20 Photos Of Modern Family's Ariel Winter That Are Not So Nerdy

Actress Ariel Winter made a name for herself playing the dorky, book-smart Alex Dunphy, on television's Modern Family. She was often seen as the level-headed, under-estimated counterpart to her pretty, flighty sister, Hailey.

She is the perfect example of why television is total fiction. In real life, Ariel Winter is anything BUT nerdy. She is in all actuality, a legit beauty, and is never afraid to flaunt her assets and push the fashion boundaries. Ariel Winter speaks her mind and is unapologetic for who she is. We have a mad girl crush on her if we are being perfectly honest.

Winter is gorgeous, adventurous, and full of confidence. Check out these twenty images of Ariel, aka Alex Dunphy, posing as anything but nerdy.

20 Playing Dress Up

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She sure loves to dress up for Halloween. We have seen Ariel rock a Pam Anderson costume as well as a zombie nurse ensemble. She and boyfriend Levi Meaden also donned a Scarface couples costume for October 31st. Here she sports a bit of skeleton, proving to everyone that you can never have enough outfits for the spookiest day of the year.

19 Lots Of Leg

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Winters is loud and proud of her body. You go, girl. She never shies away from daring fashion and instead braces it. One of her mottos might be, the more leg, the better. This red carpet outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination, and we hope that Winters remembers to take very short steps while walking to her seat.

18 Girl Loves Her Some Makeup

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We think it is safe to say that no one enjoys a solid makeup arsenal like Ariel Winters. Just look at that spread that she seems to be enjoying as she gets herself ready. Have you ever seen so many lip glosses in your whole life? Maybe creating a lip kit should be Winter's next business venture?

17 Stunning, Even When Bare-Faced

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Ariel Winters tends to put images out there where she is all dolled up in heavy makeup and tight-fitting clothing. Here she switches it up and reminds us that behind the glam is a natural beauty of a person. Even with no makeup on and her hair tied in a top knot, Winters slays.

16 Sporting A Toned Body And New Hair!

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While we have always adored Ariel's voluptuous physique, she is looking a whole lot more fit these days. Per usatoday.com, when asked about her drop in lbs, Winters attributed it to a change in her meds regimen. The actress considers mental health as important as physical health and has finally found something that works for her.

15 Staying In Shape

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Ariel has been very vocal about her battles with depression and anxiety. She opened up to People.com about how she copes with those mental health issues, saying that staying away from the limelight helps immensely. She is also a huge believer in therapy. Per this image, Winters seems to be using physical activity to keep her mind and body in the best shape possible, as well.

14 Never Too Busy To Pose With Young Fans

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There is nothing more refreshing than a massive television personality stopping what they are doing to give their time to an adoring young fan. Ariel proved that she is a down-to-earth gal when she prioritized this little sweetie over her hectic schedule and demands. We hope she never loses this personable edge.

13 Poking At Her T.V. Persona

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The girl has a sense of humor, that is for sure. Winters plays the book-loving, social awkward Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, which of course it the exact opposite personality of the actress behind the role. Here Winters pokes fun at her onscreen character by wearing a sweatshirt with the word, "Nerd," on it.

12 Animal Lover

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The 21-year-old actress is a great mama to her fur babies. Per lifeandtsylemag.com, she shares four canines with her boyfriend, Levi. Winters is a big believer in pet adoption and has taken to the internet before to support such a cause. Good thing the actress rakes in the dough and has a home large enough to house all of these animals.

11 Social Butterfly

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While we would expect her character, Alex Dunphy, to spend her evenings holed up in the house reading books and working out mathematical equations, we won't catch Ariel doing the same in real life. She is young, beautiful and rich, of course, she is going to be hitting the town with friends whenever she can!

10 Bathing Beauty

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She sure looks happy and relaxed as she hits the surf in this image. Taking time to reset is probably very important to Winters, considering she has had anxiety and depression throughout the years. Sun and ocean waves can take just about any bad day and wash it away.

9 Flaunting Those Abs

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Ariel loves little crop tops and daisy duke shorts. Here she makes sure everyone knows that she is no wallflower in her barely-there tee shirt and toned, ripped jean shorts. Winters is looking extra toned around the mid-section, and we are digging the flashy red hair.

8 Changing Up Her Role

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Winters took to her comedic role on Modern Family effortlessly. For years we watched her use her dry sense of humor to draw chuckles out of viewers. Earlier this year, she tried her hand at drama when she guest-starred on television's Law and Order: SVU opposite Mariska Hargitay. Is this a new direction or a one time try?

7 Surfer Girl

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Our gal Ariel shows off her playful, sporty side in this photoshoot. We love how much of a throwback beauty Winters is, especially during a time period where "pretty" has been synonymous with skinny for so long now. She definitely brings some retro flair to her style, and we certainly appreciate it.

6 Cover Girl

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This editorial shoot was a bit of a divergence for the young star who is typically photographed in jean shorts and extra small shirts. The shoot shows off Winter's artsy side and proves that she can act as well as model. With a whole lot of life and career ahead of her, we are sure to see more magazine work in the future.

5 Looking Fierce In Braids

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The braids are looking quite fierce here, but girl, where are your pants? Apparently, when you are as cool as Ariel Winters, pants are an optional accessory. Can you imagine Ariel's television character, Alex strutting through her beloved library wearing only a long-sleeved shirt and nothing on below? Nope. Neither can we.

4 We Love You Too Girl

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We love our girl Ariel Winters. She is fierce and fabulous, always flaunting her assets and never seeming ashamed at who she is. Her openness regarding her body, her past life experiences, and her mental health all contribute to her relatability as a person. Never change Ariel. You do you, girl!

3 Sister, Sister

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Well, these two ladies sure clean up nicely. Ariel poses here with her on-screen sister, Sarah Hyland. Hyland plays Ariel's older sister Haley, who often gets all of the credit for being the real stunner in the family. We think it is safe to say that in real life, Hyland has some serious competition in the looks department.

2 Looking Like The Lost Kardashian

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Is it just us, or is Ariel looking a whole lot like a long lost Kardashian sister in this picture? She has those same trademark curves as Kim, Kylie, and Khloe and the dark features that the Kar-Jenners notoriously rock. Maybe Winters can dress up as a Kardashian next year for Halloween?

1 She Even Makes Dora The Explorer Look Cool

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Winters is a comedic actress, anyone who has seen her hit sitcom can confirm this. We loved watching her short clip parody of the Dora Explorer movie. Now that Modern Family has come to an end, it will be interesting to see if Winters will stick to her funny roles or stretch herself in the acting realm.

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