20 Photos Of Steve Irwin’s Daughter All Grown Up

Steve Irwin was an incredible man who strived to save wildlife and spread his love for animals & people with anyone he met. When he passed away, the world missed one more star, but we often forgot he left behind a few more stars in ascension: his family.

Today we're looking at the incredible daughter of Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin, and the amazing woman she became ever since losing her father when she was just a child. She continues taking care of her father's legacy and has developed a kind personality as well. Here's how she is now, all grown-up and ready to take over the world.

20 Dingo Whisperer

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It doesn't matter what species of animal it is, Bindi Irwin is there to show her love for it. In this picture, we see her in zoo uniform, cuddling up with dingos, feral dogs that are native from Australia. Such dangerous animals showcase their kind & loving side with Bindi Irwin in this photo, and we're living for it!

19 She Misses Her Estranged Grandfather

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Everyone deals with death in different ways and Steve Irwin's passing affected everyone differently. When it came to Steve Irwin's father, he became a recluse, wanting nothing to do with anything that reminded him of his son. "When my dad passed away, [my grandfather] chose to distance himself from everything that dad loved the most," Bindi stated. She has also confessed that the family misses him, but even when they try to send him birthday presents, he opens them and sends them back.

18 Dancing With The Stars

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Bindi joined season 21 of Dancing With The Stars, partnering up with Derek Hough. Not only did they both end up winning by the end of the season, but it was the first time we saw her dance, and the first time she wore heels. It was probably a lot harder for her to learn how to dance when she had no experience walking in heels to begin with. “The most special part of this experience is to really be able to grow and touch on parts of my life that I never thought I would really go to and be able to share my journey and story with so many others," she said.

17 Feeding The Crocodiles

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Bindi Irwin continues her father's work with animals at the zoo, and one of the many activities she does there is feeding the crocodiles, among many other animals. Just like her father, she proves to be fearless, taking care of every creature, no matter the species. She plans on taking over the zoo as well, just like her father, and we can see she is doing a great job with it already!

16 She Feels Like She Has Lived Ten Lives In One Lifetime

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It's no surprise that Bindi has been through a lot since her father's passing when she was young and, for that, she felt as if she has already lived ten different lives in her 21 years of existence. She has continued her father's legacy of working with animals, she has been in movies and TV shows, and she continues to grow with a big heart.

15 She Wrote A Book

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Bindi Irwin is young, but she has already written a memoir about her life. Perhaps because she has felt like she has lived ten lives already, she has a lot of material to offer, mostly about what it's like to grow up in an Australian zoo. “I am writing a book and it's one of those things, you are writing and you think you are in the right space, but then you rewrite the whole thing. The book is about my journey, my journey growing up at Australia Zoo and traveling around the world with our conservation work.” We can't wait to be able to read it!

14 A Perfect Family

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Bindi Irwin isn't the only animal lover in the family. Steve's wife, Terri, is still involved in wildlife conservation and is the current owner of the Australian Zoo, while Bindi's younger brother, Robert, also helps at the zoo and has gained the same passion, even appearing on TV to showcase various species of animals & how fascinating they are. It's the perfect family that allowed Bindi to grow in an encouraging environment.

13 Finally Engaged

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Bindi Irwin has been in a long-term relationship with Chandler Powell, who she believes was sent by her father to bring the happiness and love into her life that she deserves. It seems that the entire family loves him and has accepted him, and they have officially sealed the deal with this picture– showing an engagement ring on Bindi's fingers and the happy couple together. You can follow their wedding planning on Instagram, where Bindi posts pictures and updates every now and then. We couldn't be happier for them!

12 She Is Terrified Of Facebook

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Although she is quite active on Instagram and Twitter, Bindi Irwin has always avoided Facebook. You'd think a celebrity with 1.5 million followers on other social media would make the most out of Facebook to spread her message even further, but she has confessed to being terrified of that specific social media platform. She prefers to keep her life as private as possible while doing her best working on wildlife protection.

11 She Made It To Maxim’s Hot 100 List

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In 2016, Bindi made number 8 on Henley’s Maxim HOT 100 list and we know exactly why. She grew to become a gorgeous woman– successful and talented– and she was celebrated for that and for her incredible beauty. Bindi posted this photo on Instagram, posing in front of a mirror, and stated, "My goal in life is to empower each and every person around the world to embrace themselves inside and out. Beauty is not just found on the outside, it's the kindness you share with others and the positivity you embrace every day. If your core values revolve around love and light, you are a beautiful person."

10 She Was Named After A Crocodile

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Steve Irwin adored crocodiles and his passion for this species was transferred to his daughter when he named her after one. Bindi was a crocodile at the Australia Zoo and was Steve's favorite one. When his daughter was born, it was no surprise that he named her after that one crocodile, and it's a perfect fit. Not only did Bindi grew to become an animal ambassador as well, the name is as beautiful as herself.

9 Lover Of Animals

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Bindi Irwin is a lover of all animals, even those that are dangerous and we wouldn't dare get close to. A skunk, a tiger, even a rhino: she loves all species and cares for them at the zoo as if they are her own pets. You can find her cuddling to any animal if you follow her on social media or if you decide to drop by Australia Zoo and find her there. She is also an active force in wildlife protection.

8 She Delivered Her Dad’s Eulogy

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Although she was merely a child, Bindi Irwin was given the task of honoring her father at his funeral by giving a speech that came straight from the innocent heart of a young girl who lost her father so young. Her speech was incredibly touching, even though she was only eight when she lost her father after a stingray attack.

7 Taking Over The Zoo

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It's no surprise that Bindi hopes to take over Australia Zoo and follow in her father's footsteps. Her fiancé, Chandler, is an animal lover besides being a professional athlete, so it's also no surprise that they probably have plans to take over the zoo together and help wildlife conservation further. She has a great future ahead of her, with the means to pursue her true passion: taking care of animals.

6 She Gave All Her Money Away

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We all know she was paid quite a lot for her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, around $230,000, but did you know that she gave all that money away? She donated it to her family's foundation, Wildlife Warrior, towards wildlife conservation. This quite mature young woman has proven several times just how kind and talented she is, and this huge act showcases just how much like her father she truly is.

5 Doing Her Best To Rescue Wildlife

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Some of Bindi Irwin's favorite animals are, no doubt, koala bears, and there are numerous pictures of her cuddling up to these sweet animals on her social media. This is just one of the many species she constantly fights to protect. She dedicates time helping out at the zoo’s Wildlife Hospital, which is known for rescuing and rehabilitating various wildlife creatures.

4 She Is Likely Worth $3 Million

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She has amassed quite a large fortune despite being only 21 years old. She was paid $230, 000 alone to appear on Dancing With the Stars and she has gained quite a bit of money from being a child actor and now writing her book. Although her career is already worth so much, she has a whole life ahead of her and we're sure that fortune will grow and be put to good use.

3 She Did A Fitness DVD

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Bindi Irwin is a talented woman and has been showing a multitude of talents since a young age. Who knew she had a fitness DVD, too? She made this one when she was just a little girl and it shows how important being healthy is for her. The DVD is called Bindi KidFitness with Steve Irwin and the Crocmen, if you're interested in checking it out. We know we are!

2 She Starred In Movies And TV Shows

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Bindi is a woman of many talents and she has been showing them off ever since she was a kid, delving into TV and movies very early. She starred in Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove and Return to Nim’s Island. She has also been in Dancing With The Stars and has the type of cheerful & kind personality that captures people's attention on screen.

1 She Wants To Be Just Like Her Mother

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Bindi Irwin has often spoken in interviews about the hardships of losing her father so young, but she explained that it was her mother and brother that were there to remind her of all the good things in life. She perceives her mother to be the perfect person to carry on Steve's legacy at the zoo, something Terri Irwin has been actively working on, and she wants to grow up to be just as positive and loving as her mother. You're on the right track, Bindi!

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