15 Photos Kanye West Clearly Didn’t Want To Be A Part Of (And 5 Of Kim K)

When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian married in 2014, it was one of the biggest events in the history of tabloid media. A photograph of their wedding ceremony even broke the record for likes on Insta, with a whopping 1.93 million likes. The duo have become one of the most famous couples in the world, having mastered the art of attracting attention in huge doses.

Kanye West, though, has a rap and production career to explain where his fame originated—though his frequent outbursts and borderline incomprehensible ramblings have made him a paparazzi favorite, as well. Kim, meanwhile, started out on the path to fame as an assistant to Paris Hilton, a boss whose entrepreneurial tactics she would adopt later to further boost her reputation.

Both Kim and Kanye know that any time they leave their home, they'll be chased by fans, haters, and paparazzi all wanting to catch a great pic. But Kanye seems to mostly hate getting his picture taken, and even Kim sometimes gets caught unawares. Keep scrolling for some of their best outtakes.

20 Not Good At All

via Fossbytes

Sometimes, Kanye just looks like he ate a Warhead candy, but it's just his face souring at the knowledge that once again, he's caught in public being photographed by people he doesn't know so that they can sell the pics to someone he doesn't like. But would he trade the annoyance of paparazzi harassment for slightly less fame?

19 I'm On The Phone

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Here, a photographer has caught Kanye looking at his cell phone, but the photographer waited a bit too long and Kanye has caught the photographer taking his picture. The exasperated feeling that Kanye puts out into the world is probably because he just got another annoying robocall from someone asking for his bank account information.

18 Marilyn Wore It Better

via Purepeople

Kim Kardashian might be the single person on the planet who has been photographed the most, so it's actually pretty impressive how put-together she looks in just about all of them. But outtakes and bloopers still fit into the mix, like in the case of this shot that captured her doing a slightly less seductive version of the classic Marilyn Monroe pose.

17 Do You Know What No Means?

via OK! Magazine

Most of the time, when Kanye is caught in public getting his picture taken, he seems resigned to his fate, knowing that there's just no end to how long this is going to be part of his life. In this pic, he's letting his anger show in full force, telling the photographer to go ahead and move along to some other show.

16 Love This Guy

via Inverse

Kanye's life definitely involves schmoozing with folks he'd rather avoid, but such is the world of a megacelebrity superstar. Unlike other celebs, though, who generally try to remain cheerful and positive when they're snapped in pics, Kanye lets his emotions show in full force, like in this pic with real estate magnate Aby Rosen.

15 Classic Kanye

via fundrom

In this pic, Kanye makes it very clear that he considers paparazzi to be amongst the scum of the Earth. His expression just screams out how much he simply cannot believe his walk has been ruined by another horde of photographers hoping to get a picture of the world-famous couple.

14 Snacks All Day

via Hollywood Street King

In this rare picture of Kim Kardashian without full makeup, a fancy outfit, and her facial expression prepped for photography, even the security guard in the background looks a little peeved. But Kim's not even paying attention to the paparazzi as she chows down—blame it on pregnancy, maybe, but everyone's been ravenously hungry at one point or another.

13 This Again

via Vanity Fair

Getting caught at an awkward angle makes anyone see their face and grimace. Kanye, on the other hand, has one of the world's best mean mugs, one that he should be proud of. The hilariousness of a guy with rainbow sherbet-colored hair being as angry as Kanye is in this picture just cannot go unmentioned.

12 Caught Red-Handed

via STAR Magazine

By this point in his life and career, Kanye should assume that wherever he goes at whatever time of day or night, someone is probably going to be snapping a picture of him at every opportunity. But in this pic, he's been caught with his hands (or eyes) in the cookie jar, with no excuse since it looks like he's on the red carpet again.

11 Come On Amy, Please

via The Independent

Everybody has that one friend who constantly messes up at the perfectly wrong time. But most people are kind enough to support their friends and help them through any awkwardness. Kanye, on the other hand, looks about ready to head home after Amy Schumer fell next to him on the red carpet.

10 Awkward Turtle

via Baeble Music

Kim Kardashian leaves the house much more equipped, physically and emotionally, to be photographed than her husband. But still, every now and then, she gets caught in a picture she'd clearly rather not have been in. Case in point is this snap with Taylor Swift—not only is Swift about a foot taller, but Kim is the wife of the guy who wouldn't quite let Taylor finish.

9 Kim's Ready, Though

via The Independent

Kanye could learn a lesson from his wife, who almost always seems to leave the house 100% ready to get her picture taken from the moment she steps outside to the moment she gets back home again. Instead, he seems intent on glowering about like Dracula caught in a hall of mirrors, unable to find his way out.

8 Take My Strong Hand

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Once again, Kim looks perfectly put together for a night in public, while Kanye has donned a sweatshirt to hide his face. Kim holds his hand, guiding him through the terrible time, with her makeup perfectly applied to look glowy amidst the hustle and bustle of the paparazzi screaming and trying to get either of them (read: Kanye) to let loose.

7 Why Can't We Be Friends

via rhymesource

Sometimes, Kanye's life dictates that he step up and make a public appearance, even when he doesn't want to. But this moment between 50 Cent and him just seems like a PR disaster. First of all, they look like they're having a face-off after a weigh-in. But at least Kanye should have worn some lifts—or maybe he is.

6 Gotta Love Your Fans

via Star Magazine

Part of the reason Kim always looks ready to have her photo taken is that her face doesn't quite move or express emotions like her husband, Kanye's, or most of the rest of humanity. But still, her anger is flowing through the makeup, fillers, and botox in this picture of her trying to avoid getting her picture taken with a creepy dude.

5 Stop And Stare

via The Independent

While Kanye clearly hates getting his photo taken most of the time, he probably does realize somewhere deep down below his ornery exterior that it all comes from the love of his fans—although his frequent outbursts draw plenty of attention, too. But he could have tried to look a bit happier for this fan catching a quick selfie.

4 How 'Bout No?

via XXL Mag

The expressions that Kanye makes when he's caught getting his picture taken against his will are pure gold. Look at the emotions as they play across his face. On the one hand, he seems amazed that this is happening, yet again. On the other hand, he would really rather that the photographer go jump in a lake.

3 No Paps Over There, Looks Like

via CNN

Kanye has to spend a fair amount of his life in the public eye, lest his fame fade between record releases, concert tours, and wild-child outbursts. But even when he's all dressed up to be photographed, he still sometimes looks hopefully that over across the way, there might be somewhere he could hide until the photo session is over.

2 I Would Prefer Not To

via Vanity Fair

When Kanye and Kim go outside together, there's sure to be plenty of flashing lights as the paparazzi try to catch them at every turn. Anyone would get a little peeved about being treated like a fish in a fishbowl, but when they go to an official opening, they should be ready to flash those pearly whites. Except, apparently, Kanye had other things in mind.

1 Big Sis Little Sis

via NY Daily News

In this photo, Kim and her sister, Kendall Jenner, standing next to each other done up to the nines in fancy attire. But the genetic differences between the two half-sisters are on full display, as Kendall looks almost head and shoulders taller than Kim. Kendall could have done her sis a solid by wearing flats, but apparently didn't think it was too important.

Sources: Just Jared, Wikipedia, and IMDb.

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