20 Photos Of Kat Dennings With Her Surprising Hollywood Friends

Before 2011, Kat Dennings was known as an indie movie actress with roles in films such as Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, though she did get attention playing the quirky Darcy Lewis in the first Thor movie. In 2011, Dennings began her role as sardonic waitress Max with Beth Behrs in the CBS series 2 Broke Girls. It was a hit that lasted six seasons and would lead Dennings to more attention. Dennings is ready to return to TV in the new Hulu series Dollface while remaining popular on social media.

While not necessarily an A-lister, Dennings does have a lot of friends in Hollywood thanks to her long list of credits. She’s counted Jennifer Love Hewitt as a card-playing buddy and a good friendship with the late Anton Yelchin. A few of her friendships aren’t too surprising (she and Behrs are true BFFs) but others may be unexpected. Dennings loves to flaunt her connections on Instagram to share with her fans. Here are 20 pics of Dennings with celebrities that may be surprising but show how popular she is.

20 Chasing Chastain


In 2010, W Magazine did a cover story on various hot young actresses. A highlight was Dennings and Jessica Chastain in a provocative pose that looked like they were about to lock lips. The article had the two talking of their friendship which has included going to “gentlemen's clubs” together and playing cards. Chastain was quickly moving on to the A-list of Hollywood while this image of them at a party helps sell an old connection.

19 Saucy Stone


Today, Emma Stone is an Oscar-winning A-list star. Back in 2008, she was still a struggling actress when she and Dennings co-starred in The House Bunny. Hilariously, Stone’s character is a nerd dismissed for her plain looks who barely needs a makeover to look hot. Stone is known for a wild sense of humor in person and she and Dennings clearly love hamming it up for this pic and remain friends even with Stone’s new fame.

18 Fair Faris


Dennings and Anna Faris had co-starred in the comedy The House Bunny back when they were mostly unknowns. Faris played a Playmate kicked out of the Mansion for being too old and joins a sorority to turn the girls into hot ladies. Faris would later join CBS as the star of the hit comedy Mom to hang out with Dennings more. This pic of them with co-stars Emma Stone and Rumer Willis shows the bond the funny ladies have. 

17 Kim K


A major 2 Broke Girls episode had the girls becoming hooked on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Max: “We can’t stop watching them do nothing! This show is genius!”) They then try to get Kim Kardashian to drop by their cupcake shop for the publicity which she finally does. Kardashian seemed to enjoy herself on set with the trio hanging out nicely.

16 Legend, Chrissy and the Queen


It’s always interesting to see stars at parties mingling with folks one wouldn’t expect them to know. At the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Dennings was with then-boyfriend Josh Groban mingling around. She was soon photographed with John Legend showing off his newly won Best Song Oscar. With them is Chrissy Tiegen and Queen Latifah. It’s an eclectic mix but it shows how Dennings can count an Oscar winner among her friends.

15 Zippy Zooey


Zooey Deschanel has been loved for her quirky humor which helped coin the term “adorkable.” That includes her long-running comedy series New Girl. Deschanel has also been mixed up with a variety of celebrities such as Katy Perry and Dennings herself. This image comes from a Vanity Fair media event with the two posing and proving once and for all they’re two different people.

14 Wedding Bells?


A big episode of 2 Broke Girls had Lindsay Lohan making a rare TV appearance. She played a bride who hires Max and Caroline to cater her wedding. The problem is Lohan’s character is constantly changing her mind and even ready to call the wedding off. Dennings and Behrs both refuted rumors of Lohan being difficult on set, praising her work. This pic with Lohan and Dennings in matching wedding dresses shows how much fun they had on set.

13 Dr Quinn


Friendsgiving is an upcoming comedy with Dennings playing the best friend to a newly divorced actress portrayed by Main Akerman. The pair attend the Thanksgiving dinner of Akerman’s mother which soon turns into a mess. Playing the mom is Jane Seymour, known for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and scores of films. This pic has Dennings and Seymour with co-stars Wanda Sykes and Margaret Cho to promote what should be a fun comedy.

12 Green With Envy


Seth Green has been a veteran from his role as Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer to various funny movies. In 2012, Green and Dennings did voice work for the Disney animated series Phineas and Ferb. Rather than record separately as often happens in animation, they did it together and hung out too. Dennings clearly is giving a good hug to Green to show how she loved it.

11 Bridal Party


Christina Hendricks is known for her roles on Mad Men and other shows. She’s also known for having a body whose curves can rival Dennings. The two joined together for Beth Behrs’ bridal shower and notable how each was covering up their famous assets. Yet they make an intriguing pair among the party to put any on-screen wedding pack to shame.

10 Knitting With Ronda


Ronda Rousey is someone you’d think wouldn’t mix with Dennings. The UFC turned WWE star is a famous athlete who’s only had a few acting jobs. One was the comedy series Drunk History where she and Dennings did a skit about Irish people. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Dennings revealed she and Rousey were part of a knitting group called “The Yarn and the Restless.” The idea of Rousey knitting is priceless.

9 Criminal Trio


CBS stars will often meet at networking events and get along pretty well. Dennings has admitted to liking several of her network’s other shows. At this event, she’s hanging out with Matthew Grey Gubler and Paget Brewster of the long-running hit series Criminal Minds. The series can be very dark and there’s little for the characters to laugh about. But hanging around Dennings allows Gubler and Brewster to show off some rare smiles.

8 Jessica Jones


Many Marvel TV and movie actors have never actually met. But Dennings has run into Krysten Ritter a few times. The feisty brunette is best known for her part as Jessica Jones and her stunning brunette appearance. The duo got along great at a Vanity Fair media event and look terrific together. Both possess sultry looks that can turn into major heat and balance comedy and drama well to make for an interesting pairing.

7 CBS Crossover?


Surprisingly, CBS sitcoms never did the big crossover events like NBC shows used to do. Thus, fans never got to see Penny from The Big Bang Theory wander into Max and Caroline’s diner. But Kaley Cuoco was a fan of 2 Broke Girls and had to drop by the set for a taping. The trio know each other from various CBS network events and understand handling sitcom stardom. It’s as close to a TBBT/Girls crossover as fans ever got and a great image.

6 Captain America


A big move for Dennings and Beth Behrs was being chosen to host the People’s Choice Awards in 2014. The duo were fun with jokes and skits and mingling with lots of stars. This image has them meeting Chris Evans and loving hanging out with Captain America. Oddly, Dennings’ Darcy Lewis has never met Cap on-screen but Dennings is making up for it with this turn.

5 Whitney and Ginnifer


In 2011, Whitney Cummings was busy with her own NBC sitcom. While that didn’t last too long, Cummings scored better by producing 2 Broke Girls which became a long-lasting hit. Dennings and Beth Behrs never ceased to praise Cummings for helping the show be a success and working as a writer. This pic has Dennings with both Cummings and Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin who was a fan of both. It’s three funny brunettes sharing some nice space.

4 2 Kats


Katharine McPhee got attention on American Idol which led to a good singing career. She’s also an actress and starred on the CBS crime show Scorpion. She had also co-starred with Dennings in The House Bunny. The duo clearly got along well at various CBS events and having a good banter. They also joined in “celebrating” Bunny’s 10th anniversary in 2008 and the start of their friendship.

3 Sweet Dolls


After a break, Dennings is returning to TV in the Hulu series Dollface. She plays a woman dumped by her boyfriend and seeks help from her two former girlfriends, played by Brenda Song and Shay Mitchell. The trio has been having fun sharing pics of them together on their social media feeds and clearly getting along well. This image of them by a fountain shows a good bond that should make the series work.

2 Thor Gals


A major role for Dennings was Darcy Lewis in the first Thor movie. Dennings was a delight as the funny and wisecracking aide sparked in her scenes with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. She returned for the Dark World sequel and got some fun stuff, including her own intern becoming her boyfriend. While they didn’t return in the later sequels, this pic shows Dennings and Portman getting along well at the premiere for their fun chemistry.

1 The Broke Gals


The key reason 2 Broke Girls lasted six seasons was the terrific chemistry of Dennings and Beth Behrs. They may have been an odd couple as the former rich girl and the sardonic Brooklyn gal but it worked great for the show. The two are truly friends and never cease to share images of each other on Instagram. There are scores of pictures but this is one of the best to showcase the BFFs.

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