off her stunning looks on both YouTube and social media. As this pic proves, a makeup-free Green still looks like a supernatural vision.

17 Kennedy McMann


The latest CW Starlet, Kennedy McMann, has had few major credits in TV. She now stars on the CW’s revival of Nancy Drew where the classic teen detective is now tackling a grown-up mystery. McMann hasn’t done as many makeup-free pics as others, but this one of her on a walk in Toronto stands out thanks to her bright smile. Her turn as Nancy has little to smile about, but McMann shows she’s a star on the rise.

16 Lucy Hale


Lucy Hale first got attention on Privileged, a 2008 CW dramedy which critics loved but sadly only lasted one season. After her star-making role on Pretty Little Liars, Hale returned to the network for the equally short-lived Life Sentence. She’s returning at mid-season in the title role of the Riverdale spin-off, Katy Keene. This is one of several pics Hale has shared without makeup but still looking like a star.

15 Ruby Rose


Batwoman has been getting big buzz for adapting the popular DC heroine for the Arrowverse. Ruby Rose was the first choice, and has been handling the part of Kate Kane and her caped alter ego. Well known for her bevy of tattoos, Rose got attention showing off the acne that has plagued her over the years, something makeup artists hide. It proves Rose has little shame in flaunting her flaws.

14 Rachel Skarsten


A popular actress in Canada, Rachel Skarsten first joined the CW playing Queen Elizabeth I on the period drama, Reign. Currently, she portrays the psychotic Alice on Batwoman which has her buried in white makeup. This picture doesn't feature makeup or much else, but Skarsten still retains a very nice aura. In any role, she’s a standout and that goes for just being herself.

13 Candice Patton


Iris Allen was altered a bit from the comic books to The Flash television show, but Candice Patton was good in the role. The character shined more when she joined the team and her marriage with Barry started seeing some interesting turns (like their grown daughter from the future showing up in town). This pic has Patton lounging sans makeup, but still looking like the woman who won the heart of the Fastest Man Alive.

12 Danielle Panabaker


Danielle Panabaker has won over fans on the Flash as scientist Caitlin Snow who later becomes the ice-wielding Killer Frost. While balancing her two personas, Panabaker can get some funny lines on the show. This pic has Panabaker leaving her Vancouver hotel to the set, bundled up (a problem Frost never has to worry about) with some bags under her eyes from filming, yet still ready to go.

11 Katie Cassidy


After a recurring role on Supernatural, Katie Cassidy was the highlight of the short-lived revival of Melrose Place. She then joined Arrow as Laurel Lance which has seen her go from attorney to Black Canary to being killed and replaced by her counterpart from another reality (it’s complicated). Cassidy always looks great and this pic showcases the chipper attitude sans makeup that lets this Canary sing.

10 Lili Reinhart


Betty Cooper is the “Good Girl” in the Archie comics, but the Riverdale version is much hotter. Lili Reinhart can relate as she’s gotten attention for her role in the movie Hustlers and her steamy relationship with co-star Cole Sprouse. Reinhart is proud of showing off a makeup-free appearance on her social media posts and the fact she looks just as hot speaks volumes to how Betty stands out.

9 Camila Mendes


Riverdale has allowed Veronica Lodge to show off nicely and Camila Mendes handles the role well. She’s done everything from song and dance numbers to some hot scenes with K.J. Apa. Mendes is a knockout in the part. While her gaze always seems to look nice, Mendes is proud of showing off her natural beauty which can put even Veronica to shame.

8 Marisol Nichols


This lovely actress plays Hermione Lodge on Riverdale and while she hasn’t gotten as many steamy scenes as others in the cast, she looks great. Nichols has a very nice and natural beauty as this pic showcases, so she doesn’t need as much makeup as others. She can glam it up wonderfully, yet Nichols has a simple style that lets this pic shine nicely.

7 Emily Bett Rickards


Felicity Smoak was intended to be a one-scene character on Arrow, but Emily Bett Rickards was so engaging in the role that they made her a recurring face and then a regular. With her fun humor and great drive, Rickards even got married to Oliver Queen. While she left the show at the end of its seventh season, Rickards is returning for its finale. This pic shows a more natural side to this hacker that makes her more intriguing.

6 Chyler Leigh


Alex Danvers was created for the Supergirl series as Supergirls' foster sister. Chyler Leigh was a TV veteran and looked great in the role, handling her sister’s problems to discovering more about herself. While older than Benoist, Leigh still looks fabulous as this pic focuses on her lack of makeup, but just enhancing why she’s a hot commando on the show.

5 Katherine McNamara


The lovely actress broke out on the Freeform series Shadowhunters to show her feisty action side. On Arrow, she plays Mia, the grown daughter of Oliver Queen who takes up her father’s mantle. She’s won fans over to the point that producers are considering a spin-off for her character. McNamara is a natural beauty. As this pic demonstrates, she barely needs makeup to be a star who can handle her grit.

4 Madchen Amick


A veteran TV actress, Madchen Amick was well cast as Alice Cooper on Riverdale. While she seems a supportive mother, she can get into some wild antics and shows off a stunning body at 48. This pic reveals Amick’s fantastic natural beauty, so she needs little touch-ups to look amazing on set. In many ways, she’s even hotter than her TV daughter, Lili Reinhart, showing how a mature gal is just as great on the CW.

3 Madelaine Petsch


Fans of Riverdale never tire of Cheryl Blossom’s absolutely insane antics. The stunning redhead stands out with her fun lines, and her Instagram posts show off her great beauty regularly. Her red hair is always lush and this pic shows Petsch carries a fun charm. While Cheryl wouldn’t dare to be in public without looking her best, Petsch is terrific sans any additions.

2 Melissa Benoist


A former Glee star, Melissa Benoist seemed an odd pick for Supergirl. But Benoist has engaged fans and critics alike with her terrific performance. A great singer who’s even starred on Broadway, Benoist took part in People’s annual “stars without makeup” feature and illustrated how her beauty is truly out of this world. The Girl of Steel doesn’t need makeup to stand out.

1 Caity Lotz


Caity Lotz had been cast as Sara Lance aka the first Black Canary on Arrow. She was incredibly popular to the point that when the character was bumped off, fans were outraged. The producers not only brought Sara back, but made her the star of the spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow. A trained dancer and fighter, Lotz enjoys showing off her freckles that the makeup artists hide.

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