20 Photos Of Celebs Slumming It At Walmart

The rich and famous celebrities who we read about on the pages of our favorite entertainment magazines can afford just about anything that this world has to offer. They live in lavish mansions all over the world, drive outrageously expensive cars, and wear designer digs that most of us can only dream about.

They also shop at Walmart.

We know, we were confused too. It seems that just because you're famous and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams doesn't mean you can't hunt for a few bargains in one of the most well-known discount stores around. These Tinsel Town regulars stopped in to see what was good at Walmart, and they look pretty proud in doing so.

This goes to prove; everybody really does love a good deal.

20 Bey Struts The Aisles

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Beyonce is a multi-millionaire with staff coming out of her ears. There is really no need for her to ever even get off of her expensive couch to buy anything. We are sure she has people to do that for her. Nevertheless, Bey has been spotted stocking up on toys in her Walmart store.

19 Jessica Alba Hunts Her Favorite Toys Down There Too

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Actress Jessica Alba always did strike us as a down to earth mommy. She has two little ladies at home, and when they have a hankering for the newest doll to hit the market, their famous mom knows right where to go. Yep! Jess runs right to Walmart because she has no shame when it comes to getting what her girlies want.

18 Chris Brown Knows How To Spot A Walmart Deal

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Chris Brown is a wealthy dude, and he can surely afford the finer things in life, but that does not mean that he doesn't appreciate a good deal. No one does deals like Walmart! Brown even got into character by shopping in his sweatpants. Pajamas and sweats are the unofficial uniforms of Walmart shoppers everywhere.

17 His Ex Rihanna Does Too

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Chris Brown's famous ex-girlfriend loves Walmart too! Riri made a pitstop at a Canadian Walmart to stock up on all of her favorite goodies. Imagine people's faces when they ran into this superstar in the face wash aisle. Next time I head to Walmart for some paper towels, I'll be keeping my eye out for Rihanna.

16 Mark McGrath Is A Walmart Lover

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Singer Mark McGrath wasn't shy about his Walmart shopping experience. He made no move to cover his face and keep his trip to the deal epi-center under wraps. He was proud to stop and take some pictures with adoring fans who were just as surprised to see him there as we were.

15 Maybe Britney Is Shopping For Her Niece?

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Britney Speaks has never made a secret of her love for Walmart. She can stroll in there with a shaved head, and old Ugg Boots, and no one will even bat an eye. There were years that Brit Brit fit right into the Walmart culture. The boy-mom must have been picking some toys up for her niece, Jaime Lynn's daughter.

14 Dakota Fanning Loves Walmart

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Dakota Fanning is a stylish, trendsetting young actress who can afford to wear designer everything, yet here she is strolling through the Walmart aisles. We have to wonder what she ended up putting in her shopping cart? Whatever it was, we want it too! Fanning always knows what's in style.

13 We Wonder What The Terminator Is Buying

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The Terminator seems to be loading up on something at his local Walmart store. Are those hangers in the back of his cart? Does Arnold wear Walmart brand clothing? Maybe he has had to make some financial adjustments since transitioning back to acting after years of serving as a politician and governor of California.

12 Holly Madison Makes Pit Stops There

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Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison, is a momma now and is probably learning that diapers are expensive. She must have caught onto Walmart's amazing deals because she, too, has been spotted hunting for a good bargain. You really can find your favorite products for much cheaper when you shop at Walmart.

11 The Biebs Isn't Too Good For Walmart

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The Biebs caused quite a stir when he and his massive entourage walked into his hometown Walmart and started causing mischief. One onlooker, per dailymail.co.uk, said that the famous pop star waltzed around like he owned the place, showing no respect for the other customers or any of Walmart's employees.

10 Funnyman Micheal Cera Gets A Kick Out Of Walmart

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Michael Cera almost got through his shopping without being recognized, as he tends to keep a low profile in general. A couple of fans managed to spot him as he picked a few items up at the Colorado branch, and the wonderful guy was kind enough to let them snap some pictures.

9 Miley Cyrus Thinks Walmart Is A Fun Place To Be

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Miley has a little bit of a thing for Walmart. Maybe it's because she lost a deal with them back when she was a teenager. Perhaps it's because she found an abandoned puppy outside one of the stores and then took the dog home and made him her own. Whatever it is, Walmart seems to be a part of her.

8 William H. Macy Is Shameless At Walmart

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The actor is shameless about shopping at his Walmart superstore. William H. Macy channeled his inner-Frank Gallagher when he went to browse the aisles of Walmart. To his credit, he looked a whole lot better than his Shameless character often does. The superstar even stopped and met with star-struck fans.

7 Tony Shalhoub Mulls Over His Walmart Purchases

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Comedic actor, Tony Shalhoub, is most recognized for his work on the hit television show Monk, so we doubt he made it through Walmart without anyone putting a name to his face. Perhaps the Emmy winning actor needed to grab some cleaning supplies so that he could shine his coveted trophy up?

6 John Cena Stops In Now And Again

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John Cena looks pretty proud to be hitting up Walmart. The WWE star seemed to be in good spirits when fans caught him stocking up on some last-minute supplies before starting his Memorial Day vacation near his hometown on the East Coast. His mild mood was likely because of the impending rest and relaxation Cena was headed towards.

5 Method Man Knows What's Up At The Walmart

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Rapper Method Man had to make a quick run to the North Charleston Walmart, but he still made time to stop and pose with a couple of awe-struck employees. After posing with adoring fans, he loaded his cart up with snacks and a couple of funny movies that he grabbed from the electronics department.

4 Snoop Can't Pass It Up Either

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Who knows what Snoop Dogg needed at Walmart? Maybe his cravings got the best of him, and he went in search of discount munchies. The grandpa might have also needed to load up on kids' toys, as his offspring are now adding to the Broadus brood. Whatever it was he needed, he sure looks happy at his Walmart store.

3 Jillian Michaels Could Be A Walmart Greeter

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Fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, looks like she might be in the market for a second career as a Walmart greeter. If this whole exercise empire ever crumbles, she will be a shoo-in for a Walmart employee. She wears that name-tag proudly. No doubt, she will be able to point shoppers in the direction of exercise equipment and protein powder.

2 The Great Khali Wanders The Walmart Aisles

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This giant of a man probably caused quite a stir when he showed up at Walmart in need of whatever it is that super-humans need. He is incredibly large and robust, so he likely needs a whole lot of food to stay in shape. We bet he went right to the Costco after finishing up his shopping at Walmart.

1 Jen Garner Shows Her Kids The Walmart Ropes

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Actress and mommy of three, Jen Garner, didn't bother to get all dressed up when she took her daughter to the local Walmart to grab a few essentials. She looks just like one of us in her running shorts and ponytail. Shopping at Walmart makes Jen true to her down-to-earth persona.

Sources: famefocus.com, dailymail.co.uk, youtube.com

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