20 Photos Of Joe Jonas' Exes That'll Drive Sophie Turner Crazy

Joe Jonas is one of the more famous faces in the music industry, and he can thank his time in The Jonas Brothers as the reason why. The group was able to catch on with Disney at a young age, and the House of Mouse helped catapult them to the top of the industry. Once they decided to make their comeback this year, they quickly rocketed to the top of the charts and haven’t looked back since.

Because he has been in the business so long, Joe Jonas has had his love life under a microscope, and many outlets are familiar with the women that he has dated over the years.

He is with Sophie Turner now, but we want to take a look at 20 photos of some of his most notable exes.

20 Gigi Hadid Always Gets The Job Done

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Joe Jonas had an appearance on the series Watch What Happens Live back in the day that caused a ruckus in the media. He played the game “marry, divorce, kill” with his exes, and unfortunately for Hadid, she drew the short straw here. We’re sure she’s doing all right with this knowledge.

19 Demi Lovato Is Ravishing In Red

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Given their Disney Channel roots, it makes sense that Joe Jonas would have struck up a relationship with Demi Lovato at some point, and the two remain friends despite their split. About their relationship, Jonas once said, “We eventually dated for a month.” Short romance, but it turned into a friendship for the pair.

18 Brenda Song Looking Elegant

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Oh, look, another Disney Channel star that Joe Jonas dated. These couples almost seem inevitable, though they rarely seem to work out in the long run. Zimibio reports that the two had a short romance after Jonas and Camilla Belle broke things off, but there isn’t too much information about the former couple.

17 Gigi Hadid Looking Gorgeous

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Gigi Hadid has been earning a reputation as one of the top models in the world, and her time on social media has helped turn her into one of the most famous women on the planet. Back in 2015, Hadid entered a romance with Joe Jonas, though the pair wasn’t meant to last. According to Cosmopolitan, things did not end well between the two.

16 Blanda Eggenschwiler Knows How To Work It

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It can be easy to get lost in feelings while dating someone new, and Jonas had plenty of glowing things to say about Blanda Eggenschwiler, namely that she’s, “someone I really care about.” The pair was not together for too long, and Cosmopolitan reports that the cause of the split is unknown.

15 Ashley Greene Is Ready

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It’s never easy moving on from an extinguished romance, but it’s something we all have to do. Things can get messy during this time, and after Jonas split with Ashley Greene, he revealed to the world that she was the one that took his virtue, which he famously held onto. He revealed this during his Reddit AMA.

14 Camilla Belle Always Puts On A Show

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Joe Jonas had a romance with Camilla Belle when he was younger, and this apparently caused a tidal wave of problems between Belle and another ex of Joe’s: Taylor Swift. Bustle reports that Belle’s romance with Jonas was the inspiration for the song “Better Than Revenge,” and the lyrics to the song could not be more direct.

13 Taylor Swift Is Elite

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Taylor Swift seems to have a gigantic list of exes, and they all end up inspiring her to write gigantic hits that top the charts, so good on her for finding inspiration in a dark place. Swift and Jonas dated back in 2008, and she let the world know on The Ellen Show that he broke up with her over the phone.

12 AJ Michalka Is A Vision

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2006 was a time when The Jonas Brothers were just starting to gain some traction, and they went out on tour with sister act Aly & AJ, where the romance between Joe and AJ blossomed. Cosmopolitan reports that the two were together for about a year before breaking things off. No word on if he inspired any of their songs.

11 Demi Lovato Is At The Top Of Her Game

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Even though it happened a lifetime ago, many people still enjoy talking about Joe's relationship with Demi Lovato, and there is a decent amount of information about the pair out there. Apparently, Joe was a little more formal with Lovato than he was with Swift, and Lovato once said, "Joe and I did split, but it wasn't over the phone. Things didn't work out but we'll remain friends."

10 Ashley Greene Is Burning Up

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Ashley Greene is perhaps best known for her work in the Twilight franchise, though she has continued to work and land other notable roles since breaking out a number of years ago. Cosmopolitan reports that Jonas and Greene were together for nearly a year before splitting up and going their separate ways.

9 Brenda Song Looking Fierce

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Perhaps the most interesting thing about Joe's time with Brenda Song is just how brief and secretive it was. There is little known about the pair and their time together aside from the fact that their fun lasted for a short period of time. It has certainly made people wonder what other Disney Channel stars have had secret romances.

8 Jessica Serfaty, Take Two

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Many people became familiar with Jessica Serfaty thanks to her time on America’s Next Top Model, and this helped her gain some notoriety in the media. When news broke that she and Joe had split, the tabloids were all over it, with People reporting that the pair weren’t even speaking anymore.

7 Jessica Serfaty Has It All

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Joe Jonas is one of the better looking musicians out there, so his ability to land beautiful women is pretty fitting. He was once linked to model Jessica Serfaty, and they made quite a handsome couple. After dating model Gigi Hadid, Jonas would move on to model Jessica Serfaty in 2016, according to E!.

6 Blanda Eggenschwiler Can Do It All

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After being together for 20 months, Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler would have an amicable split and move on to newer things. Even though they looked great together, the pair was unable to make things work. Us Magazine reported that they were introduced through a mutual friend and hit it off quickly.

5 Camilla Belle Is Stunning In Red

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People was quick to report that Jonas and Belle split up a number of years ago, and the timing could not have been more difficult for Jonas. He was in the middle of a world tour with the band when the pair split, meaning that he had to go perform his heart out each night even though it was broken.

4 Taylor Swift With The Southern Charm

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"Forever and Always" is a song that plenty of Taylor Swift fans are familiar with, and Joe Jonas was the alleged inspiration behind this song, and not in the most flattering way. Unlike some of her other exes, Jonas would go ahead and release the track "Much Better," which alluded to Swift.

3 A.J. Michalka Owning The Red Carpet

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It is always interesting to go back and reflect on an old flame, and A.J. Michalka revealed to BuzzFeed that Jonas was, in fact, her first kiss. During her segment on the site, Michalka said, "No one knows he was my first kiss.” Good for her for keeping the fun memories.

2 Demi Lovato Is Radiant

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It’s a family affair with Joe Jonas and his brothers, as they were in the film Camp Rock with Demi Lovato, so it makes sense that they would have all gotten close at some point. Nick provided some insight into Joe’s relationship with Demi, saying, "While we were on tour Demi and Joe’s relationship had become really complicated so I was playing the bridge.”

1 Taylor's Grand Finale

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Taylor Swift is no stranger to having her heart broken, and she has written a song about her time with Joe Jonas that her fans may be familiar with. Swift would eventually issue an apology to Jonas, though it does not seem like the pair are the best of friends just yet.

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