23 Photos Of Carrie Underwood That Mike Fisher Wouldn't Want Us To See

While many watch reality shows like American Idol and dream of winning and becoming famous, that definitely seems like a pipe dream. Well, that wasn't the case for country music singer Carrie Underwood, who won back in 2005 and reached the top of the charts as a result.

After six albums and many popular tours, Carrie Underwood is known for her lyrics about staying strong and loving yourself. She and her husband, Mike Fisher, tied the knot in 2010 and have two sons: four-year-old Isaiah and nine-month-old Jacob. Whenever the camera is pointed at Carrie, she looks gorgeous, with her flowing golden locks and pretty style. She's also great at performing and really commands the stage no matter where she goes. She's basically the definition of someone who has star power and we're really big fans.

Here are 23 photos of Carrie Underwood that Mike Fisher wouldn't want us to see.

23 A Fashionable Pregnancy

via Celebs First

Carrie had the right idea with this black dress, black cardigan sweater, and black flats. While she looks comfy, she also looks stylish.

Is there a better combination than being able to feel good in the clothes that you're wearing but also knowing that you're super fashionable? We don't think so... and Carrie is proving that here.

22 Having A Chill Vacay

via E Online

Although of course she's a famous celeb with a lot of money and resources, when we see this picture of Carrie Underwood, she looks like she could be a friend or family member.

She's on vacation, chilling in the ocean, wearing a tank top and shorts. The huge smile on her face completes the photo. It's a lot of good vibes.

21 Wow, She Looks Amazing Here

via Pop Sugar

We might not say that shorts can ever be dressed up that easily. There's a huge difference between wearing a cute pair of jean shorts to the beach in the summertime and needing a nice outfit for a performance or award show. (Of course, we're not famous, but if we did need that kind of outfit, we mean...)

We think that Carrie looks incredible here, and Mike Fisher wouldn't want us to see this pic, either.

20 Fit, Strong, And Gorgeous

via Self.com

After seeing this photo of Carrie Underwood, we'd say two things: we're super inspired to head to the gym... and this is probably a pic that her hubby wouldn't want us to see.

Has anyone ever looked as strong and fit as her in this pic? We'd have to say no. She's #goals.

19 Just Hanging Out

via People

Country music is chill and casual, with lyrics about dirt roads and kicking back with friends and family in the summertime. In this photo, Carrie Underwood definitely looks like a picture of a country song.

We love that she's barefoot and wearing a white t-shirt and denim shorts. She looks happy and peaceful.

18 A Sweaty Selfie

via People

With another pic that we bet that Mike Fisher wouldn't want us to see, Carrie Underwood is showing us that she's committed to getting into the gym on a regular basis.

Besides the fact that she looks beautiful in pink, we love the writing on her tank top. It says "I'm doing this for me."

17 The Perfect Dress

via Yahoo Finance

Carrie's wearing the type of dress that many people would see in a store or online and think, "It's so cool... but I would never be brave enough for a dress like that." It feels like it needs a lot of courage since it's super short and full of sequins.

Of course, Carrie is a major inspiration and she always goes for bold fashion choices. And we're here for it.

16 Amazing Athleisure

via Footwear News

Let's take a moment and be super grateful for athleisure. Wearing leggings and calling them pants has always been a favorite pastime for many people, and now things are so much easier since everyone has admitted that wearing gym clothes is so much more comfortable.

Carrie's rocking some great athleisure in this pic, and we really like her outfit.

15 Country Music Vibes

via kayuty.com

This photoshoot couldn't possibly be cooler, thanks to the fact that Carrie's wearing jean shorts and is literally sitting on top of a box needed for soundcheck. She looks both like someone we could relate to and be pals with... but also a superstar. She really does manage to give off both vibes at once.

14 What A Country Music Superstar

via AOL.com

We see so many celebrities dressed up for parties, premieres, and award shows that sometimes it can feel like we've seen every type of look. Fancy dresses can all look the same after a while, right?

Carrie is totally rocking this pretty pink dress, which looks fit for a princess... or a country music superstar, which is what she is for sure.

13 Golden And Glowing

via EW.com

Whenever Carrie Underwood performs, she looks amazing. With her beautiful makeup, fun costumes, and fierce stance, she's totally winning, and she's glowing, too.

Her silver glitter eyeshadow is particularly cool here. She looks so good that we bet it's definitely a picture of Carrie that Mike Fisher wouldn't want us to see.

12 Glam As Always

via Us Weekly

In this pic, Carrie Underwood shows us that wearing jeans and a shirt never, ever has to be dull. She's chosen a cool, glittery top that we would really like to have, and with her wavy blonde locks and huge diamond ring, she's definitely got tons of star power. We also feel like this is a pic that Mike Fisher wouldn't want us to see.

11 A Pretty Country Music Princess

via Wikpedia

Light pink isn't for everyone. It can look super girly and kind of precious. But it works super well for Carrie Underwood, who looks gorgeous in this pale pink dress.

With the detailing on the dress and her girly makeup and soft waves, she's a country music princess. And we love this picture of the star so much.

10 Blue Jean Beauty

via Twitter

Some people might love wearing a denim shirt with jeans, and others might say that it's a fashion faux-pas because it's too much.

We think it's just right and this pic of Carrie shows that denim can be more fashionable than almost anything, especially when paired together. Her pregnancy fashion is really great.

9 We Love Seeing Carrie In Pink

via Huff Post

Here's another pic of Carrie Underwood that Mike Fisher wouldn't want us to see... but we're so glad that we saw it because her pink dress is crazy amazing.

The fact that her dress matches her lipstick also wins the country music star major points in our books. How does she always look so put together and perfect?!

8 A Super Sophisticated Look

via Hawt Celebs

Now we've seen Carrie Underwood in pretty dresses, casual jeans or jean shorts, and now wearing fancy heels and a sophisticated coat.

The star really can pull off any type of look, and with her winning smile and blonde hair, she's always looking great. Would Mike Fisher want us to see this pic? Maybe not this one, either...

7 Casual And Beautiful

via CMT.com

When celebs walk around town, they're often in stylish casual outfits like the one that Carrie has on here. They're always carting around huge purses, coffee cups or other beverages, sometimes some shopping bags, and usually, a tired expression.

Not Carrie. The country star has a big grin on her face here and we really dig her sunny personality and outlook.

6 Coffee Run

via Pinterest

Everyone and anyone loves coffee and yet it's still thrilling to see a favorite celeb grabbing a cup. In this photo of her holding a cup of everyone's favorite caffeinated beverage, Carrie is basically glowing. Her hair and face seem to be lit up and we love her comfy, casual look.

5 So Pretty

via Yahoo.com

Carrie Underwood might have a song called "Cry Pretty" where she says, "You can pretty smile and just walk away/Pretty much fake your way through anything/But you can't cry pretty."

But after seeing this awesome silvery dress, we'd have to say that we bet she looks beautiful when she cries. She looks pretty 24/7, right?!

4 A Perfect Gym Photo

via StyleCraze

We would go to the gym more if we could wear these bright blue leggings. Who are we kidding, we would totally wear them everywhere. We just would never want to take hem off.

In another perfect selfie, Carrie's standing strong in leggings, a cute tank top, and chic shoes.

3 A Dream In A Floral Dress

via Popsugar

Sometimes a look is so casual but so cute that you can't help but be kind of envious of the person who put it together. That's the reaction that we feel when we look at this picture of Carrie Underwood. And it seems like another pic that Mike Fisher wouldn't want us to see.

The flowers on the dress are pretty and also a bit offbeat and unusual, making it a fun style choice.

2 The Girl Next Door

via Hawt Celebs

In this picture, Carrie's got girl next door vibes, with a simple yet beautiful combo of brown lace-up boots, jeans with holes in the knees, and a black t-shirt. She usually has super long hair, but here she's got a bob, and we have to say that it really works on her.

1 What A Cool Dress

via One Country

Honestly, Carrie Underwood wears so many cool dresses when she's performing, you would think that she would run out of new types to wear. She proves that she looks good in any style of dress and any color with this really awesome number. And it's definitely another pic that her hubby wouldn't want us to see.

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