20 Photos Of Celebs Slumming It In The Grocery Store

Celebrities, are they just like us? Well, it’s hard to imagine that most famous folks live their lives averagely. With their wealth and influence, they can go to Hollywood events each weekend, dress in designer duds, and afford homes bigger than most apartment buildings. We’re sure not all celebrities live in luxury 24/7, but with their resources, we’re sure they have a lot of help making their lives comfortable.

At the very least, celebrities should have someone to do their groceries, right? Well, it turns out that even stars need to hit up Whole Foods every now and then. The following 20 photos show celebrities who couldn’t wait for the hired help to stock their fridge. Sometimes, celebrities do get their own groceries.

20 Justin & Hailey Are Past The Honeymoon Stage

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Justin and Hailey Bieber are no ordinary couple, but they do have to do regular things like shopping for groceries. The newlyweds, who celebrated their second wedding earlier this month, look laid back as they were spotted getting groceries, and if we didn’t know better, we’d think this was just another young couple out and about.

19 Kylie Needs To Shop For Stormi

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Kylie Jenner’s schedule is packed thanks to her red-carpet gigs, Kylie Cosmetics commitments, and reality TV appearances. But now that she’s a young mom, the star has to make time to grocery shop. Kylie has spoken before about how she loves to keep 1-year old Stormi on a healthy diet, which means lots of trips to Trader Joe’s.

18 Oops… Britney Hit The Grocery Store Again

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Legendary pop star Britney Spears proved even she has moments where she’s just a regular person, like when she was spotted stopping for groceries with her boyfriend. The starlet looked almost unrecognizable thanks to her messy buns, leggings, and comfy Ugg’s. Then again, she looks way better than us when we run out to do errands.

17 Reese Is In Touch With Her Southern Roots

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Mother-of-three Reese Witherspoon has talked about how much she loves throwing big, Southern-style feasts for her family, just like she had growing up. The Legally Blonde actress was spotted on this occasion shopping for ingredients. Reese looks dressed-down in an all-black outfit, but her signature blonde hair blows her cover.

16 Jen & Justin Split Kitchen Duty

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Former Hollywood power couple Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux were seen grabbing some quick groceries back when they were still an item. We can imagine these beloved celebrities cooking up a storm in their glamorous kitchen, but alas, Justin and Jen divorced in 2017 after only two years of marriage.

15 Jessica Can’t Keep Her Kids Straight

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Jessica Alba looked like she had her hands full while grocery shopping with her two daughters. The celebrity shares three children– daughter Haven and Honor and son Hayes– with her husband, Cash Warren. The actress is an outspoken foodie and a huge supporter of eating organically, so we suspect she spends a lot of time at the grocery store each week.

14 Demi Had To Make A Quick Pit Stop

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We’re used to seeing Demi Lovato all glammed up on the red carpet, but the celebrity looked dressed-down during this casual day of errands. The singer rocked gray sweatpants with a hoodie and opted for a makeup-free look. It appeared like she had a few water bottles in her hand as she quickly made her way back to her car.

13 Mila Makes Motherhood Look Chic

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Mila Kunis had a huge load in her shopping cart when she was seen leaving an LA grocer. The actress shares two kids, daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri, with her husband Ashton Kutcher. Given that they have two little ones at home, we bet this famous family has to make many stops at the grocery store each week to keep their fridge fully stocked.

12 Keeping Up With Kim’s Groceries

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women in the world, so we can’t imagine her doing her own groceries nowadays. But only a few years ago, the busy mama was spotted pushing her own shopping cart. Kim kept a low profile in an all-black outfit, yet of course the paparazzi still managed to get some candid shots of the reality star.

11 Cameron Is Consulting Her List

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The paparazzi were able to catch this photo of actress Cameron Diaz in the middle of consulting her shopping list. The Something About Mary alum had pulled out her phone and stopped in the middle of an aisle in order to check something. Cameron looked casual yet fresh-faced in her simple outfit, proving she’s a beauty on and off the red carpet.

10 Emma & Evan Have Their Own American Story

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American Horror Story co-stars Emma Roberts and Evan Peters looked lovey-dovey while doing some quick groceries in LA. The actors dated for several years before officially splitting up earlier this year. The couple lived together, so we bet doing groceries as a couple was a part of their regular routine.

9 Taylor Took Her Reputation To Whole Foods

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Taylor Swift took a break from climbing the charts to do a bit of grocery shopping. The always-fashionable singer looked adorable in this striped number. As usual, she was rocking her signature red lips and golden blonde hair, complete with a preppy headband. If only we looked this good while picking up milk and bread.

8 Angelina Has Six Mouths To Feed

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Angelina Jolie famously shares six children with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Since her kids are now well into their teens, we bet they eat a lot! So, it’s no wonder the celebrity was pushing a nearly full shopping cart while picking up groceries last year. Angelina looked like her typical bombshell self, complete with a chic black outfit.

7 Amanda Seems To Live In Leggings

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Actress Amanda Seyfried looked extra comfy in her causal outfit while running errands, as the paparazzi caught the star looking at pre-packaged meals. The mom-of-one was wearing a basic pair of leggings along with a grey hoodie and tank top. Her famous blonde locks were messily tied back in a high ponytail.

6 Shawn Is Waiting For His Order

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Shawn Mendes was spotted ordering a drink before picking up some groceries. The girl behind him clearly didn’t realize who the pop star was, or else we bet she’d be swarming him for an autograph. But in this photo, Shawn looks  pretty average in a white t-shirt and jeans, which is likely why he was going unnoticed.

5 Rihanna Makes Everything Look Cool

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“Work” singer Rihanna seems too cool to do her own groceries, but this photo proves that statement wrong. The R & B singer has been spotted numerous times picking up some goodies. In this picture, RiRi looks almost unrecognizable thanks to her oversized jacket, loose-fitting jeans, and a blonde wig.

4 Selena Can’t Get Enough Of Her Fave Foods

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“Can’t Get Enough” songstress Selena Gomez looked cute and casual while picking up some food at an LA grocery store. The celebrity talked on the phone as she walked through the aisles, seemingly unaware the paparazzi were catching her in the moment. Selena stayed dressed-down in a grey long-sleeve and cargo pants.

3 There’s A Reason Chrissy Writes Cookbooks

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Chrissy Teigen may have found fame as a model, but she’s now better known for her skills in the kitchen. The mother-of-two, who’s married to singer John Legend, has released several cookbooks and is often sharing her favorite recipes and cooking hacks online. We bet her kids, Miles and Luna, will grow up to be wizzes in the kitchen, too!

2 Jennifer Didn’t Forget Her Eggs

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Not only is Jennifer Garner a well-known actress, she’s also the founder of an organic baby food company, Once Upon A Farm. The celebrity seemed like she was on her way home to bake something, given the multiple packages of eggs she had in her cart. Jennifer shares three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck.

1 Ariana Says ‘Thank U, Next’ To Whole Foods

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Pop star Ariana Grande was spotted leaving a Whole Foods with a large shopping bag in hand. The singer was rocking her signature ponytail, baggy sweatshirt, and thigh high boots, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she was coming back from some sort of Hollywood event. Don’t celebrities have people to get their groceries for them?

Sources: Just Jared, People, Us Weekly

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