20 Photos Of Paul Walker’s Daughter All Grown Up

Paul Walker will always be remembered and recognized as a major contributor to the Hollywood scene. His love of cars and his true passion for driving was a major part of his identity both on and off the movie set. His Fast & Furious family was a close-knit one, and his tragic death left them as shattered as his real family.

Arguably, the most affected person was the one that was nearest and dearest to his heart, his daughter, Meadow Walker. It’s hard to believe that 6 years have passed since she lost her father. That little girl is now all grown up, and is a 20 year old woman, pursuing her dreams and keeping her father’s memory alive. Let’s take a look at some incredible photos of Paul Walker’s Daughter, All Grown Up.

20 About Meadow…

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Meadow wasn’t in the spotlight as a child as much as she is today. Born in November of 1999 in Northern California, her full name is Meadow Rain Walker. As the lucky daughter of a very famous dad, Meadow enjoyed spending most of her summer vacations on movie sets with Paul, and also grew to be very close to his Fast and the Furious friends.

19 As A Child…

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When Meadow was very young, she spent most of her time in Oahu, Hawaii until roughly 2012, when she joined her father in Santa Barbara. According to IMDb, Meadow was living with her father right up until his untimely death. Paul Walker left his entire estate to her in his will, and she has had the ability to be selective in the path she wishes to pursue in the future.

18 The Fast And The Furious Family

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Growing up on the set of the Fast and the Furious meant that Meadow was able to establish bonds with her father’s friends and community. They were all incredibly supportive of her at the time of his death and remain connected to her to this day. She remains a part of their world, and continues to connect with them on a personal level.

17 What Has She Been Up To?

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Having been left her father’s entire estate, Meadow doesn’t really “have to” do anything. She has more money than she will ever spend in her lifetime, which has afforded her the opportunity to freely pursue her passions. She has been filling her time with modeling, and has become quite an Instagram personality. According to Gossip Gist,  she has a following of roughly 1.8 million followers on her Instagram account.

16 How Much Is She Worth?

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Paul Walker’s estate was worth roughly $25 million at the time of his death, all of which was transferred to Meadow. She was the sole heiress of his fortune. She has since continued to pursue her own income by modeling as well, and has been hired to represent many prominent brands.

15 Charitable Work

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Meadow Walker has found some solace in establishing a fund named after her late father called 'The Paul Walker Foundation.’ She has also thrown herself into a great deal of social service work, and has been known to donate food to local homeless shelters and families in need. She uses her Instagram account to document her charitable work and encourage others to do the same.

14 The Bieber Connection

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Many may not be aware that Meadow Walker and Justin Bieber are friends. First and foremost, Meadow was a fan of Justin’s music, and as time passed, the two became close friends. Gossip Gist talks of the numerous times that Justin sends her free tickets to come and enjoy his concerts.

13 She Has A Huge Following

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Her father was definitely the famous face in the family, but since his tragic death, Meadow has become increasingly popular and more widely recognized. She’s very active on social media and according to various sources, she has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 958k followers on Facebook, and 90.4k followers on Twitter.

12 Young Woman

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Meadow is a 20 year old young woman who now has the ability to make her own life choices, and is in command of her own destiny. She has continued to live in her father’s house since his death and has spent much of her time in front of the cameras in pursuit of her own modeling career. In spite of having an obvious advantage if she opts to dabble in the movie industry, she has not expressed any interest in doing so.

11 She’s A Natural

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It doesn’t take much to see that Meadow Rain Walker is a natural model. Her lean, fit physique is well-suited for the runway, and her natural beauty really shines through. The cameras love her, and she has a way of making each of her modeling sessions seem absolutely seamless. She’s clearly a stunner. The camera quickly picks up her highly defined features and we can’t get enough of her!

10 She’s Shy

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Those who know Meadow well tend to agree on two things: she has a beautiful personality and she is incredibly reserved. She tends to keep to herself and isn’t one to flaunt anything or really require any spotlight. In fact, she’s uncomfortable with the idea of having the spotlight on her at any time.

9 The Documentary

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Paul’s brothers Cody and Caleb have created a documentary called I am Paul Walker. They told Yahoo News that they put the documentary together as a way of “honoring Paul” and were honest in saying that Meadow wanted nothing to do with it at all. They revealed that they are not at all close to Meadow, and that while she was growing up, they only ever saw her on the holidays.

8 #DoGood

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Paul Walker was known for his charitable work and his dedication to generously giving to those in need. It seems the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Meadow follows in his footsteps and continues to give to local charities. She has posted about donating food and supplies, and snaps photos of her efforts to set an example for others to follow. She created the hashtag #dogood and #PWFdogoodchallenge in her father’s honor.

7 The Law Suit Against Porsche

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After the crash that took her father’s life, Meadow went on a rampage, claiming the car company was responsible for her father’s death. She promptly filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche in addition to the suit filed by Paul Walker’s father, who according to ABC News, was the executor of his son’s estate. Meadow’s argument was that the 605 horsepower engine in the car was not paired with the safety features required to protect the driver or passenger during a collision.

6 The Settlement With Porsche

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Two years after launching her law suit against Porsche, Meadow and the car maker came to a resolution. A settlement was reached, but the details of this settlement have not been disclosed. She has been silent about the results of this case, and has not revealed the settlement amount to any media sources.

5 Carving Her Own Name

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Meadow Walker will forever be known as “Paul Walker’s Daughter,” but the reality is that she’s now a grown woman that is following her own path in life. Carving out her own name has been a work in progress, and she seems to really find her confidence through her modeling career. She is currently signed with Women Management and has an impressive portfolio.

4 Could She Be The Next Supermodel?

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Meadow is undeniably gorgeous, and seems to be a natural in front of the cameras. Paired with her relationship with Women Management, it wouldn’t be difficult to foresee the development of a professional modeling career. This agency has represented really big names such as Behati Prinsloo and Daphne Groeneveld. According to Refinery 29, she stands a huge chance at a professional modeling career since “being famous from birth is a pretty fail-proof way to get your foot in the door.”

3 True Beauty

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It’s really hard not to comment on Meadow’s incredible beauty. Her natural, sharp features really draw us in and she always seems to look poised and perfect in her photographs. We’re not just talking about her modeling photos, either. Even her selfies reveal the natural beauty she was blessed with.

2 Carrying Her Father’s Legacy

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Meadow famously promotes the Paul Walker Foundation (PWF), which is the charitable organization she started in her father’s honor. It is her wish that the world continues to recognize her father’s generosity to humanity as a whole, and to not only people, but also animals that are in need. Paul was actively involved in numerous charities before his death, and this is her way of continuing his legacy.

1 A New Page

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As time passes, the pain of losing her father will never completely disappear, but the memories she shared with him will forever live on. Meadow seems to be a well-adjusted, caring, loving, and intelligent young lady. She has opted to make the best of a terrible situation by honoring her father through her own charitable work, and seems to greatly respect his memory and legacy while finding healthy ways to move forward in her own life. We’re sure she’s made Paul Walker very proud.

Sources: People, Newsbeezer, CreativeSpool

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