20 Photos Of Eminem And Rihanna That Make Us Wonder If They Were More Than Friends

Eminem and Rihanna are obviously close to one another. After all, they have collaborated on music many times before, and they seem to have great synergy when they’re on stage together. They are both incredibly creative artists, and with music being a passionate driving force for them both, they obviously have a lot in common.

It wouldn’t be a far stretch of the imagination to assume the two could have some romantic feelings for one another. They do seem to be very intimately connected in some of the images we’ve seen, and they seem to have a real ‘spark’ when performing together. Let’s take a look at 20 Photos Of Eminem And Rihanna That Make Us Wonder If They Were More Than Friends.

20 Hugs

Via YouTube

They share a lot of hugs on stage. More than most people do when they collaborate on music – way more. Take a look at Rihanna’s face in the first photo… it looks like she’s at the peak of happiness, as she hugs Eminem tightly and closes her eyes. The second photo shows Eminem practically grabbing her and drawing Rihanna in for an embrace. The look on his face says it all…

19 Intense

Via NYPost

There’s a lot of intense emotion when you pair these two incredible solo artists on a stage. Eminem is usually not this expressive when he’s performing alone. He tends to be heavily into his lyrics and doesn’t move too much around the stage. In this photograph with Rihanna, he looks downright theatrical. He’s in full performance mode, and seems to be drawing off her energy. As for Rhi.. well… look at the intensity in her eyes. She’s definitely feeling his vibe!

18 Touchy

Via Billboard

Eminem is seen here making a connective movement towards his audience while his fellow stage mate appears to be draping herself all over him. He’s not at all focused on her, he’s taking in a moment with the fans, but it’s apparent that Rihanna has something else in mind, and sees this as an opportunity to get a bit touchy-feely.

17 Casual Flex

Via DammyDiary

Oh hey now – what are they doing? This looks like a “couple’s pose” to us. Their body language is very intimate, and they are obviously very comfortable with one another. There’s barely any distance at all between them, and we all know that you can pose for a photo without getting this close. It’s easy to see why many people think these two may be more than just friends.

16 Arm On Him Again

Via ABCNews

Rihanna doesn’t seem to be slowing down the touching-pace at all. Here is another photo of her draping herself on Eminem. She has her arm completely around him, and looks very smug – clearly proud of her “friend” and their time together. Eminem is certainly not showing any resistance either, but is sticking true to his persona as he seems to be playing it cool.

15 What Is She Doing?

Via Hollywood

In this photo we see another instance of Rihanna trying a tad too hard to get into the scene with Eminem. As usual, he looks cool as a cucumber, and seems to be very much in his element as he holds the mic. Rihanna, on the other hand is definitely trying hard to be noticed. We’re not sure what she’s trying to do here, but Eminem doesn’t really seem to be paying much attention so it’s clearly not working.

14 Head Snuggles

Via Pinterest

She’s at it again, folks. Except this time, she’s not throwing her arm around Eminem; she’s resting her head on his shoulder. This photograph looks a bit awkward as she seems to be trying too hard to get up close. Eminem definitely seems content soaking this all in, but let’s face it, if these two ever evolved into a more intimate relationship than just “friends,” it’s likely because Rihanna instigated it. Based on these photos, she seems to be all over him.

13 Selfie-Time!

Via Pinterest

Rihanna is snuggled right up to Eminem and is using this opportunity to document their closeness with a selfie. Clearly he’s not the one taking the photo. The pouty lip, and quasi- kissy-face selfie of hers is matched with Eminem’s usual, laid-back pose. It looks like they’re both enjoying one another’s company, but clearly Rihanna is a tad more excited to be there.

12 Matching Gear

Via Pinterest

Is this a couple’s thing again? Wearing similar outfits and getting ‘matchy-matchy’ is usually reserved for those in serious relationships or the cute couples that want to show off their new relationship status to onlookers. We’re not sure if that’s what is happening here, but it appears to be. They’re both in hoodies and caps, and while they’re obviously working on their music together, there seems to be nobody else with them aside from the person snapping the photo.

11 Confidence

Via Beyondgossip

Rihanna is seen here in a fairly revealing outfit as she shares the stage with Eminem. Surely all the fans are going crazy, as the two storm the stage and perform together. Rihanna looks incredibly comfortable and Eminem seems to be boasting with pride to have her by his side.

10 The Look Of Shock

Via ReBloggy

As Rihanna goes in for the hug on stage, it appears Eminem is stunned to be publicly receiving this embrace. His facial expression is that of complete and utter shock, and he hasn’t even fully committed to the hug yet. He dangles the microphone and gives her the one-armed hug in return. We’re not sure if he thinks this hug is better kept for their private moments, or what precisely it is that has caught him so off-guard, but the rumors are running wild with this photograph.

9 Rumor Mill

Via Rapup

Rumors have long been circling about Rihanna and Eminem being more intimately connected than they let on. There was an entire YouTube video dedicated to how “into him” Rihanna really is. Neither of them has made any public statements confirming the rumors of a relationship, but it’s important to note we really haven’t seen any public reports of them refuting the claims either!

8 Body Language

Via Gumbumper

The body language between these two is intimately fierce. They seem to have a real connection on stage, and Rihanna’s body language is always telling its very own tale. She’s always draped over Eminem, facing him, looking at him intently, or finding ways to be touchy-feely. There’s an obvious synergy between them on stage – and some believe this carries to their off-stage moments as well.

7 This Has To Be Confirmation!

Via Pinterest

When’s the last time two people that were “just friends” were captured in a moment like this one? This photograph obviously shows body language that is suggestive of them being more than simple friends, and the ear-to-ear smile on Rihanna’s face is definitely one of pride. She seems delightfully happy that this photograph is snapped and is likely thrilled at the thought of it being circulated. Eminem... well… he’s looking pretty connected in this photo too!

6 Full-On Body Drape

Via Moosegazette

This seems to be a frequently repeated situation. Once again we see Rihanna literally throwing herself onto Eminem on stage. Even if he didn’t welcome this behavior, it would be tough for him to shoot it down in such a public way. He doesn’t seem to be totally into it, but Rihanna doesn’t appear to care. She seems happy just being able to get this close. Could she be trying to intentionally start a rumor?

5 Electric

Via LALeakers

It’s really hard to un-see this. We know this is a performance and we assume this was rehearsed, but it’s very difficult for anyone to deny how Electric these two are when they’re together. They are both looking so deeply at one another with such intensity that it appears they’ve both forgotten about the millions of people that are tuned in to this moment. To them, it appears that nobody else exists… is it really possible to be this intense without being in an intimate relationship?

4 The Hickie Lyric

Via WeHeartIt

We’ve all heard the lyric in which Eminem depicts the act of Rihanna leaving a hickie on his neck. The Cut reports some controversial ideas as to why he chose to associate her name to his hickie. No matter what the reason, the fact remains he put it on blast and made it a topic. Eminem carefully crafts his lyrics so this was definitely not an accident.

3 Shared Time

Via StageDoor

These two have shared a lot of time together both on and off-stage, as seen here at the ALS Bucket Challenge. They live in a world that is far different from ours, and presumably they can connect with one another about things that the average person would never be able to understand. It’s not a big step from there to a more intimate relationship – the friendship foundation is one that many other celebrities have launched their love-lives from.

2 Eminem On Relationships….

Via Pinterest

Eminem’s very public on-again, off-again relationship with his ex-wife Kim has been widely publicized. He actually married her not once, but twice! He hasn’t really been “officially” linked to anyone in a very long time, but seems to want to be in a relationship eventually. In an interview with “95-106 Capital FM,”  Eminem was quoted as saying; “I’d like to be in a relationship again someday. Who doesn’t? It’s just hard to meet new people, in my position.” Rihanna isn’t “new people,” so this may just work out for them…

1 Confusion

Via Zimbio

Whether or not these two have hooked up remains unknown and unconfirmed, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be surprised if they ended up confirming the rumors. Regardless of whether they’ve had an intimate relationship in the past, or will venture into one in the future, we love the way these two interact with one another. There’s definitely some chemistry between them and at the very least, their friendship bond seems to be  strong and valuable to them both.

Sources: Zimbio, Stage Door, We Heard It, Rap Up, Beyond Gossip

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