19 Photos Of Cardi B That Offset Doesn’t Want Us To See

Cardi B is certainly not shy in front of the cameras. She flaunts all her assets every chance she gets, and is always seen in provocative and highly revealing outfits when she is out and about. Of course, her stage costumes are even more over-the-top, revealing way more skin than we can feature here.

You’d be hard-pressed to find tame or wholesome images of Cardi B, unless you’re digging way back into family photos, when she was still young and innocent. Entering into a serious relationship and becoming a mother haven’t slowed her down one bit. She remains confident in her own skin, and ready to show it off at any time. Let’s take a look at 19 Photos Of Cardi B That Offset Didn’t Want Us To See…

19 Way Too Much

Via Canoe

She’s in tip top shape and she definitely knows it. Very few people could pull off this colorful hair style and skin-tight, cut-out stage outfit. Seen here looking fit and ferocious, it doesn’t seem that anything or anyone can stand in her way. Cardi commands the stage and obviously soaks up all the media attention.

18 Never Tongue-Tied

Via Youtube

Yep, we see your tongue, Cardi! There is never a dull moment when Cardi B enters a room, as nobody knows what she’s capable of. Confidently putting her tongue on full display, we’re sure she didn’t mind this photo being circulated, but we’re not as sure that Offset would be alright with this!

17 Sweating It Out

Via Youtube

Yep, she just had a baby. Nope, most women don’t look like that right after giving birth. Once again, Cardi B takes the spotlight with her barely-there outfits that reveal her incredibly toned body. It’s possible that Offset was behind the camera for this one, as it appears this photo was snapped at her home gym!

16 Hello, Yellow!

via justjared.com

Cardi stuns in a yellow outfit at what appears to be a red carpet event. Offset is notably missing from this photo, and it may just be due to the fact that he doesn’t know she’s out and about while wearing this very “little” number. We’re sure he’d love how this outfit looks on her – he just likely wouldn’t want it to be worn front of the rest of the world as well!

15 All White... Like An... Angel?

Via HarpersBazaar

We all know Cardi B is far from being angelic. We give her a nod for making an effort in this tasteful white outfit, but her pose tells us all we need to know. Known for her frequent bar brawls and a wild temper, she’s not fooling anyone in this “good girl” outfit.

14 Glittery & Girlie

Via ETCanada

We love the attempt at innocence, but it’s still pretty obvious that Cardi B looks smoking hot in this tight, glitter-filled dress. At first glance, we thought this may be an easily approved outfit, but it’s very tight and gives hints of her tattoos, so we’re still pretty sure Offset would have liked her to keep this dress reserved for date nights.

13 One-Sleeved Wonder

Via ETCanada

There is absolutely no denying the appeal of this outfit. Cardi B is looking sharp, mysterious, and oh-so-fit. This form-fitting outfit is everything that would drive any man crazy – including Cardi’s man! We’d advise him to stand next to her at all times when she’s out and about in this little number.

12 Sophistication Attempt

via allure.com

We give her points for trying, but if this was an attempt at looking sophisticated, Cardi B missed the mark just a wee bit with this outfit. While it shows far less skin than most of her other outfits, this still likely reveals way more than Offset would be comfortable with.

11 Peekaboo

via dailymail.co.uk

The Louis Vuitton silk robe is a nice touch, but it’s pretty obvious that we’re not focusing on that when we’re looking at this photo. Cardi B works out – and it shows. She knows she’s fit and she takes every opportunity to showcase the results of all her hard work.

10 Red Leather

via theindependent

It’s official. This is likely every husband’s worst nightmare. Skin-tight, red leather outfits are not intended for millions of viewers. We’re sure that Offset would argue they were intended just for him to see! Cardi looks undeniably stunning and clearly owns the stage with her fierce confidence. She looks right in her element, in spite of her very revealing outfit.

9 Work-Out Mode

Via ArchitecturalDigest

This is one of Cardi’s most innocent looks, yet we really still can’t stop staring at her incredible abs. Can it really be considered “innocent” if there is still skin being revealed? She looks amazing, and her appeal is undeniable, even in a seemingly tame outfit. She works out, and it shows.

8 Runway Vibes

Via NewYorkPost

There is no stopping her whatsoever. No matter what she puts on, Cardi B manages to find a way to flaunt her figure. Even when she’s covered from head to toe, without any skin showing, it is still evident that this is a woman you just can’t help but stare at. Despite the very toned-down nature of this outfit, Cardi B is still sure to turn heads.

7 Skin Tight

via vogue.com

If this is an attempt at looking classy, we give Cardi B some credit – well, kind of – but maybe just a little bit. She may be covered from head-to-toe, but her outfit is skin tight and see–through in some areas. This outfit is really unforgiving, but she doesn’t need it to be. She’s fit and she knows she has nothing to hide, as you can tell by her flirty pose!

6 Owning It

Via WMagazine

If this isn’t a display of total and utter confidence, we just don’t know what is. Cardi is clearly very much in her element when in front of the cameras. She skips right over any concept of being “shy” and strikes a revealing and suggestive pose for the camera during this photo-shoot. We wonder if Offset had any advanced notice that this would be internationally released!

5 Power Suit

via refinery29.com

We had no idea a business outfit could look this incredible. Cardi B took a basic tweed skirt & blazer and added her own twist to the outfit, leaving us all in awe of her perfect figure and impeccable style. The white shoes pop on the red carpet and accent the outfit perfectly. She definitely knows how to do it right!

4 Queen Cardi

via complex.com

A modern twist between Snow white and a new-aged Queen, Cardi commands attention in this intricately designed number. Even if you’re not a fan of the outfit, it would be tough to deny that she can unbelievably pull it off with incredible ease. Offset should really be standing next to his queen in this photo!

3 Cut-Outs

Via EntertainmentWeekly

Most of us buy outfits that conceal our “bad spots” and go through significant effort to cover up our problem areas. We’re pretty sure that Cardi has no idea what that experience is like. She’s seen in this photo wearing a cut-out outfit that prominently reveals every area that women most commonly attempt to conceal!

2 Rainbow Bright

Via LifeandStyle

She shines in every color, that’s for sure. This wide array of color would make most women look hideous, yet somehow Cardi B has not only the “look” to pull it off, but the personality to do so. She’s known to be outrageous, outspoken, and full of wild shenanigans, so this outfit seems very appropriate for her.

1 Signature Stance

Via HotNewHipHop

This has definitely become the signature stance for Cardi B. With her suggestive pose and her tongue sticking out of her mouth yet again, she continues to strut her stuff on stage and in front of all the cameras. We’re sorry, Offset, there’s not much left to the imagination anymore!

Sources: TMZ, ENews

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