20 Photos Of Morena Baccarin That Deadpool Doesn’t Want Us To See

They say that performers come and go like a pop song while making their way throughout the entertainment industry, with many performers only ever getting one shot at relevance. The ones that are able to make the most of this opportunity get featured in massive projects and are able to build up a fan base that will show their support as time goes on. After appearing in several hit projects and then lending her voice to a number of DC projects, Morena Baccarin was able to have a massive jump ahead once she was cast in the film Deadpool. Thanks to this, people around the world quickly took note of how talented and beautiful she truly is.

Today, we want to share with the world 20 gorgeous photos of Morena Baccarin that Deadpool would rather keep under wraps!

20 Way Too Cute

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A leather jacket is something that is always in fashion, and seeing Morena Baccarin draped in a fashionable leather jacket with her trademark smile is just what the doctor ordered. This is one of our favorite photos of the performer, as it shows her looking her best with the perfect jacket.

19 Big, Beautiful Smile

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Black is usually the most popular dress choice for a lot of performers out there, and while we have seen Morena sport a black dress already, we simply had to include this photo of her looking like perfection in white. This photo provides a great contrast while also showing off her elegance.

18 Black Magic

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Being beautiful in the entertainment industry is just one of the many things that a performer needs to get a chance to make it. Thankfully, this lovely lady has plenty of beauty to go around, and she also has the talent in front of the camera to captivate an audience.

17 An Elegant Look

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Getting the chance to model means that a performer will have an opportunity to try on a bunch of different looks to see what works and what doesn’t. This particular look is on the elegant side, and it could not have been a better pick to fit the tone and color scheme of this photo.

16 All Gold Everything

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Gold is always in, so it would make sense that photographers would use it as much as possible with their best clients. This particular snap is one that sees the subject draped in a ton of gold, and the photographer did well in not using too much of a good thing.

15 Too Beautiful

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A formal dress that reveals just enough can be an effective way of getting all eyes on a subject, and there are few examples out there better than this one here. Whether this dress is being used in a photo or on in front of adoring fans at a film premiere, it will always get the job done.

14 Strike A Pose

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The background of a photo does not need to be complicated for the photographer to get the most out of a shot, and this is on display here. When someone as talented as Morena Baccarin steps in front of the camera, the photographer can keep things at a minimum and still do great things.

13 Letting The World Know

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Heading to the premiere of a film comes with a certain amount of responsibility for each performer, as they need to look their best to generate interest from the photographers that are on location. Morena was able to do what she does best and shine brighter than anyone else there.

12 Model Behavior

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Being the subject of a modeling gig can be tough for the inexperienced, but fortunately for her, Morena Baccarin has a wealth of experience that helps her shine whenever she needs to. This particular snap would not have worked as well with a different model, which is a testament to Baccarin’s strengths.

11 Camera Ready

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Not every look at a premiere or social event needs to be elegant or overstated. Sometimes, it can be best to just keep things simple for the onlookers. This subdued look was perfect for the particular occasion, and Morena was able to do what she does best with the whole world watching her every move.

10 A Classic Look

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Having come into her own as a performer in front of the camera, Morena Baccarin has had the opportunity to attend a great number of events that allow her to steal the show from everyone else around. This simple look was used effectively, and the photographers on hand just could not get enough.

9 Gorgeous Look

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One of the first things that people are going to notice about this photo is the perfect hairstyle Morena has going on here. While she has shown herself to be beautiful with any hairstyle, this particular one stands out from the other photos on this list. Kudos to the people behind the scenes for this one.

8 Ravishing In Red

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The color red is one that is synonymous with a fiery look that can captivate any audience, so it would make sense that a beauty like Morena could toss on a red dress and drop jaws in an instant. There is a serious tone to this photo, which is a nice contrast from what we have seen so far.

7 A Sultry Look

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Taking the time to work on a number of different looks can be beneficial for any model looking to make it big, and the work that Morena Baccarin has put in over the years is evident in her photos. This photo shows Morena utilizing a sultry gaze that fits the photo’s tone perfectly.

6 Flashing A Smile

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While many people do appreciate some of the more serious photos in this group, the vast majority of people do love to see this beauty flash a gorgeous grin, and this is precisely why this photo was included on our list today. It is easily one of the best of the bunch.

5 So Happy

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After being able to find a good amount of success as a performer and a model, it would make sense that Morena Baccarin has a lot to be happy about. This feeling was perfectly captured in this candid photo where she was showing the world just how happy she was.

4 Nice And Relaxed

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Shades of two distinct moods are being conveyed in this photo, and the clash of style works perfectly. The dress and pose would indicate that Morena would be flashing a serious stare, but her smile is perfectly lit here and works as a nice tonal shift from the rest of the photo.

3 A Formal Look

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With a gorgeous face and an incredible ability to make the most out of anything, it’s no wonder that this photographer had Morena refrain from using the mask in this photo. Instead, it is being used as an interesting piece for the viewers to look at. Morena, once again, looks flawless here.

2 Short Hair, Don't Care

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Hairstyles can make or break a photo, but performers as gorgeous as Morena are able to sport just about anything and still get the job done. This photo of her with short hair may come as a surprise to some, but she was able to rock the cut and look as flawless as ever.

1 A Serious Look

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To wrap things up here, we wanted to include a photo of Morena at her absolute best, and this photo was fit the bill. Everything from the set, to the hairstyle, works perfectly here, and Morena was able to flash the perfect look to fit the tone of the photo.

Sources: imdb.com, pinterest.com

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