15 Photos Of Emmy Rossum She’s Definitely Not Ashamed Of (And 5 She Probably Is)

Emmy Rossum might have seemed like she came out of nowhere to star in The Phantom of the Opera in 2004, but in reality, her career had been well underway by that point. However, there's no doubting that playing a part in an opera about the opera was something she seemed destined for, having been a singer in the Metropolitan Opera's Children's Chorus for years as a child.

Rossum's credits before that opportunity include roles in hits like Mystic River and The Day After Tomorrow, as well as in smaller films like Songcatcher (alongside country musician Dolly Parton) and The Audrey Hepburn Story, which was a made-for-TV film courtesy of ABC. However, the multitalented singer and actress has become more well-known for her leading role on Showtime's Shameless, in which she starred opposite William H. Macy.

Life in the public eye can be stressful for some stars, but Emmy Rossum seems pretty unfazed by her success. Keep scrolling for 15 pics that she's definitely not ashamed of, plus 5 she probably she is.

20 Shameless: I Work Out

via People

Emmy Rossum clearly has no problem showing off her impressive physique for the camera, and why would she? Despite being trained as a classical opera singer as a child, she looks more like she focused on ballet. And while it's definitely true that any Hollywood starlet is expected to show some skin sometimes, Rossum comes across as comfortable in her own skin.

19 Shameless: PDA All Day

via PopSugar

Some celebrities air their laundry out in public— Taylor Swift, Adele, and Ariana Grande come to mind— while others keep things totally secret. Emmy Rossum seems proud enough to keep her long-term relationship with Sam Esmail, producer of Mr. Robot, in the public sphere, showing plenty of PDA while out and about in the world without the seemingly requisite drama attached.

18 Shameless: Puppy Love

via Just Jared

There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to cute, snuggly puppies, even ones that are a bit of a ragamuffin like this rescue that Emmy Rossum adopted. Sure, she's out in public without layers of makeup caked on but she still looks great—a testament to the effects of newfound love if ever there was one.

17 Shameless: Post-Gym

via Pinterest

In this shot, Emmy Rossum looks like she's just left the gym after a yoga class, or maybe some kind of kickboxing routine given the shoes she's wearing. Regardless, she's clearly not ashamed of wearing skimpy clothes after getting her blood flowing, something for which any fan of Shameless will undoubtedly be extremely grateful.

16 Shameless: Dressed Up

via Distractify

Emmy Rossum has been caught out and about in New York City, living her life like any normal person, but she's still no stranger to dressing up like a Hollywood movie star. But while plenty of movie stars try to keep a zero-politics mindset, Emmy Rossum has stepped up to support other victims making themselves known as part of the #MeToo movement.

15 Shameless: Up Close and Personal

via The Wrap

Some divas don't like to have their picture taken too close up or from too far away— some demand ridiculous concessions about lighting and post-snap editing from their photographers— but not Emmy Rossum. As revealing as her role on Shameless might be, in terms of skin and emotionality, it's no surprise she's willing to let the camera get up close and personal.

14 Shameless: Bed Hair

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Every model and actress has a few photoshoots in their past that they undoubtedly regret, but for Emmy Rossum, that list is definitely shorter than for others. Here, she's got great bed hair going, wrapped up in a sheet looking as fresh as the morning dew. This looks like it was taken on a cold set, too, given how curled up her toes are.

13 Shameless: Loud Pipes

via Empire

Most actresses have gone through some kind of voice training, if only to make sure they can nail regional accents and provide a level of tonal continuity between scenes. But Emmy Rossum is a step above, having been trained as an opera singer from a young age, when she sang in up to six languages as a member of the Metropolitan Opera's Children's Chorus.

12 Shameless: Curls For Days

via W Magazine

Emmy Rossum's hair goes through plenty of changes depending on what she's acting in, what kind of event she's going to, and what photos she's posing for. But this curly mane seems to be her natural hairstyle and it looks great, once again proving that she's willing to be a little more free and feral than the many constantly put-together celebs out there.

11 Shameless: But She Cleans Up, Too

via NY Daily News

This photo almost looks like it could be a wedding pic, though it was, in fact, taken at the 2017 Met Gala. Emmy Rossum looks like a vision in all white, something at-the-time fiancee Sam Esmail must have appreciated given that the two were wed in a small ceremony in New York City later in the year.

10 Shameless: Simplicity

via Harper's Bazaar

Emmy Rossum doesn't just step out in workout clothes or bedecked in a full Met Gala-style outfit. In this photo, she's in a simpler number, with bare shoulders and a necklace. She's clearly anything but ashamed of showing some skin in a simple number that does wonders for her figure.

9 Shameless: Attitude

via E! News

Emmy Rossum's character on Shameless is tough, but still vulnerable, raising a family that's been essentially neglected by its derelict father, William H. Macy. The role requires a lot of emotional range, something that Rossum delivered in spades during her tenure on the show and that also comes through in this simple, yet complex, portrait of the actress.

8 Shameless: Comfortable Outside

via Shape Magazine

Emmy Rossum seems like someone who cares about the Earth, trees, and the environment, at least judging by this photo of her sitting on a rope swing in a backyard. She's got no hesitation to wear the shortest of skirts, though maybe she should take a moment to consider whether that piece of wood might have some splinters to dole out.

7 Shameless: Smizing

via The Skincare Edit

Emmy Rossum's expression in this photo is a little manic and creepy, though at least her eye shadow matches the appliqué on her outfit. Anyone who gets their picture taken all the time has to be ready for a few bad shots now and then, but Rossum seems willing to take the whole celebrity experience in stride.

6 Shameless: Small Hands

via schaperforrep

Some people with small hands become ashamed and try to keep their hands in their pockets for photos and during the course of their daily lives. Emmy Rossum doesn't mind if people spot her hilarious tiny appendages, though, and in this photo even appears happy to emphasize the short digits for the paparazzi.

5 Shameful: So Awkward

via sFwFun

This is one photo that Emmy Rossum is probably pretty embarrassed about. She'd look great in the black dress if she just weren't in the world's most awkward pose. Did the photographer ask her to pretend like she was playing miniature golf? Or was the goal more of a fancy garden party and she was trying to water the petunias?

4 Shameful: Big Hair Don't Care

via E! News

Emmy Rossum has been spotted enjoying plenty of basketball games, usually looking great, though she'd probably prefer that some paparazzo hadn't snapped a photo at this exact moment. Her facial expression combined with the ridiculous, instantaneous hair flip just look completely hilarious, even for an actress who is as typically stunning to look at as Emmy Rossum.

3 Shameful: Method Acting

via International Business Times

Shameless might be a comedy, but there's definitely plenty of dark moments on the show. Here, Rossum can be seen looking like she's just about at rock bottom, hair all bedraggled and a loose button-down looking pretty haggard. Somehow, she still looks good— but in that bartender at the local dive bar kind of way.

2 Shameful: Funny Honeys

via Hollywood Reporter

In today's #MeToo era, it's almost amazing that anyone could get away with taking a photo of actresses captioned as "The Funny Honeys." Someone somewhere must have gotten angry about the outfits, the poses, and the word choice— and looking back on the decision, Emmy Rossum probably regrets being involved in this photoshoot.

1 Shameful: What's In The Box?

via Yahoo

This is a pretty baffling picture of a stunned Emmy Rossum looking into a weird box as fans snap pictures on their smartphones. Are those earthworms? Or artificial fishing lures? Whatever is going on here, Emmy Rossum's face seems to suggest that she was probably expecting something more along the lines of a pizza than whatever it is she got.

Sources: Just Jared, IMDb, and Wikipedia.

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