9 Photos Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Want Taken (And 11 That Are Totally Stunning)

As much as we look at Tinseltown as a cluster of heartthrobs, starlets, and world-renowned names, the fact is that it's largely an exaggeration. Apart from a small handful of famous faces, the industry is overflowing with B-list celebrities trying to swindle their way into roles, only to be forgotten a few months later.

One woman who is the furthest thing from B-list, however, is our beloved Jennifer Lawrence. The award-winning actor has proven through The Hunger Games, American Hustle, Passengers, and plenty more that she's not only extremely talented but also exceptionally beautiful - which we're about to see.

As the saying goes though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While we don't personally consider tiger impressions and last-minute workout gear as beautiful, who knows, you just might.

20 Didn't Want Taken: Don't Do Heels

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Of all the celebrities out there, Jennifer Lawrence is probably the one with the longest history of losing her balance at events. We've already seen her Oscars fiasco, but about five years prior to that she nearly took another tumble when trying to deal with the struggles of high heels at the Venice Film Festival.

19 Didn't Want Taken: "Ughh."

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As one of the most recognised celebrities in the industry, Jennifer Lawrence has to deal with plenty of interviews from the press about everything from new movie releases to awards ceremonies and project publicity. So, when a reporter's phone went off the Golden Globes, she wasn't too happy about it.

18 Didn't Want Taken: Shortcuts

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Back at the 2018 Oscars ceremony, Jennifer Lawrence decided that the etiquette rules of theatres didn't apply to her. Not only did she try to shortcut it over the chairs but she did so in the worst possible outfit - heels and a full-length shimmering dress. As you'll see, this hasn't been her only Oscars mishap.

17 Didn't Want Taken: The Derp

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When you're in the public eye every second of every day, it's hard for each photo to be a ten out of ten. We're all human and we all make weird faces, it's just unfortunate for The Hunger Games actress that she did so amidst a crowd of camera-wielding paparazzi. We don't mind those earrings though!

16 Didn't Want Taken: I Am Tiger, Hear Me ROAR

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Hey Jen, would you mind showing us your best impression of a tiger, or a bear, or a roaring lion? Cool, thanks. As you can see, this probably isn't the most flattering angle of the Hollywood starlet. That being said, at least she hasn't fallen to the floor in front of a crowd full of staring people...

15 Didn't Want Taken: Hollywood Is A Slippery Slope

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Wait, what was that about falling to the floor in front of a crowd full of people? Oh yeah, it totally happened, back when she was climbing the stairs at the Academy Awards to collect her best actress Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Have a nice trip, Jen? Guess we'll see you next fall!

14 Didn't Want Taken: Walmart Basics

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If anything can be said about this lazy Sunday stroll photo, it's that at least she's comfy, right? Somehow, despite wearing little more than a last-minute athleisure outfit combined with an I woke up like this face, the star actress manages to pull it off. Hey, that's what natural beauty will get you.

13 Didn't Want Taken: "No, Don't Eat The Last Chicken Nugget!"

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Seriously, Jennifer Lawrence, did you not expect for this pose to be captured considering that you're literally on a red carpet? Careful not to move too quickly now though, because it doesn't look like that dress is being held up by too much (not that we're against the dress - in reality, it's pretty stunning).

12 Didn't Want Taken: OMG Bill Murray

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What's that saying about never meeting your heroes? Back in 2015, Jennifer Lawrence was blessed with the opportunity of meeting her idol, Bill Murray at Comic-Con. However, apparently the legendary actor was rather awkward, and we're sure that Jen's over-enthusiastic approach to this photo didn't help the tension

11 Stunning: The Perfect Colour

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Alright, enough of the embarrassing moments, let's dive into some of the good stuff. It's not exactly a revelation that J-Law is one of the most beautiful women in the industry, and this photo of her in front of a blurred-out skyline just rams that point home even further. We must say, the dark navy colour is a real winner.

10 Stunning: Updo On Point

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On the one hand, we've seen our fave Hollywood starlet with flowing blonde locks, and on the other, we've seen her play multiple on-screen roles with dark hair. Here though, she's combined a bit of blonde and a bit of dark brown with a unique updo, all for the character of Rosalyn Rosenfeld in American Hustle.

9 Stunning: Getting Back To Nature

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If you read the tabloids and keep up to date with the celebrity press, then you'll be used to seeing faces like that of Jennifer Lawrence doused with makeup and dangled in front of a red carpet, surrounded by circling paparazzi. That's why it comes across as such a refreshing change to see our dear actress out in nature.

8 Stunning: That Smile

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There are millions of copies of photos of Jennifer Lawrence in set-up photoshoots all over the internet, and while we love them, they're often heavily edited and far from natural. This close-up of Jen IS natural, and that's why we love it. That smile, and the fact that she's not trying to overdo it makes her much more relatable.

7 Stunning: Farm Girl

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Straight off the bat, we'll admit that Jennifer Lawrence looks great. But that's always the case, so it's not really that much of a surprise. Taken for a Vanity Fair magazine, the issue with this photo is that the laid-back outfit and dirty, natural environment completely contrasts her makeup-ridden face.

6 Stunning: Reflecting

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Ah yes, the classic window reflection pose. It's not the first time we've seen it and it certainly won't be the last, however, our dear J-Law manages to make it sizzle like few others, all why looking a little sad in the process. Unfortunately, we'll never really know what's going in her head here.

5 Stunning: Legs For Days

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Wow, Jen! Seriously, do those long legs of yours ever end? But also, did nobody tell you that it's rude to put your feet up on the couch when you're wearing shoes? We'll let that one slide for now simply because your skin is glowing and you're absolutely rocking the laid-back cool kid look.

4 Stunning: Havin' A Jolly Good Time

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Throughout her time as an unquestionable A-list celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence has guest-starred on every talk show you could possibly think of. And it's easy to see why they'd want her - she's as charismatic, funny, and natural as any of the industry's big names. As you can see, she's having a grand old time here.

3 Stunning: Staring Into Our Souls

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Holy moly, this might be the most captivating of the lot. The talented actress has shown time and time again that she can not only hold her own on the big screen but also has the potential to take a breathtaking modelling photo. While we're not entirely sure how waterproof that swimsuit is, we can't deny that she's owning the look.

2 Stunning: Making A Splash

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Once again, it's hard to tell whether or not Jen's outfit is the most appropriate to be wearing near the pool, but hey, she's looking mighty fine while doing so, so who cares if it gets a little wet? Plus, she lives over in sunny Los Angeles, where every day is 200 degrees, so it'll probably dry off in no time anyway.

1 Stunning: The Cherry On Top

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Is anyone else absolutely transfixed by this photo - nay, woman? The lighting is impeccable, the golden waves are flowing, there's a little bit of skin (but not too much) on show, and she's mastered the art of the turn-back hair flick. Jennifer Lawrence, there are no two ways about it - you're a masterpiece.

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