18 Photos Of Celebs Slumming It On Public Transit

Celebrities are known to spend a lot of money on their supercars and luxurious lifestyles. We imagine them to have teams of security guards and drivers that will take them anywhere they want to go, on a whim. For the most part, that’s true, but what we often forget is that like us, celebrities are people too, and sometimes public transit is the best way for them to get from point A to point B.

There’s something admittedly strange about seeing a prominent celebrity using transit to get around though, as it just catches us off guard. Images of celebs on transit are always fun to see. Let’s take a peek at 20 Photos Of Celebs Slumming It On Public Transit.

18 Rihanna Rides The Rail

Via HowTonight

This is definitely not how we imagine Rihanna when we picture her commuting. The best part is that she’s not even remotely trying to conceal her identity. She’s just rolling through the city on public transit, trying to get to the next place she needs to be! We love Rihanna for keeping it real!

17 Jay-Z Lives It Up

Via Medium

Seen here on the subway, Jay-Z looks like he’s living it up and putting on a decent show for his fellow commuters. He’s so clearly recognizable and not making any attempt to blend in with the rest of the crowd. It’s not every day that a huge celebrity with a massive gold chain joins the subway crowd!

16 Sir Paul McArtney’s Break

Via Moovit

We certainly would never expect someone that has been knighted to be commuting with the rest of the “common folk” on the train system. We’re not sure why this train looks so empty, but there had to be someone taking this photo, so we know for sure he’s at least been exposed to one common citizen during this ride!

15 Clare Danes

Via BestLife

Clare certainly seems to be very comfortable as she waits for the subway. She doesn’t seem to be concerned about being recognized, and seems to actually blend right in. It’s pretty cool to think this guy next to her is so unsuspecting. He’s sitting next to a famous actress that is likely reading the script to her next blockbuster film, and he seems to have no idea whatsoever.

14 Hugh Jackman Looks Confident

Via JustJared

Hugh is looking attentive and fully engaged in his transit experience. We’re pretty sure that anyone who knows who he is has already recognized him by now, so he can probably ditch the sunglasses! The older gentleman in the background may be curious about his identity, but the kids he’s next to sure don’t seem to notice that they’re seated right next to a major Hollywood star.

13 Normal Naomi

Via JustJared

Wow, this is as “normal” as normal gets! Naomi Watts looks like she’s gracefully on mom-duty, taking her two little ones for a ride on the subway. She certainly doesn’t look like the Hollywood Princess we’re accustomed to seeing on the red carpet. This look suits her, and makes her more relatable to her fans.

12 Michael Sheen And Rachel McAdams

Via NYDailyNews

Michael and Rachel look like your average couple on the subway. If anything, they’re more dressed down than most celebs we’ve seen in the last few photos! They could easily be mistaken for regular civilians as they are certainly not giving off any Hollywood vibes. We love to see them dressed down and in a normal, low-key environment.

11 Madonna’s Transit Day

Via TheCut

Madge is seen here wearing a decent disguise, but she’s still very recognizable to her dedicated fans. It’s not clear as to why she was on the transit system or where she was going, but one thing’s for sure – we’re jealous of all those people that got to experience this moment! It’s not often that we see this sight, and we’re grateful to have photo evidence of it!

10 Stiller’s Subway Selfie

Via Pitnerest

Ben Stiller looks like he’s having as much fun as his fans are having, as he stops to take selfies with them on the subway. Like every celebrity we seem to run into, he has made an attempt to hide behind his sunglasses, but he’s definitely easily recognizable in spite of them.

9 Keanu’s Kindness

Via AnimalNewYork

Keanu Reeves gave up his seat for a female passenger, and the video of this incident immediately went viral. This image shows him seated, and the video goes on to capture his chivalrous moment with crisp clarity. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a celebrity that has stayed true to their roots and still fosters a life of kindness and humble humanity.

8 Bradley Under-Cover

Via TampaBayTimes

Bradley Cooper is definitely not fooling anyone with his backwards baseball cap, backpack, & sunglasses. We definitely give him credit for dressing down and adding these accents to his outfit to appear to fit in with general society, but we can definitely still tell that it’s him under the urban-disguise!

7 Stunning Sarah

Via BestLife

Sarah Jessica Parker looks stunning no matter how much she tries to blend in with the crowd. Her first “tell” lies in those incredible shoes – they’re not exactly the practical flats most people wear as they run to catch the subway. That makes her stand out, and then she’s instantly recognizable! Even Sarah knows that the best way to get around in New York is to go underground!

6 Slumming It With Sir Cliff

Via TheSun

Sir Cliff Richard sure is slumming it as he rides the jam-packed subway system in New York City. Seen here sandwiched between two people, it’s hard to imagine that this man is one of Britain’s most highly esteemed musicians. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sir Cliff is worth $110 million. We’re not sure where he was headed, but it’s humbling for him to rub elbows with the commoners for this ride!

5 Ellie Goulding

Via TheSun

Ellie look’s fabulously relaxed on her commute on the public transit system. She seems to fit right in, so we can only presume this is a habitual experience for her. We’re not sure if those around her are too busy to notice her there, or if they just don’t recognize her. Either way, it’s nice to see she can commute without being harassed by fans.

4 George Osborne Keeps It Real

Via IrishTimes

He may be worth a few million dollars according to Trend Celebs Now, but he certainly keeps it real! George Osborne looks like he’s in business class but at the very least he is still throwing his support to the local transit system. He not only looks peaceful, but proud to be taking the transit system to his destination instead of his car.

3 Richard’s Ride

Via TampaBayTimes

When we picture Richard Branson commuting to his next meeting or press release, we don’t typically associate his travels to include the public transit system. He looks more than just “happy” here – he looks like he’s throwing his support behind public transit as a whole. With a reported net worth of $5.1 billion dollars, we love that he is still humble enough to use normal modes of transportation.

2 Niall’s Pretty Real

via reddit.com

Niall Horan not only takes the subway when he needs to get around, he also takes selfies and shares his experience. He has proven to us that in spite of Cheat Sheet reporting his net worth to be $58 million, he’s still an average guy. This One Direction star snapped some selfies and shared them on social media. He’s clearly proud of his successful transit mission, and so are we!

1 Meryl’s Roots

via reddit.com

Meryl Streep seems to have had very humble beginnings. She’s definitely standing out among the graffiti-riddled subway. She stops to pose for a photo and we’re sure she probably signed a few autographs as well. She definitely has a recognizable face, so we’re sure she was spotted and recognized by a few fans during this commute.

Sources: Cheat Sheet, Trend Celebs Now, Just Jared

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